Anti-choice activists have wide range of responses to the Planned Parenthood shooting

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drchapsFor an RH Reality Check post today, I collected comments from anti-choice activists in response to Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado Springs.

The comments ranged from a total rejection of violence to support for the domestic terrorist, who appears to have targeted Planned Parenthood because of his disagreements with the organization. From RH Reality Check:

“Whatever his motives, I condemn the violent actions of the shooter in Co Springs today,” state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado Springs),who once praised a fellow Republican legislator for comparing Planned Parenthood to ISIS, wrote on Facebook. Klingenschmitt once saidthat “left-wing politicians want [women] to kill their babies.”

Meanwhile, a former GOP nominee for a seat in the Colorado legislature supported the gunman.

Nate Marshall, who was nominated by Republicans in 2014 for a state house race, but later dropped out, posted an angry response to the shooting on Facebook. Marshall later deleted the comment.

“My comments on the situation in Colorado Springs is simple and this: this guy is a hero,” wrote Marshall, who was found in 2014 to have ties to white supremacy groups. “Children are not being slaughtered and butchered for profit by left wing scum today.”

“Yesterday three innocent born people were murdered along with an unknown number of preborn children,” wrote Gualberto Garcia Jones, author of Colorado’s 2014 personhood amendment, in an email Saturday. “We are called to personally work against both. As a side note, I would say that the death of the Christian, pro-life police officer is especially tragic since he leaves behind a wife and two young children. My prayers are with all the victims regardless of their personal views.”

Personhood USA spokeswoman Jennifer Mason, who is based in Colorado,  had similar thoughts, but also criticized the news media’s coverage of the tragedy, writing that “the media is failing to report that innocent babies are killed in that very building every day that they are in business.”

Colorado Right to Life spokesman and Denver talk-radio host Bob Enyart alleged that violence by pro-choice activists goes unreported.

Enyart: Colorado RTL contrasts the eight people unjustly killed since 1993 by known anti-abortion vigilantes with the eighty women killed by pro-abortion violence for refusing to abort their own children. (See this in the excerpt from ARTL’s anti-vigilantism article.) Those murdered moms are invisible to the media.

When a journalist advocates a “right” to dismember an unborn child (an act that would put an animal rights activist into a rage if done to a preborn cow), that kind of psychological dysfunction helps explain why the pro-killing media including the Huffington Post ignores those mothers who were brutally killed. And then there are the hundreds of women sexually assaulted by their own abortionists who are also ignored. But who cares; certainly no one in the media. The silence is for the greater good. No?

I could not verify Enyart’s claims.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that the alleged terrorist, Robert Lewis Dear, was not one of the regular protestors at the Planned Parenthood center where the shooting occurred.

Dear was not a protester at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, said Joseph Martone Jr., who regularly attends prayer services outside the building on Centennial Boulevard.

Martone said Dear’s name was not familiar to members of the Colorado Springs Respect Life group that meets twice weekly for Mass at the Planned Parenthood on the mornings the clinic reportedly does surgical abortions.

“Nobody seems to know him,” Martone said.

On Breitbart, John Nolte wrote:

Nolte: Almost entirely for purposes of convenience, nearly 60 million innocent children have been butchered since the Supreme Court manufactured a Constitutional right to kill your unborn child.

In the coming days, as the defenders of this barbaric practice get more shrill, we must not be intimidated. In fact, with the media spotlight on abortion and on the pro-life movement, we must use this opportunity to continue to make our case for the million-plus innocent lives that will be legally massacred next year.

Outside or inside the womb, senseless violence must be condemned.

Those who condemn one and not the other have no place in a civil society.

Many anti-choice politicians, who’ve been condemning Planned Parenthood with such intensity in reacent months, such as Colorado’s Rep. Mike Coffman, Sen. Cory Gardner, Rep. Doug Lamborn, and others, have yet to even mention the organization’s name in their communications about the tragedy, as far as I can tell.

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  1. Zappatero says:

    KVOR's Tron Simpson is putting callers on the air who support the attacks…….they aren't being as blatant, but it is obvious where their passions lie. Can't wait for Richard Randall tomorrow who has been harping on Planned Parenthood for months.

  2. To parallel the average discussion about mass killings, isn't it too soon to talk about abortion? Shouldn't this be a time of healing?

  3. mamajama55 says:

    Too bad the protesters weren't doing their "mass" outside Planned Parenthood last Saturday. Maybe it would have deterred Dear from opening fire; maybe not.

    I wouldn't wish anyone to be attacked, but it would have been interesting watching the right wing media tie themselves in knots explaining why there were protester casualties.

    Nate Marshall should never drink and post.

    As for Enyart's claims that women are being killed because they refuse to have abortions, the research on this is shoddy at best. Quark writers compiled 25 years of accounts of murders of women by their male partners,and presented this horrific history as a list of women who were supposedly killed for refusing abortions.

    This completely ignores the prevalence of domestic violence crime against pregnant women, whether or not they choose to abort. Center for Disease Control estimates over 320,000 pregnant women are assaulted every year. Most would have still been victimized whether they bore the child or not. In fact, right after childbirth is when violence increases for female victims, according to the CDC. Pregnancy is a time when a woman is most vulnerable to assault; it also brings out all those conflicted feelings about parenthood, parenting, and responsibility in their partners. 

    The Quark researchers ignored the problem of domestic violence against women in presenting their 25 years of murdered women as a history of martyrs to the pro-abortion forces.

    Look for this bogus study to be widely quoted by politicians seeking to distract attention from the Colorado Springs terrorist murders.

  4. Chickenheed says:

    Maybe some anti-choice activists have reached their own breaking point when it comes to hypocrisy?

    How do you say "I find it wrong that someone would storm into a building where they murder and dismember small children for profit and shoot people" in public like you mean it?

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      I thought the anti-choice community had already passed their point of hypocrisy when that "pro-life" Tennessee congressman demanded that his wife and his mistress both terminate their pregnancies, only to get himself re-elected after the story came out.

  5. IndependentProgressive says:

    "Take up arms against Planned Parenthood."
    I heard those words or close to it on KLZ radio 560 AM in Denver this morning around 6:40 MST. 

    The show host, Steve Curtis (former Colorado GOP chair) talking with Brian Rorhbaugh gave the perfunctory '… of course, we don't approve of the shooting', but spent an entire hour basically opining why do three more murders at an "abortion clinic" make any difference.  

    I don't know where the show is archived …

  6. BlueCat says:

    Not that it would have been any more defensible had the civilian fatalities been doctors who perform abortions or women there to have the procedure but, as it happens, both of them, Jennifer Markovsky and Ke'Arre Stewart, were parents just like officer Swasey. They were both there to support friends.

    And of course these rightie talk show hatemongers are encouraging and defending these acts of terrorism. There is no way any Republican can claim, with any credibility, that these rightie talkers and pols, from presidential candidate Fiorina on down, aren't contributing to the atmosphere in which these acts take place. Of course they are. Those who continue to support these talkers or these pols share in that responsibility.

    And BTW, on any given day the majority of patients at any PP clinic are there for health care services that have nothing to do with abortion. Most are there to obtain and maintain safe reliable birth control so they can be responsible in their family planning decisions without having to resort to abortions or for various health screenings and other health services not easily obtained elsewhere by those of limited means. 

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