More Bad Journalism News, But with a Silver Lining

(Bad AND sad! — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Local journalist Corey Hutchins reports in his “Colorado Local News and Media” newsletter (subscribe here) on the upsurge in shifts among Colorado political reporters:

“…Denver Post political reporter Joey Bunch announced he was leaving to join The Gazette in Colorado Springs, which is beefing up its statewide political profile. But then, Gazette political reporter Megan Schrader announced she was leaving The Gazette to join The Denver Post’s editorial board. This comes after Jim Trotter’s recent move from Rocky Mountain PBS to The Gazette, and Woody Paige also leaving The Denver Post for the Colorado Springs paper.

If that wasn’t enough, The Colorado Statesman, a POLITICO-like subscription-based trade journal, effectively laid off its editorial department— just 50 days out from the election. I’m told the paper slashed half its budget. Some of the writers will still write, but on a freelance basis, and they’ll focus more on the weekly print paper than on the website, which was frequently updated. Also on the cutting room floor in Colorado: four people at BizWest Media’s Fort Collins and Boulder offices got laid off and the publication will shift to a monthly print schedule.

Whew, head spinning? Let this stop you. Former Denver Post journalist Tina Griego has returned to Colorado after four years on the East Coast, and is now an editor at The Colorado Independent. Check out her first essay about the new, gentrified, displaced Denver she found upon her return.”

No one in their right mind likes Republican Larry Mizel’s “secret” ownership of the Statesman, but cutting veteran news reporters there is obviously bad and sad.  And so is the further shrinking of The Post’s dedicated political news staff.

Usually bad journalism news has no silver lining, but this time the good news is Schader’s and Trotter’s moves and Griego’s return. Also, Post Editor Lee Ann Colaciappo informs me that the newspaper is advertising for a political writer and hopes to fill Bunch’s position soon. So let’s be thankful for that.

CORRECTION: An early version of this post incorrectly stated that The Post’s staff of political writers would be shrinking further due to Bunch’s departure. 

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  1. gaf says:

    Megan Schrader began as a very good reporter. Lately her "news" stories have slanted to a conservative bias in what gets reported and what gets left out. Maybe not conservative enough for The Gazette editorial board, but enough for the increasingly conservative Denver Post editorial board.

  2. itlduso says:

    Please tell us that Colorado Pols is healthy!?!

  3. gertie97 says:

    I'm not surprised by the Statesman developments. Jared Wright is nothing resembling a newspaperman, just a political hack no matter who's backing him. I'm happy for Jody Strogoff that she was able to sell and move on, but I do hope she got her money up front.


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