Blaha, Frazier Appeal SOS Ruling, Seek Primary Ballot Access

From Lynn Bartels in the Colorado Secretary of State’s office:

This was an expected move after Republican Senate candidates Robert Blaha and Ryan Frazier were informed by the Secretary of State’s office that they did not have the required number of valid petition signatures in order to be included on the June 28th Primary ballot.

Fellow Republican Senate candidate Jon Keyser filed his own (successful) appeal of a similar decision early last week. Both Blaha and Frazier are probably counting on a district court judge to grant them the same leniency on petition rules.


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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    So, a judge will decide how far "substantial compliance" goes. Keyser, 1 district, 1 paid circulator wh doesn't know where he lives. Oh, and a Bronze Star. Blaha and Frazier each had broader short comings. And, no medals

  2. PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

    It's hard to handicap their chances without seeing what they offered to the court.  The DP said the claims were largely the same as Keyser's, but the Gazette noted some differences.  If, as the Gazette notes, Frazier is relying on the only-one-counts signature requirement being overturned, he's pretty likely to lose.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      Hard to handicap but my wild guess is that Blaha's and Frazier's problems seem to be just enough more about the signatures themselves than about one signature collector's failing to file a change of address that they won't be looked upon as being equally benign. Agree this is especially so for Frazier, going for an established requirement to be over-turned. I'm guessing once was enough. Keyser got the pass. I don't think either Frazier or Blaha will.

  3. observe says:

    I wasn't surprised that Keyser was allowed on ballot since his trouble was about a paid petition circulator's registration and real address. Must mean the signatures were sufficient and good.


    If Blaha and Frazier are short on signatures period, that seems a much worse offense and the threshhold is the threshhold. Unless there is a good reason they were deemed short.

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