Tipton promoting apparent misinformation that Paris attacker had “Syrian refugee passport”

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Rep. Scott Tipton (R).

Rep. Scott Tipton (R).

On Facebook Monday, Rep. Scott Tipton posted the apparent misinformation that “one of the bombers involved in the Paris attacks had a Syrian refugee passport.”

This is almost certainly wrong, apparently a so-called false flag, yet the statement remains on Tipton’s official Facebook page.

Newsweek reported: “Serbian officials told The Guardian that they think both the passport found in Paris and on the man they arrested are fake. A source investigating the case told the AFP that the passport belongs to a Syrian soldier who was killed earlier this year. Officials have not made any public statements on the passport confirming or denying its authenticity.”

Tipton on Facebook: The risks posed to our national security by admitting tens of thousands of refugees from a war-torn region that is currently the global hotbed for terrorist activity are very real. The U.S. should immediately stop accepting Syrian refugees…

While most of these people are innocent and victims themselves, all it takes is one ISIS terrorist posing as an asylum seeker to come to the United States and inflict harm…

Given that at least one of the bombers involved in the Paris attacks had a Syrian refugee passport, the threat is very real and the risk is high. [BigMedia emphasis]

Tipton’s post incited these ugly comments, which is another reason he should remove it ASAP.

Esther Scaman: Keep up the good work Scott! Keep all those bastards out of our country! I say pack n carry at all times! And for those opposing you I’ll thank you for them since they are like their president putting America in harms way and won’t accept the truth if it slapped them in the face!!!

Patricia R. Lang: Much like it was in Viet Nam, one can not tell the refugee from the terrorist bent on destroying our country and our way of life. It is sad but all Syrian refugees much be stopped from entering the United States of America

Tipton was on KVOR’s Richard Randall show Tuesday, talking about this topic, but he did not refer to the Syrian passport. Another guest on the show, Andy Pico, a GOP Colorado Springs City Councilman, spread the same apparent falsehood that the Paris attacker was a Syrian refugee. (Listen here.)

Pico, along with Tipton, should walk this comment back in some public venue–because it poisons reasonable debate about the refugees. And reasonableness regarding poor Syrian refugees is under severe attack.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Should we feel any better that terrorists are stealing the identities of refugees???! Does that make Hickenlooper's decision to bring Syrians to Colorado any less foolhardy?

    NOPE. Don't do it Hick. You'll never wash the blood from your hands.

    • OrangeFree says:

      We get it, you hate Muslims. 

    • Don't let anyone own guns, Hick! You'll never wash the blood from your hands.

    • Big Time says:

      Mod must never stop washing blood from his hands thanks the the right's insane "guns for everyone" policy. 

      Why is it that the right goes absolutely berserk when a terrorist kills scores of people, but when "mentally ill" people do it – it's an act of God, like a tornado or hurricane and there's nothing that cab be done to prevent it. 

    • spaceman65 says:

      Ahh, the fearful, cowardly right.  Only God could love 'em.  Except there's no God.  

    • BlueCat says:

      How about the blood of all the people who would die being turned away from everywhere but the war zone they are trying to escape? How much blood is on America's hands for turning away shiploads of Jews with nowhere else to go but to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps because America was not open to what you so disdainfully call "diversity"?  

      Doing the right thing is never risk free but, in this case, so different from the hurried massive influx that's happening in Europe with so much smaller a level of risk, what you're basically saying is that children aren't worth saving unless the level of risk in doing so is an impossible zero.

      For the decent and honorable, wouldn't death be preferable to such a miserable, cowardly, constantly terrified existence as yours and your rightie friends must be?

      • Moderatus says:

        There are refugee camps in the region. They should not be resettled here at all. They need to stay and fight for their own country, not abandon it to Assad and ISIS.

        • BlueCat says:

          Are you really so hoplessly ignorant that you don't know what a rich source of terrorist recruits such camps are?  What horrible conditions they provide for sweet children to grow up to be angry, hateful, hopeless, vengeful young men? Never mind. Merely rhetorical. We know the answer.

          And you obviously don't want to address the level of hypocrisy it takes to accept any level of risk in order to preserve your false idea of what the second amendement guarantees while, through either bigotry or sniveling cowardice or both (in your case I vote both), hysterically rejecting anything over zero degrees of risk when it comes to helping the "wrong" kind of children and families, with the risk in this case being extremely small, nothing at all compared to the risk represented by a society awash with guns.

          Once again, Europe is being quickly deluged with hundreds of thousands in a rush. We're only talking about 10,000 over a period of years vetted via three different agencies. While the French proudly  continue to welcome the refugees despite what happened there you and your fellow travelers refuse to face a degree of risk smaller by many magnitudes to help anyone, including, in Christie's (probably a hero of yours) words "orphans under 5". 

          Just don't ever dare claim that you're anti-choice because you hold life so sacred or because you're so concerned about the children.  You obviously don't. You obviously aren't. Or you are only in the narrow selective way of a racist and bigot. And don't swagger about being a big brave tough on terror patriot or a person of faith either. You can be neither, curled up in fetal position filling your dirty little diaper and whining about your fear.

          And you still haven't shown us those original posts which you claim show us mocking Julie's disabled son. Of course we both know you can't because they don't exist.

          Coward. Bigot. Racist. Liar.

  2. gertie97 says:

    Tipton is an idiot. A nice idiot, but an idiot.

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    Tipton and Coffman have weighed in as have Neville, Tancredo and Moddy. But not a peep out of that xenophobic wind bag in CD 4. What gives?

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