Nancy Doty’s Backwards Worldview

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Doty upside down EarthI’ve been trying to convince journalists to find out why state senate candidate Nancy Doty thinks Sarah Palin gave a “Spot on” speech in Denver, in which the former Alaska governor raved about Donald Trump. (Here’s a funny video to emphasize the point.)

From where I sit as a progressive, the world is pretty backwards if you think Palin is “spot on.”

And it turns out, judging from the recent Doty advertisement on your right, that’s exactly how Doty sees the Earth–transposed, ass backwards, if you will.

So, does the inverted worldview on Doty’s mailer have anything to do with her enthusiasm about Palin and Trump?

Or is Doty’s backwards Earth related to the ability of kids to “count on NANCY DOTY” for a “WORLD CLASS” education?

I doubt it, to be honest, but she’s yet to be questioned, so we don’t know. And if there’s one thing you learn as a journalist, it’s that you never know what someone will say until you ask them.

Doty’s Arapahoe County race against State Rep. Daniel Kagan is key, along with an Arvada state senate contest, in the GOP’s struggle to maintain their one-seat majority in the senate chamber and thereby block Democrats’ hopes of controlling state government next year.


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  1. NeonNurse says:

    So you're saying it might be a mistake to be courting the mirror-universe vote?


    • mamajama55 says:

      I think it's a creation myth…the great white well-manicured hand of the Goddess of Knowledge holding the earth on a plate. A flat plate. That's in case you fall off because you're standing upside down on the bottom of the planet.

      As for the misshapen continents, facts are for liberals. Conservatives live in a world in which "what you feel" is true, is true. Also, clapping really hard brings Tinkerbell back to life.

      • Voyageur says:

        Well, mj, the conflation of feeling for fact isn't limited to the right.   It is gospel on the left that if you feel like a woman, you are a woman and vice versa, not withstanding Y chromosomes , your penis, your ovaries and other inconvenient facts.  So I think all sides of the spectrum let their feelings color perception.

        • mamajama55 says:

          So that sounds, V, as though you are disputing the reality of transgendered identification. I hope that you are not also disputing whether transgendered people are entitled to equal protection under all aspects of the law, including where they work, play, or pee.

          Transgendered identity is one I will never be able to truly "feel" in my gut, because I have always been very comfortable in my skin as a woman. But I would never doubt the reality of discrimination, or the need for legal protections against discrimination, for those who do "feel" that their real gender is other than the one which they were assigned at birth.

          • Voyageur says:

            I'm saying that you can't criticize the right for letting feelings distort objective reality and applaud the left for letting feelings distort objective reality.  Putting it this way, if such a double standard makes you feel hypocritical, maybe it is hypocritical.  

            • mamajama55 says:

              Calling notaskinnycook, tag team, please.

              Anyway, "objective reality" for transgendered people may be more scientifically measurable than you would guess.

              Brains are different for TG folks. Testosterone receptors are different. There are different reactions to stress. We are a long way scientifically from being able to definitively lay out a transgender biological profile, but that does not mean that the condition has no objective reality, and is only distorted by "feelings", as you suggest, V.

              Climate change, on the other hand, is settled science. It is happening. It is harmful. I could pile up links here til Pols breaks and makes me prove I'm not a robot, and I do get that it wouldn't make the slightest difference to you. You're picking a fight with me over nothing ….because you can..

              mj out for tonight.

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Hey, Palin's speech last month in Denver was spot-on. She coined the term RAT.

    CHB   (proud to be a RAT:  Republican Against Trump)

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    I still don't understand what happened to this woman. She used to be considered part of what passed as the rational wing of the GOP:  budget analyst for Bill Owens, clerk and recorder for Arapahoe County who got to clean up the mess left by Tracy Baker and his paramour after the recall election. Then Doty lost it and went all "Palin" on everyone. Like Ellen Roberts, these sort-of moderate/conservative rational Republicans do the lemming thing and follow the wing nuts off the edge of the flat earth. It's sad…..

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