Marshall Finds Maureen, Hilarity Ensues

UPDATE: As Denver7’s Marshall Zelinger reports:

The woman who turned in petitions with some signatures that Denver7 has identified as being forged, would only respond “No comment” when we met up with her late Monday morning.

In the last three weeks, Denver7 has exclusively reported a number of stories surrounding forged signatures on petitions that helped Republican Senate Candidate Jon Keyser qualify for the June 28 primary ballot…

Monday, investigators looking into the forged signatures wanted to speak with Moss, but when they met her she refused to answer their questions. Shortly after, Denver7 political reporter Marshall Zelinger tried to speak with her as she left her former employer’s office.


Denver7 reporter Mitchell Marshall Zelinger somehow managed to find “Maureen” today. “Maureen” is the signature collector who has emerged as a key figure in the petition fraud scandal that has destroyed the Senate candidacy of Republican Jon Keyser.

As you can see for yourself in the video posted to Zelinger’s Facebook page, “Maureen” is about as media-savvy as Keyser himself:

Listen closely near the end of the video for a fantastic attempt to “discourage” Zelinger by the driver of the van waiting for “Maureen”:

“Get away from my van! You’re not allowed by my van!”

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Nice to know she's still in town, still available for official interviews.


  2. mamajama55 says:

    I swear I've met that woman somewhere. Not too surprising, if she’s a professional canvasser. By the way, Pols, you included no links for Zelinger's Facebook page.

  3. Big Time says:

    Was she out at the wildlife refuge with the Bundy boys? 

    She'd fit right in. 


    • mamajama55 says:

      She would fit in there, but I think I've run into her as a canvasser somewhere. These folks go where the work is, aren't too fussy about issues, parties, or candidates. Or ethics, obviously.

  4. Moderatus says:

    As if Keyser had any idea what she was doing.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      As if Keyser had any idea what he was doing?

      (Relax. He’s safe. Keyser’s proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, his incompetence. There’s no one left on this planet who believes he’s capable of doing anything beyond, maybe, tying his loafers.)

    • Big Time says:

      He did prove he has no business in the big leagues with the twitchy, sweaty, crazy aggressive interview with the news 7 guy. 

  5. Diogenesdemar says:

    Did anyone else happen to notice that "Progess Now" sticker on the car she rode away in?!?

    • mamajama55 says:

      I thought that was a "Your Choice Colorado" sticker. Black Diamond (Moss' employer) canvassed for YCC, too, and  also submitted forged signatures for that campaign,  according to the Post.

      Moddy, our readers lift their lonely eyes to you – can you make this conspiracy fit together? Was that "Alan" yelling for Zelinger to get the #%$#^@ away from his van? Was that van ferrying craft beer to the local Safeway? And….what about….Naomi?

  6. davebarnes says:

    Very sad that the license plate was blurred.

    Name and shame: Maureen Moss and her driver

  7. Traveler says:

    Mitchell …. errrr …. Marshall is lucky that guy in the van, didn't sick his dog on him. 

    What is it with Zelinger and dogs anyway?

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