So Much For The #NeverTrump Tweet-Gate

As the Denver Post’s John Frank reports, the once-high dudgeon legal attempt by the Colorado Republican Party to “discover” the identity of the person with access to the party’s official Twitter account who Tweeted this shortly after Ted Cruz swept the state’s GOP delegation…

…Ended with a whimper, on Election Day.

The identity of the person who sent the “Never Trump” tweet earlier this year from the Colorado Republican Party’s official Twitter account apparently will remain a mystery.

The Republican Party filed a motion on Election Day — hours before Donald Trump won the White House — to dismiss its lawsuit seeking monetary damages and the name of the person who allegedly hacked the @cologop Twitter account April 9.

The next day, a federal court clerk granted the dismissal — first acknowledged by the party this week in response to a question from The Denver Post — and ended a six-month legal battle about a four-word tweet that generated a national political firestorm and led to death threats against Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House…

The tweet — “We did it. #NeverTrump” — came two minutes after the party announced that Sen. Ted Cruz took all 34 of the state’s elected delegates to the Republican National Convention. The hashtag is one used by critics of Trump, including Republicans, who vowed to never support him.

Donald Trump complained bitterly about the intrigue that resulted in all of the state’s Republican delegates to the Republican National Convention pledging to Ted Cruz–a dissent that went on embarrassingly on the floor of the convention, and led to speculation in the wake of Trump’s surprise victory that Colorado could be left in the doghouse as the Republican-dominated federal government distributes the spoils of victory.

Nothing to be done about that now, but in the case of this Tweet, the Colorado GOP’s attempts to shield itself from criticism were pretty much laughable–first claiming that they knew the “IP address” of the sender, then admitting they never had it. We don’t know how many people truly had access to the state party’s Twitter account, but it’s more likely than not it came from someone who had access legitimately–not a hacker. The content and timing make that by far the most likely scenario.

Unless someone else has a better theory, we’d say this anonymous Tweet is close enough in every respect.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    I'll bet money it was House on the sauce, or maybe distracted by a patriotic "secretary."

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