Chaos in Cleveland as Another Anti-Trump Effort Squelched

UPDATE (5:14 pm): It sounds like Colorado’s delegation is far from finished with creating a ruckus in Cleveland:


UPDATE (4:45 pm): This was most assuredly not how Republicans were hoping to kick things off on Day 1 of the GOP Convention. From “The Fix”:

For Republicans desperately hoping that unity would be the word of the day and the week here in Cleveland, however, the damage was done. The images of unhappy Republicans shouting for a chance to show their dissatisfaction with Trump and then walking out makes for just the sort of images out of this week that Republicans were hoping to avoid.

It showed, powerfully and with the eyes of the national media watching, that the idea that the GOP was rapidly uniting behind Trump is a pipe dream. And that divisions — real and serious ones — remain, no matter the rhetorical attempts to paper them over.



UPDATE (2:42 pm): More details from Politico on the circus in Cleveland:

Critics of Donald Trump had attempted to force the vote and submitted the signatures they believed were necessary to do so, but after holding a voice vote on the rules, Rep. Steve Womack declared the rules approved and moved on.

Womack left the stage amid an uproar, only to return to the stage moments later for a second voice vote. He again declared that the ‘ayes’ had won, again to protests from the crowd.

Forcing a roll call vote requires support from the majorities of seven delegations. Anti-Trump delegates submitted what they said were a majority of signatures from at least 9: Colorado, Washington state, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The also claimed that Alaska had provided signatures as well.

But Womack, after the second voice vote, said on stage that three states had withdrawn from the roll call effort, leaving it short of the support needed.


Lots of breaking news in Cleveland at the moment. As the Los Angeles Times reports:

Multiple state delegations walked off the floor after the rules were passed twice by voice vote and anti-Trump delegates protested on the floor.



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  1. MapMaker says:

    Since an armed society is a polite society this seems a perfect reason to require open carry at the convention.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    I guess when Darryl Glenn said he wouldn't work with appeasers he meant it.


  3. Genghis says:

    Oh man, what a train wreck. RedState says the Colorado delegation walked out  en masse and may or may not be back. XD

    • BlueCat says:

      I'm not watching. Figure the highlights on shows like Rachel Maddow are going to be enough. But my mom in Florida called to tell me that the Colorado delegation was all over cable for creating  a ruckus. She's sworn not to watch cable until the GOP convention is over (too aggravating) but I guess she couldn't resist.  91 and she's always totally up on the latest. People think she's in her 70s. Still a raging liberal Dem. Fortunately she has the blood pressure of a woman half her age. Still takes the stairs to her condo instead of the elevator.

      • Gray in Mountains says:

        Your mom is cool😃😀😃😀

        • BlueCat says:

          Yep. And almost never at home. I think that's the secret.  As, unfortunately, her old friends have left the building she's made new ones and always has places to go and things to do with her youngster friends, merely in their early to mid 80s. She's also always remained physically active and fit and is blessed with good health and mobility, no serious back or other issues. 

          As we get older remember, family is great but it's important to have friends, contemporaries, to pal around with and to whom you aren't a parent or grandparent. That'll keep you young and engaged.

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Did the walkout upstage Libby Szabo's 15 minutes of Warholian fame this afternoon? I still think they would have gotten better ratings if tonight's opening act had been Don King and Dr. Chaps performing. Any word on whether Clint Eastwood has been invited back this year?

  4. Gilpin Guy says:

    Looks like Pence didn't woo over the Cruz crowd.  Somebody could get their fee fees hurt with these kind of shenanigans.

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    "Anti-Trump delegates submitted what they said were a majority of signatures from at least 9 states….

    But Womack, after the second voice vote, said on stage that three states had withdrawn from the roll call effort, leaving it short of the support needed."

    I'm sure they are all ladies or gentlemen of honor from this party of Law and Order. Dissidents claim 9, 10 or 11 states delegations supported them. The chair says three had withdrawn. Surely they would be able to show the documentation for the withdrawal, right?


  6. Jorgensen says:

    GOP hasn't named which states withdrew support for the roll call vote much less shown proof of that. Most of the Colorado delegates had the courage to walk out — good! The GOP uses a voice vote to suppress delegates' true votes through roll call. Despite all their criticisms of Democrats not being "transparent" – here is the GOP concealing the truth and denying the delegates a vote. Wow! Another preview of Trump the tyrant?


    • Gilpin Guy says:

      It will be interesting to see which states withdrew support for a roll call vote and what the documentation shows.

    • Jorgensen says:

      UPDATE – in addition to Kendal Unruh leading this anti-Trump protest on the floor – you also have Rocky Mtn Gun Owners radical Dudley Brown and Jon Hotaling, the worst, meanest and ugliest conspirator to attack Republican candidates (oh yes, right up there with Dudley); Sounds like two guys and a gal in an old Clint Eastwood movie, the "good, the bad and the ugly" – not exactly. Sorry Kendal, can't quite find the "good" since you recruited the "bad and the ugly" on board your campaign to defeat Trump (PS I will NOT vote for Trump, so that part I get, Kendall. I am offended by your allies and there are more I can name.)


  7. FrankUnderwood says:

    Any word from Moderatus on all this drama?

  8. Gilpin Guy says:

    Don't see how these actions by the Colorado delegation help Trump or Glenn win the state.  More likely long shots just got longer.

  9. mamajama55 says:

    So freaking tone-deaf on women is Mr. Trump and the RNC. Melania Trump delivers Trump's keynote speech. This is supposed to make women like Trump? The trophy wife that displaced the other two trophy wives? The immigrant that's introducing the anti-immigrant demagogue? The lady with the thick Slovenian accent talking about let's make America great again?

    And her delivery lacks conviction, maybe because English is her second language, maybe because her face has too much makeup on to be really expressive. If you're always worried about what your face looks like, you suppress strong emotions.  I think about Michelle Obama, Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, even Barbara Bush.  They all were so much more authentic than Melania.

    This is supposed to humanize him? FAIL.



    • Jorgensen says:

      And what RNC or Trump campaign operative scripted her address to plagiarize a speech by First Lady Michelle Obama? That tells you everything about this campaign and the Republican Party. We know Melania Trump did not write the speech. Ugh!


      • FrankUnderwood says:

        Melania Trump has Scott McInnis-like qualities? At least she didn't launch into a recitation of Musings on Waters.

        She would have been better off narrating her modeling portfolio.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      You left out Laura Bush, a very classy lady through thick and thin.

  10. Diogenesdemar says:

    In other speechifying news from tonight's Drumpfapalooza, who woulda' thunk it, but apparently (this week's current) Mrs. Drumpfenführer loves herself . . . 

    . . . some Mrs. Barack Obama?

    Ok, maybe she just loves Michele Obama's words?

    • Jorgensen says:

      Your comment about plagiarizing has some merit, but your final comment about her is racist. Got it? 

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        I’m sorry that I’ve given you offense.

        I'll give you the choice, Jorgensen, would you now prefer that I leave the comment up unedited (so that others can see what you think is improper), or would you prefer that I remove the reference that offends you?

      • BlueCat says:

        Whole passages were plagiarized with only a minor word change here and there from Michelle Obama's speech in 2008. No doubt not by Melania but by a speech writer. And it was really well received. All those gushing over it will now be faced with the fact that they were gushing over a Michelle Obama speech. Yikes! It's already all  every media platform already. By morning it will be the biggest story from the convention.

        It's bad enough that some speech writer was stupid enough to so blatantly plagiarize but to do it from one of the Obamas' speeches, the GOP's designated arch enemies of the last 8 years? That’s gotta smart.

        • Jorgensen says:

          RNC or Trump speech writers plagiarized the First Lady's speech? Check out Darryl Glenn's speech – it has a couple of plagiarized lines too. But, then he's been echoing the Trump mantra, make American great again for the past couple of months..


          • Conserv. Head Banger says:

            Funny that no one seems to be calling Trump on his "make America great again" line. For me, America has been great; still is; and will continue to be.

  11. FrankUnderwood says:

    Of course as a Democrat and a Clinton supporter, my favorite part of the evening was when the Donald called in to Fox News and upstaged the Benghazi portion of the show by ranting about John Kasich during a speech by the mother of one of those killed in Benghazi! You can't make this stuff up…..

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