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January 21, 2017 1:11 pm MST

Massive Denver Women's March Stuns Organizers, Media

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Scratch that earlier estimate of 100,000 and double it:


We’re seeing reports of over 100,000 people attending today’s Women’s March in downtown Denver, a protest against newly sworn-in President Donald Trump. If that’s true, they’ve tripled the estimate given before the event of 36,000–and put this march in the history books as one of the biggest public events in Denver except maybe a Super Bowl victory parade or Pope John Paul II’s visit to Denver in 1993. Here are some photos culled from the Twitters that give some sense of the enormous scale of this event:

We’re told that cellular service in the area of the protest is overloaded, but we’ll update with more photos and coverage as they come in. After the march, dozens of women are set to speak in Civic Center Park including House Speaker Crisanta Duran. As our readers know, Trump did not win the state of Colorado–and in this massive protest you can both see why he did not, as well what the coming years of backlash against his presidency are going to look like.

And it’s going to make the “Tea Party” look like a child’s tantrum.


63 thoughts on “Massive Denver Women’s March Stuns Organizers, Media

      1. Look! Just a few foolish Millennials out to enjoy the sunshine.

        AltFact News: Fairbanks hipsters, hoodlums and other assorted Millennial ne'er do wells dodge responsibility to enjoy the sunshine, because, why not? 


        Check out this New York Times pictorial of Women Marches around the world (the actual source of that photo linked above/below). Check out those crowds! I guess Drumpf did start a movement after all. And I think our income Energy Secretary created the slogan already: "Oops." 

        Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent

        Crowds in hundreds of cities around the world
        gathered Saturday in conjunction with the
        Women’s March on Washington.

      1. I was more enthralled by the comments they chose to include in the article:

        Were there disgusting hose beasts marching and dumping their trash on every continent? #WomensMarch

        — ScottInSC (@ScottInSC) January 22, 2017

        #WomensMarch They want equality but expect others to clean up their trash. You broads are disgusting pigs. #Shame

        [Emphasis mine, misogyny theirs]

        Yes, I think some trash is the big problem here.

        1. As I recall hate-filled Tea party rallies from 2010; and borderline assaults on Congressionals at town hall meetings back then; the Tea Party denizens have nothing to be proud about.

          Many Tea Partiers are faux conservatives. Then there is Gateway Pundit, cited by Prune. Ah…. Gateway…….. endorsed by Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Breitbart…..need we say more?

          Wonder if Gateway gets upset about litter left by ticker tape and confetti parades for sports teams?

  1. Thank all of you for making it happen. This is just the beginning of years of resistance.”We’re not going away.”

    Here's some video from the NYT coverage of the Women's March on Washington. It starts with Charlie Brotman, who announced every inauguration for 35 years until Trump replaced him with a supporter.


    1. Organizers for the Grand Junction event were expecting 400 people. An estimated crowd of 2,000 rowdy women (and men) choked Main Street in a remarkable display of solidarity and purpose. 

      I spoke to other long time residents who all agreed we have not seen a crowd like this come out for an event of this type….ever.


  2. Women of CO kick his ass! 

    They've got the guts to get us out of this fucked up "purple" state status that too many around here are way too comfortable with. 

    1. Tell that to Senator Udall and the designated loser who keep running against Coffman.

      If anything, Colorado's shade of purple is more red than blue.

      1. What, no ringing defense of your laughing stock of a President, who has blown his, and your, credibility in a mere 2 days?

        Now that you've got even the conservative press calling out Trump and his minions about lying, which back-stabbing Republican do you think will overthrow Trump? — Pence (not smart enough) or Ryan (definitely devious and ambitious enough)

        That was probably the plan all along in “supporting” Trump.

        1. I've been wondering about that myself, Davie. Was The Screaming Yam just a placeholder until the Republicans figured out who they'd rather have? I  don't think either Ryan or Pence could have won a national election, but they could be installed through a Republican congressional process.  

      2. We an all smell your fear and insecurity from here, ACHole — and it feeds  and sustains us.

        Thank you for the unintentional aid and comfort, you miserable, anti-American, commie prick.

  3. Sentinel is reporting that GJ marchers were "numbering in the thousands." As I told several folk there, "the biggest crowd in Grand Junction since Country Jam." and "way bigger than a Club 20 meeting."


  4. The reaction from the rightwing nutjobs over at the #COpolitics twitter feed is hilarious, from the predictable "George Soros" to "I'm stilling waiting for the womens's march in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Korea"


  5. LoserPOLooza:

    Therapy for the loss of the anointed first female President.

    Perhaps they could have made another choice.

    Oops, I forgot, you really did not have a choice.

    She was chosen for you.

    Thank Debbie for no debates and Donna for feeding questions to the anointed one.

    It must suck to be a Dem.

    1. Actually, Andrew, that's not at all what it's about. A lot of this demonstrations issue is about female, and family, reproductive rights.

      Here is a quandary for the Republican party. One cannot be a champion for small government, with one hand, while pushing blatant interference in the personal and private lives of American families, with the other hand. 

      I wonder if authoritarian reactionaries like State Senator Tim Neville, and his son, Rep. Patrick Neville, are paying attention. Sadly, probably not.

      1. C.H.B., I've been trying to figure that one out for years. There is a quip for it, but not really an answer: "government small enough to fit in your bedroom".


        1. Not…Cook:  I look to the wisdom of the founder of the modern conservative movement, the late Senator Barry Goldwater (and, yes, he was not perfect).

          About abortion, he said the following:  "it's not a conservative issue, it's a matter between a woman and her doctor."  Can't get any more bedrock conservative than a statement like that.

      2. Win or loose these demonstrations would have happened. The demographics of the participants that I saw fit the millennial profile. Lacking critical thinking skills they will respond to any "flash mob request", provided the weather is nice.

        If HRC had won they wound have been in the street promoting the power of women with a call from social media.

        With the loss they were called to emote because they lost. Reproductive rights was a cover. 


        1. You're such a loyal little spinner, Peepee. And your hatred of and stereotypes about millenials are well-known. Perhaps if you could look at the crowds with an unbiased eye you'd see a spectrum of ages. Most of the women and men I know who went were in the 40-70 range, with the motto, "I can't believe we're still talking about this shit" (40 years later).

          Plenty of gray heads under those pink pussy hats. Who do you think knitted them all? Millenials?

          That's if you could look at the crowds with an unbiased eye.

          1. I think Prune must be Moderatus using a different name. The critiquing style is very similar. But whether it's Prune or Moderatus, the same lack of basic research into political issues is still present. And exactly how does s/he know for sure what would have happened if HRC had won? 

          2. It's a fact, when you are young and stupid it is easy to be liberal. All you have to do is care and wear a ribbon. As you get older you realize there are consequences to your life choices. When you have children you want them to set boundaries and examples so they can  succeed and enjoy life. Sadly some never make the transportation and become school teachers.

            1. More like an "alternative fact," Kellyanne.

              There is research that supports an understanding of liberalism or conservatism as being fixed relatively early in life and then persisting into old age.  This research has found that politics are generational, but that they carry forward with the generations once formed.

              As this discussion from Pew on the topic notes:

              On an individual level, of course, many people’s political views evolve over the course of their lives. But academic research indicates not only that generations have distinct political identities, but that most people’s basic outlooks and orientations are set fairly early on in life. As one famous longitudinal study of Bennington College women put it, “through late childhood and early adolescence, attitudes are relatively malleable…with the potential for dramatic change possible in late adolescence or early adulthood. [B]ut greater stability sets in at some early point, and attitudes tend to be increasingly persistent as people age.”


            2. Yeah, I'm old enough to remember when the old folks who knew better sneered at the stupid youngsters with their signs and their causes.  

              They ended up taking down a corrupt President and stopping an immoral war.

              This time, the media (social and non-FOX related) and a LOT of the intelligence community are on their side.  

              You have only seen the beginning. 




            3. Your teachers were correct: you really are slow-witted and dull. Too bad someone capable of learning and growth couldn't have filled your seat instead.

        2. It was raining in GJ and the hair was quite grey, Pickled Prune. Yes, some "Millennials" (You know America's largest generational demographic, please DO continue disparaging them) were there. So were kids even younger, and many Gen Xers like myself. And Baby Boomers, even a few representatives from the Greatest Generation.

          Please keep discounting what is right in front of the world's nose for all to see. In your Alternative Fact Post Truth view Mr. Trump has the biggest hands, the biggest crowds, the biggest cabinet IQs in all time and history for ever and ever and ever. Amen. 

          1. Indeed, PK . The weather was very unpleasant, but the turnout was amazing. We were overwhelmed and were scrambling to add speakers and elevate them so everyone could hear…

            The crowd, which the local news now reports at 4,500 or so, was peaceful, but very focused and energized. My 8 year old granddaughter was in attendance…I am really grateful to my son for making sure she was a part of it. I would love to hear what Rose and Scooter think about it. Since John is incapable of actual thought, it isn't a matter of interest.

            1. I'm sorry I missed you, I did run into lots of friends. It was a impressive show for Mesa County, as you and I both know.

              Let's make sure we keep it up. 2018 & 2020 can be good years. 

    2. Hey ACHole — I had no idea you were such a YUGE KC Royals fan!  Did you get that picture yourself, or did you get suckered by someone in Trump's Ministry of Truth?

      Image result for ministry of truth

      You really do seem to take the words "Ignorance is Strength" to heart.

      You and your Dear Leader just got your asses handed to you by a bunch of women. Get used to it 🙂


  6. Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times as Many People as Trump’s Inauguration

    The estimates are not comprehensive counts and were necessarily limited by the availability of photographs and video that covered the areas of interest. But their estimate was in line with one given by a city official who said that march participation likely surpassed half a million, according to The Associated Press.

    The scientists had better images for the analysis of Mr. Trump’s inauguration crowd, which was concentrated on the mall. But the women’s march was more sprawling and fluid, so the actual number of people at the women’s march could be larger. [Emphasis mine, pain Trump's]

  7. Suck on this AC:

    In addition to the 500,000 in D.C., the 400,000 in NYC and the 250,000 in Chicago, there are these:

    100,000+ in Denver (Denver Post)
    60,000 in Atlanta  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
    40,000-50,000 in Austin, Texas (Austin American-Statesman)
    750,000 in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Times)
    100,000 in Portland, Oregon (The Oregonian)
    5-10,000 in Augusta, Maine: (police estimate and organizers’ estimate}
    600+ in Augusta, Georgia (WRDW)
    15,000 in Cleveland: (
    90,000-100,000 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota: (St. Paul Pioneer Press)
    20,000 in Houston: (
    75,000-100,000 in Madison, Wisconsin: (Channel 3000)
    5-8,000 in Dallas (Dallas Morning News)
    10-15,000 in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Santa Fe New Mexican)

    Please add numbers from your community and I will keep adding them to this list. 

    20,000 in St. Petersburg, Florida (Tampa Bay Times)
    300+ in Jackson, New Hampshire (Conway Daily Sun)
    9,000 in Lansing, Michigan
    4,000 in Detroit, Michigan (Detroit Free Press)
    15,000 in Tucson, Arizona: (police estimate)
    20,000 in Phoenix Arizona: (The Arizona Republic)
    10,000 in New Orleans (New Orleans Advocate)
    15,000 in Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville Scene)
    1000s in Monterey, California (Monterey Herald)
    7,000 in Colorado Spring, Colorado (The Gazette)
    130-175,000 in Seattle, Washington (KING NEWS 5)
    35 in Zebulon, Georgia (SPLC)
    1,500 Duluth, Minnesota (organizers’ estimate)
    17,000 in Raleigh, North Carolina (Raleigh News & Observer)
    1,500 in Wilmington, North Carolina (Star News​)
    600 in New Bern, North Carolina (Sun Journal)
    800 in McMinnville, Oregon
    15,000 in Montpelier, Vermont
    40,000 in San Diego, California (SDPD)
    3,000 in Bend, Oregon
    200+ in Ogden, Utah (Standard Examiner)
    175,000 in Boston, Massachusetts (Boston Globe)
    1,000 in Lafayette, Indiana
    13-20,000 in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
    25,000 in Charlotte, North Carolina (Fox46)
    5,000 in Providence, Rhode Island
    7,800-10,000 in San Luis Obispo, California (KSBY)
    11,000 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
    2,800 in Charleston, West Virginia (Fox Eyewitness News)
    2,000 in Charleston, South Carolina (Live 5 News)
    10,000 in Hartford, Connecticut (New Haven Register)
    3,300 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Argus Leader)
    1,000+ in Rapid City, South Dakota (KEVN)
    1,600 in Newport, Oregon
    1,200 in Carbondale, Illinois
    84,000 in Oakland, California (CBS)
    20,000 in Sacramento, California (Sacramento Bee)
    1,000 in Kingston, New York (CKWS)
    6-10,000 in Bellingham, Washington
    10,000 in Portland, Maine (Portland Press Herald)
    1,000 in Newark, Delaware
    10,000 in Miami, Florida (Miami Herald)
    750-1,000 in Ukiah, California (Ukiah Daily Journal)
    6-7,000 in Asheville, North Carolina
    6-7,000 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    1,000 in Ketchum, Idaho
    5,000+ in Lexington, Kentucky (WKYT)
    85-100 in Alpine, Texas
    30,000 in Santa Ana, California
    3,500 in Laguna Beach, California
    1,000 in Langley, Washington
    10,000 in Reno, Nevada
    4,000 in Las Vegas, Nevada
    2,000 in Anchorage, Alaska
    6-10,000 in Kansas City, Kansas
    6-9,000 in Memphis, Tennessee
    5,000 in Spokane, Washington
    1,000 in Port Townsend, Washington
    100,000 in San Francisco, California (CBS)
    7-800 in Murray, Kentucky
    30-40,000 in San Jose, California
    5,000 in Santa Rosa, California (Press Democrat)
    3-5,000 in Boise, Idaho
    10,000 in New Orleans (New Orleans Advocate)
    8,000 in Santa Cruz, California
    500 in Clemson, South Carolina
    5,000 in Stamford, Connecticut (Stamford Advocate)
    11,000 in Ann Arbor, Michigan (MLIVE
    7,000 in Park City, Utah (Park Record)
    7,000 in Little Rock, Arkansas (Arkansas Matters)
    2,500-4,000 in Erie, Pennsylvania (
    500+ in Idaho Falls, Idaho (Local 8 News)
    5,000-10,000 in Birmingham, Alabama (
    26,000 in Des Moines, Iowa (WHO-TV
    8-10,000 in Seneca Falls, New York (CNY Central)
    10,000 in Helena, Montana (Billings Gazette)
    12,000 in Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha World Herald)
    2,000 in Lincoln, Nebraska (Lincoln Journal Star)
    1,200+ in Cheyenne, Wyoming (Wyoming Tribune Eagle)
    1,000 in Fargo, North Dakota (Valley News Live)
    10,000+ in Sarasota, Florida (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
    25,000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Action News)
    5-7,000 in West Palm Beach, Florida (Palm Beach Post)
    3,000 in Roanoke, Virginia (WBDJ7)
    22 in Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska (
    7,000+ in Cincinnati, Ohio (Fox)
    5000+ in Santa Rosa, California (Press Democrat)
    1,000+ in South Bend, Indiana (South Bend Tribune)
    2,000 in Wenatchee, Washington
    1,500-2,000 in Hilo, Hawai’i (police estimate)
    1,000-2,000 in Flagstaff, Arizona (Arizona Daily Sun)
    50,000 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (NBC 10)
    1,200 in Prescott, Arizona (Daily Courier)
    1,100 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (WITF)
    3,000 in Traverse City, Michigan (Record-Eagle)
    3,000 in Dayton, Ohio (Dayton Daily News)
    14,000 in Tallahassee, Florida (Tallahassee, Florida)
    100s in Durango, Colorado (Durango Herald)
    1,500 in La Cruces, New Mexico (Las Cruces Sun-News)
    3,000 in Sonoma, California (Sonoma Index Tribune​) 
    5,000 in Poughkeepsie, New York (Poughkeepsie Journal​)
    5-9,000 in Fort Worth, Texas (Star Telegram)
    7,000 in Albany, New York (Times-Union)
    150-200 in Vancouver, Washington
    3-5,000 in Chattanooga, Tennessee (Times Free Press)
    1,600 in Annapolis, Maryland (Capital Gazette)
    300 in Tillamook, Oregon (Headlight Herald)
    1,000 in Falmouth, Massachusetts (Falmouth Enterprise)
    6,000+ in Santa Barbara, California (Santa Barbara Independent
    2,500+ in Naples, Florida (Naples Daily News)
    30 in Willow Springs, Missouri
    400 in Nantucket, Massachusetts (The Inquirer and Mirror)
    300 in Gualala, California
    1,000+ in Chico, California (ChicoER News)
    1,000 in Woodstock, New York (Daily Freeman)
    300 in Redding, California (Record Searchlight)
    2,000 in Charlottesville, Virginia
    100 in Jerome, Arizona
    1-2,000 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania (Newtown Patch)
    400+ in Cody, Wyoming 
    10,000 in Olympia, Washington (KING 5)
    1,000 in Northhampton, Massachusetts (Daily Hampshire Gazette)
    1,000 in Astoria, Oregon (Daily Astorian)
    6,000 in Asbury, New York (Asbury Park Press​)
    5,000 in Indianapolis, Indiana (Indianapolis Star)
    2,000 in Fairbanks, Alaska (News Miner)
    200 in Brattleboro, Vermont (participant)
    6,000-10,000 in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Albuquerque Journal)
    66 in Longville, Minnesota (Minnesota Public Radio)
    5,000+ in Kahalui, Hawai’i (The Maui News)
    200 in Coos Bay, Oregon (The World​) 
    4,000+ in Riverside, California (Press Enterprise)
    2,000 in Columbia, Missouri (Columbia Daily Tribune)
    300+ in Bettendorf, Iowa (Quad City Times)
    3-6,000 in Greensboro, North Carolina (News & Record)

  8. I do disagree with one item shown on the sign at the top of this thread:  "No Human is Illegal."  Illegal immigration is a problem in this country, particularly economic refugees from Central America and elsewhere, and those who over stay visas and never are held accountable. The US can't solve all the world's ills.

    There are two good ways to help solve the problems. Mandatory E-Verify by employers; remove the work opportunities, but have a valid visa program in those areas where Americans won’t do the work, like farm labor. And then far better tracking of those with visas who overstay. 

    1. No, that phrase is correct, CHB.  

      Human beings commit illegal acts.  No human being is illegal.  

      Their status as a human being is not an issue of law.

      Calling people illegals is a way to remove their humanity.   



      1. We'll have to agree to disagree. If someone is in this country without following our laws, then they indeed are here illegally.

        Your thought; and from the sign; no human being is illegal; is commonly used, in paraphrased form, by religious zealots to criminalize abortion and some forms of contraception. It is a two-edged sword. 

      2. Immigration is an act and sometimes an illegal one,  The phrase illegal immigrant is therefore accurate in such cases.   I have never heard anyone except a demagogue trying to make a point say any person was illegal as a person.   As a resident, yes.

      1. I've learned more about far right wing web sites, thanks to Powerful Prune, than I ever thought I wanted to know. Now it’s the American Mirror. Remember that a daily dose of the Prune helps to keep you regular.

  9. Trump (and presumably AC) will have to revise upwards their "Alternative Facts" on the attendance of the inaugural if they want to continue to maintain it set any sort of record.

    Crowd estimates from Women’s Marches on Saturday are still trickling in, but political scientists say they think we may have just witnessed the largest day of demonstrations in American history.

    According to data collected by Erica Chenoweth at the University of Denver and Jeremy Pressman at the University of Connecticut, marches held in more than 500 US cities were attended by at least 3.3 million people.

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