Wednesday Open Thread

“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

–Samuel Johnson

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  1. MADCO says:

    Since there is no link, and no one is giving up internals, clearly HRC wins in a landslide. She won't even have to campaign in the states Obama won- she can focus on Arizona and other new-blue.


    AZ goes how Maricopa goes. Maricopa continues to get bigger and bluer as SoCal expands to Phoenix. It slowed down 08-13, but is back on track now.


    Florida goes to the candidate who wins white, some college, men and women Tampa to Orlando.  Of course, Miami Dade ballot confusion still counts. Retirement communities and AARP matter.  But the winning margins come from elsewhere.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Take nothing, nothing, for granted in this upcoming election.

      Regarding the Samuel Johnson phrase at the top. I've also seen it as "patriotism is the last refuge of the incompetent." 

    • BlueCat says:

      No link to what?

      • MADCO says:

        I recently posted that Trump is going to win Florida and was challenged for polling links.  There not any- so that means HRC's campaign already has the fork in Florida.


        i standby Trump wins prediction- and will bet with any upright (will timely pay or graciously accept my loss) CoPolster.

        • Voyageur says:

          So because there is absolutely no evidence that Trump will win Florida, you are convinced that Trump will win Fla?  I guess on that basis, I can finally accept the Biblical version of Creation.   As to bets, I'd bet on the election, not any one state.  But we don't technically have a candidate yet, so even that needs to hold off until at least 6:15 pm June 7, When Hillary's victory in New Jersey will give her a lock on the Democratic nomination.

  2. davebarnes says:

    Jerry Sandusky of Penn State.
    Art Briles of Baylor.
    Jack Graham of CSU?

    Not accusing, just asking the question.

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Boy, I didn't see this one coming…(it all starts with a simple watermelon slaughter on the eastern plains) 

    Larry Pratt: If Conservatives Lose The Supreme Court, We May 'Have To Resort To The Bullet Box'

    Pratt has previously hinted at his willingness to use violence against Supreme Court justices with whom he disagrees, issuing a warning to Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, saying that “the Second Amendment is all about people like Judge Garland.”


  4. BlueCat says:

    And here's a message from Robert Reich for all Dems and liberals whether your "I'm with her" "Bernie or Bust" or anywhere in between. We pretty much all like Robert Reich, don't we?

  5. Poor Zap. Today (yesterday?) Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent out an email asking her fans to support four Senators in their re-election bids. One of them was Colorado's own Senator Michael Bennet. Of Bennet she says:

    Senator Michael Bennet has been an important part of our fight to refinance student loans and invest in biomedical research. He’s also got the toughest reelection race in 2016. In 2014, the powerful interests swooped into Colorado and spent bucket loads of money beat Democratic Senator Mark Udall. Unless we join together and fight back, the Republicans will try to repeat that plan with Michael.

  6. davebarnes says:

    Just got robot polled by PPP about the Colorado US Senate GOP primary.

    Lots of negative push-type questions about all 5 candidates.

    "If you knew that {Jon|Ryan|Robert|Jack|Darryl} was a {thief | establishment pick | failed businessman | career politician} would you still vote for him?

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