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August 30, 2016 10:34 am MST

Donald Trump and the recalled Jeffco school board: you won't believe this

  • by: Alan

In 2015, I was proud to join my Jefferson County neighbors as we reclaimed our school board from far-right radicals who took control two years before. We literally made #JeffcoSchoolBoardHistory. After watching the school board attack the teachers and schools that make Jeffco one of the best places to raise a family in America, by an overwhelming 65% margin, we ended the ability of Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams to play ideological games with Colorado’s finest public schools–recalling them and replacing them with a clean slate that restored dignity and community respect to the Jeffco school board.

Unfortunately, Ken Witt, president of the recalled board, isn’t finished trying to harm public education in Colorado just yet. Last week, Donald Trump announced that Witt is the Trump campaign’s state “education coalition co-chair.”

Sign our petition: tell Trump to dump Ken Witt right now.

If there was anyone left in Jefferson County undecided about Donald Trump, choosing Ken Witt as his education co-chair in Colorado should settle the question. Trump couldn’t pick a more divisive figure of his campaign for our state if he tried. Witt’s disastrous tenure as president of the Jefferson County school board was beset with allegations of bullying students, hostility to teachers, breaking promises to voters on spending tax dollars, and dubious “reviews” of history curriculum to ensure what’s taught in the classroom doesn’t offend conservatives.

Tell Donald Trump to cut ties with Ken Witt for the sake of every child in Colorado.

The problem in Jefferson County goes much deeper than Witt. Fringe elected lawmakers like Sen. Laura Woods of Arvada and Sen. Tim Neville of Littleton, who supported Witt’s takeover of the Jefferson County school board and tried to protect Witt from being recalled, are today some of Trump’s biggest Colorado supporters. Sen. Woods is up for election this year, and her strong support for Donald Trump–as well as Ken Witt–could change everything in one of the state’s closest state senate races.

Last November, Jefferson County took an important step toward halting the spread of out-of-touch far-right politics in our community. In 2016, with one of the most important elections of our lifetimes about to take place, we have to finish the job. Thanks for doing your part to stand up for the values that make me proud to call Jeffco home.


Alan Franklin


3 thoughts on “Donald Trump and the recalled Jeffco school board: you won’t believe this

    1. Nothing to connect Woods to Witt – except funding sources, caucus working relationships, and extended family relationships,and extreme ideology.

      Woods and the Nevilles both worked on the recall of SenatorHudak which got Woods her seat in the first place

      Patrick Neville shared Laura Woods for Senate District 19, Colorado's photo.

      June 3, 2014 ·

      Laura Woods for Senate District 19, Colorado is the real deal. The CUT pledge is not the only thing her primary opponent was unwilling to sign. He refused to sign the petition to recall Hudak. Laura J Woods did more than just sign the petition, she spent every day at the recall office, organizing volunteers, working PR and collecting signatures. She is a leader and the type of person we need to replace Hudak Junior! Join me in donating to her campaign at

      No automatic alt text available.

      Neville is the brother-in-law of recalled Boardmember Julie Williams, the other "W" in Witt Newkirk Williams, the Recall Three

      Woods votes with fellow Rep. Tim Neville 99% of the time on defunding Planned Parenthood, anything pro-gun, anti public education. They're both members of the ornery Colorado version of the Congressional "Freedom Caucus".

      Neville and Woods are both funded by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

      Woods and Witt's "Jeffco Kids First" anti-recall share some libertarian funders and some "pop-up" funders , mostly tracable back to Americans for Prosperity and the Koch Brothers

      Woods and Witt share an anti-teachers-union, pro–charter school, pro "arming teachers (literally) agenda


  1. Maybe it's Witt's influence, but Trump is now talking about "putting American pride and patriotism back in schools again." per Maddow 9/1/16 . Meaning that the whole new emphasis in the humanities (language arts and social studies) on using primary sources, comparing diverse points of view, backing up claims with evidence, that would all go out the window. If Trump somehow  got his way,  he would eliminate the Department of Education, and tie federal funding to teaching the jingoistic, self-satisfied point of view we were all taught in the early 1960s.

    That whole "teach American pride" thing worked out so well for the Jeffco conservative school board.

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