Tom Sullivan Scaring The Hell Out of Senate Republicans

SD-27 candidate Tom Sullivan (D).

SD-27 candidate Tom Sullivan (D).

We’ll post a more comprehensive look at newly-released fundraising numbers for Colorado legislative races covering the period of July 28-August 31, but we wanted to start with a race that Republicans shouldn’t be worried about–but thanks to a uniquely strong Democratic candidate with a compelling background, a seat that’s in play:

SD 27

Tom Sullivan (D)
Raised this period: $31,555.56
Cash on hand: $38,693.58
Total Raised: $101,484.24

Jack Tate (R)
Raised this period: $9,301.00
Cash on hand: $84,126.60
Total Raised: $96,464.17

In the most recent fundraising period, Democratic candidate Tom Sullivan more than tripled appointed incumbent Jack Tate’s haul–$31,500 to $9,300. With that performance in August, Sullivan has now outraised Tate for the entire election cycle, although Tate has more cash on hand as Sullivan spends down his cash campaigning.

Why is this happening? Tom Sullivan’s powerful personal story as the father of an Aurora theater shooting victim is combining with Sullivan’s by-all-accounts impressive work ethic to put this race in play in a way Senate President Bill Cadman simply never anticipated. This would be the second time Cadman has underestimated Tom Sullivan, the first being when he insulted Sullivan during a legislative panel about gun control–only to be shamed in national media when Sullivan disclosed who he was.

We’ve heard rumors that Republicans are privately growing very worried about this race. We’re not sure what exactly is going on with Jack Tate, who has his own reputation as a good campaigner and fundraiser. If Tate is serious about holding on to Dave Balmer’s old Senate seat, to which he was appointed just last December after Balmer’s resignation, he can’t afford to get humiliated like this.

But for Tom Sullivan, sweet revenge against Cadman is closer than ever.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Good for Sullivan and his Bloomberg money…

  2. doremi says:

    To Moderatus. 

    Sorry.  That's not Bloomberg money.  Campaign finance laws only allow a gift of up to $400.  So the remaining $101,084.24 came from somewhere else; some even from me.  Tom is a super guy and will be a great Senator.

    You must be just unquestionly consuming the RMGO diatribes.



  3. hellcat576 says:

    Wouldn't $31,500 be MORE than tripled $9,300, not almost? Do the math.

  4. Les Ismore says:

    Tom Sullivan is going to be a great state senator. Although gun violence prevention is what motivated him to enter politics, Mr. Sullivan is far from a single issue candidate. I challenge anyone to listen to Mr. Sullivan speak and not come away knowing this guy has what it takes for his district and Colorado.

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