Trump On The Air in Colorado

UPDATE: The Washington Post tries to sort out the mishmash of claims in this ad without much success:

Amateur hour: Trump’s new TV ad cites two contradictory tax plans — one that Trump has explicitly ruled out and another that he has yet to endorse — raising more questions about what policies the GOP nominee actually supports. NBC News’s Benjy Sarlin looked at the small print in the 30-second spot: “For the ad’s claim that ‘working families get tax relief,’ it refers viewers not to an analysis of Trump’s own tax proposals, but to a white paper by House GOP leaders about their own tax reform plan. Similarly, the next section promising ‘millions of new jobs’ directs viewers to an analysis of the House GOP plan by the conservative Tax Foundation. Trump has not endorsed the House GOP plan outright, but his new proposal, announced earlier this month, has some similarities…”

“Things get even more confusing as the commercial continues. The ad’s next two claims that Trump would make ‘wages go up’ and ‘small businesses thrive’ refer to his old tax plan from last year, which had drastically different rates, including a 0% bracket at the bottom and a top rate of 25%. The on-screen citation directs viewers to a Tax Foundation analysis of that now-defunct proposal from September 2015. Trump erased his old plan from his website shortly before he announced his new one in a speech to the Detroit Economic Club earlier this month.”


AP reports via CBS4, but you’ve probably already seen it:

The campaign is expecting to air a new ad focused on the economy as soon as Monday in nine states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida, where the campaign has already been on the air, along with New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada — all battleground states.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has so far been badly outspent by his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, and groups supporting her. Since clinching her party’s nomination in early June, Clinton has spent more than $77 million on television and radio advertising, largely targeting voters in battleground states, according to Kantar Media’s political ad tracker…

The new investment comes amid signs that Trump’s lagging poll numbers may be improving against Clinton’s following a campaign reboot.

We haven’t seen new polling numbers to know if Colorado is part of Donald Trump’s rumored recovery, but it’s reasonable to assume that the poll numbers will tighten somewhat between now and Election Day.

Either that, or there will be no reason to keep running ads.

It’s worth noting that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has already stopped advertising in Colorado, focusing on field campaign efforts here with an expectation that the race is won. That could quickly change if Trump shows recovering strength in this state, but Clinton’s double-digit lead is a formidable rampart to chip away at.

We expect Trump’s campaign will be watching closely for a return on this investment in upcoming polls, which will justify or repudiate the efficacy of further spending in Colorado. Is this ad persuasive enough to make a dent in Clinton’s lead, or just going through the motions ahead of the inevitable?

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  1. bullshit! says:

    It's like this ad was made to respond to Clinton and not win over voters. Stupid.

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    To My Redneck American Community: What The Hell Do You Have to Lose?

    You have been losing, losing, losing. The big banks are buying all your farms, you have nothing to eat but junk food, you all have diabetes, and your water is totally poisoned from all the fracking going on. Absolutely horrendous. A complete waste. And what do you get for it? Nothing! Even the gays are better off than you. They’re taking all your marriages. Your homes are totally broken, I can tell you.

  3. davebarnes says:

    Why is anyone analyzing a 30-second advert on anything other than its feeling? Facts don't matter in these ads. 

    • BlueCat says:

      You're right but I don't think it's going to have much appeal on the feeling front beyond the voters he already has. It just seems like sleep walking through a bland version of the same old shtick… Me great, Obama/HRC terrible. Me fix everything. Believe me.

      To use some of Trump's favorite criticisms, it's very low energy and it's boring.

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Hilary is still advertising in Colorado. But it's a PAC and not the campaign itself.

    • BlueCat says:

      Yep. There has been no interruption in HRC's on air presence. And Bennet has yet another ad abut helping ordinary Coloradans. Morgan Carroll …. still crickets. I realize we aren’t seeing CD ads in general yet but I do think a campaign against a now firmly entrenched repeat incumbent could use a little early publicity.

  5. MichaelBowman says:

    This is rich.  Grassley does understand he's supporting this guy, right? 

    Sen. Chuck Grassley: Trump can get rid of wind energy ‘over my dead body’

    “If he wants to do away with it, he’ll have to get a bill through Congress, and he’ll do it over my dead body,” Grassley said Tuesday in an interview with Yahoo News.

    Throughout President Barack Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office, electricity production from wind power in the U.S. has tripled, according to the industry’s major trade association.

  6. doremi says:

    Donald Trump is a role model for what most Americans want to be?  Heaven help us if that is true! Trump is a role model as: 

    1) a misogynist

    2) a racist

    3) a greedy tightwad for charitable donations

    4) an unscrupulous businessman who apparently is undisturbed at ripping off others…contractors, employees

    5) a hypocrite regarding religion (remember Two Corinthians….but alas"The evangelicals support me" is true evidence of piety.)

    6) a xenophobe

    7) a hypocrite regarding immigration — doesn't mind hiring special visa immigrants, whilst ignoring American workers

    8) a Putinist

    9) a tool of whatever loony lobby wants to support him (read NRA)

    10) narcissistic egomaniac.

    11) a liar in his untrue attacks on Hillary Clinton and Republican rivals.

    12) a sewer swimmer — willing to take political discourse to new and obscene realms.

    13) insensitivity – towards disabled and others he considers "losers," either because of their looks or their economic status.  (Come November 9th, it is my prayer that "loser" is the title that will most readily come to mind with regards to Mr. Trump…and may he take down with him all his supporters and those Republicans who have no guts to call him out.

    I've missed several more, I'm sure….

    And in my opinion, he is clearly unbalanced.

    It is clear that I hold my fellow citizens in greater esteem than you do.   I do not believe that most Americans want to be like Mr.Trump, in fact I think he is Exhibit A of a capitalist run amok. 





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