Latest GOP Senate candidate is “another arrogant politician,” says a Republican lawmaker

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Rep. Justin Everett (R).

Rep. Justin Everett (R).

Rep. Jon Keyser, the latest Republican considering a run for U.S. Senate, is drawing fire from fellow Republicans, as they wrestle to replace top GOP candidates who’ve dropped out of consideration for the Senate race.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Rep. Justin Everett wrote that Keyser is backed by the “usual spinmeisters who tend to lose elections here in Colorado.”

Everett said of Keyser: “He won’t listen, arrogance is a word that comes to mind. We don’t need another arrogant politician in Washington…

Also on Facebook, Everett has been an outspoken supporter of U.S. Senate candidate Tim Neville, whom Everett claims cannot be beaten in Colorado’s GOP primary.

Everett has written that Neville will use the “Ken Buck Model of 2010 when [Buck] beat Jane Norton.”

The jostling is sure to intensify due to, if nothing else, the size of the field.

Already in the race for the GOP nomination to take on Democrat Michael Bennet are: Neville, El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, former Aurora city counilman Ryan Frazier, former Parker mayor Greg Lopez, El Paso County conservative Charles Ehler, and Jefferson Country Commissioner Donald Rosier.

Three Republicans, including businessman Robert Blaha, Rep. Peggy Littleton, and talk-radio host Dan Caplis are considering the race. (Caplis says he’s “very serious” about a run.) Blaha has promised to get into the race and expects attacks from the “permanent political class.

State Sen. Ray Scott is rumored to be considering the race.

Arapahoe County DA Charles Brauchler, Rep. Mike Coffman, and State Sen. EllenRoberts all considered running for the GOP nomination, but have withdrawn, at least for now. So did Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith and State Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg.

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  1. FrankUnderwood says:

    Who woke Justin up?

    Neville will use the Ken Buck model from 2010? Really? And I imagine Michael Bennet will use the Michael Bennet model from 2010. As opposed to the Mark Udall model from 2014.

  2. JeffcoDemo says:

    Wait, didn't The 2014 Udall model try to replicate the 2010 Bennet model?  I hope the 2016 Bennet model has something new up their sleeve.

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      Bennet did talk about abortion but his opponent kept giving him openings to do so. And he did it without the scowl. Udall was not as fortunate.

      Bennet's opponent in '10 also said other things that were memorable, such as sexual orientation is like alcoholism, and declining to prosecute a rape case because it "was a case of buyer's remorse." 

    • Craig says:

      Or at least repeats itself rather than adopting Udall's model of the Bennet plan.

  3. JeffcoDemo says:

    So his point is that Neville, with all of his humility, is a better choice?

  4. TobiasFunke says:

    The guy who won't show up for work is calling other people arrogant? Lol, ok.

  5. Chickenheed says:

    I see no difference between Everett, Julie Williams, the RMGO and the Nevilles. Everett's comments make me like Keyser without knowing anything else about him. I'm still wouldn't vote for him though.

  6. JeffcoDemo says:

    Since Julie is a sister in law of the Neville's, and one of the Neville's is a lapdog for RMGO, they are kind of all the same.  Except I bet they make Julie sit at the kids table at holidays since she screwed up her school board position so badly.

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