Coffman To Trump: Stay Out Of My Gutter

Image by 9NEWS via Twitter

After weeks of speculation and woefully inadequate press coverage, 9NEWS finally got Rep. Mike Coffman personally on the record, that is not via a surrogate, on the question of whether he would support Donald Trump in the increasingly likely event Trump wins the GOP nomination.

As you can see, although Coffman is an avowed backer of the underperforming Marco Rubio, Coffman did not rule out supporting Trump–with a qualifier about what Trump would need to do to “unify Republicans.”

He needs to elevate his rhetoric out of the gutter.

Now folks, if we were Trump, we would consider that a hell of a thing for Mike Coffman to say to us.

And why is that, you ask?


Because Rep. Mike Coffman has absolutely zero room to talk.

There’s much more to say about the blend of cowardice and hypocrisy that stymies Republicans trying to put daylight between themselves and Trump’s unprecedented demagoguery–but few examples tell the story quite like Mike Coffman.

Trump is who they are.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Ancient history. Is this all you've got?

  2. Zappatero says:

    I hope the Psychosis-ridden, Hyperbaric Chamber of Hallucinations in which Repubs and Cons live, where Trump isn't conservative enough, where Reactionary Religious Freaks like Rubio or Ted Cruz will be our next president, and where a fairly conservative and thoroughly conventional president like Obama "hates America and has ruined our economy" will be the burial chamber of the Republican Party, Republican philosophy and all these sociopathic, anti-democratic people like Coffman, Randall, Tron Simpson, Doug Bruce, Gardner, Buck, their Media Whores, their followers and on and on and on……..

    And if normal humans in the press and in local politics can't make this clear to the public then who knows what will happen to our beloved Constitutional Republic.

  3. MapMaker says:

    Nice weasel words. Good ol' Those Aren't Pushups thinks Drumpf needs to clean up his rhetoric. The obvious thing is, as soon as Drumpf wins the Republican nomination, his rhetoric will be automatically cleaned up. Not only that, his past rhetoric will be retroactively cleaned up also. Coffman is another who will absolutely try anything to keep Drumpf from being president, except vote against him.

    Mod, how's your campaign to legalize endangering children going?

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