Darryl Glenn Will Cross Train Your Ass Into The Ground

If you have three and a half minutes today that you won’t wind never getting back, check out this video from Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn just released moments ago. Never mind the fact that Glenn is down by double digits in all the polls. For what seems like an eternity by online video standards, Glenn treats viewers to such an over-the-top bio pitch that it could be a tryout video for a reality TV show. Or a Gatorade commercial? Use your imagination.

In fact, just the first 15 seconds of this video may be crying out for satirization like nothing we’ve seen this year.

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    I don't know..for the audience he is trying to reach, I think it might be effective. He is not talking to me…or, indeed, the majority of us on this site. He is well spoken and seems sincere. Too bad he is an anarchist.

  2. Powerful Pear says:

    Effective ad. Too bad it hasn't played next to "Gang" member Bennet and Gardner love fest ads for the last two months.

  3. Majority Moderate says:

    No one would argue that Darryl is in terrific shape, especially for somebody who just had their 51st birthday.  But so what?

    It's not surprising that Darryl would play to his one strength (sorry for the bad pun) but he has no clue that voters don't care what how many push ups he can do or how much he can bench press, they want somebody who can effectively represent them.  And in his time on City Council and the County Commission he showed that he only speaks for those who share his very narrow views.

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