Republican leader wonders whether transgender people fit in America’s future

Wilburn's Facebook Comment on Transgender Man

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In a Facebook post this week, Colorado Republican Vice Chair Derrick Wilburn inadvertently sums up what Republicans have to do on social issues, if they expect to be a serious political force in Colorado in the future.

“You have to work even to understand this,” wrote Wilburn in a comment on a photo of a transgender man breastfeeding his baby.

But Wilburn doesn’t seem to be ready to work hard enough to create an America that welcomes transgender family members, co-workers, friends, all people.

“I sincerely wonder, is this the future you desire for America?” asks Wilburn in the second part of his Facebook comment on the transgender man and his baby.

Yes, of course it is. Wilburn and his fellow Republicans should work harder to understand and embrace it.

Correction: In this blog post, two uses of the word “transgendered” were changed to the word “transgender,” because “transgender” is the correct form of the word.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    People can live however they want. Just don't force your views on others.

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