Obama Opens Up Eight Point Lead In Gallup Daily

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For the third time this election, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has garnered the support of 50% of registered voters according to the Gallup daily tracking poll. 42% said they would vote for Obama’s opponent, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Historically this is significant, as Brain Schaffner of Pollster.com notes:

Using Gallup’s compendium of presidential trial heat polling since 1936, I counted 16 candidates who received 50% support or higher in an October Gallup poll. Hitting the 50% mark was a very good predictor of victory. Of those 16 candidates, just two failed to win the general election–Al Gore and Thomas Dewey.

Obama’s jump in the polls is widely seen as a reaction by voters to the current financial crisis.

In the daily tracking poll done by Gallup’s rival, Rasmussen, Obama has been enjoying a similarly solid lead. For the past nine days Senator Obama has been at 50-51% with McCain six points behind.

Of course, National polls get a good idea of the country’s overall sentiment regarding the candidates, but they don’t give us a clear Electoral College picture. For that we turn to


According to RCP’s estimation, Obama has 264 electoral votes to John McCain’s 163. This estimate leaves out the toss-up states of Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. Assuming all of the states that are currently leaning Democratic stay that way, that means McCain would have to win every single toss-up state.

This may be quite sobering for some Republicans, but the light at the end of the tunnel is three-fold:

1. John McCain beat the odds, overcame a campaign that was on the verge on collapse, and won the primary/caucus contests to become the GOP nominee.

2. All of the states that RCP considers toss-ups voted for George W. Bush in the 2004 election.

3. It is not impossible, at this point, to chip away at Obama’s lead one day at a time. So far the campaign hasn’t exactly been friendly, but one of Obama’s biggest weaknesses–Reverend Jeremiah Wright–has not yet been used in attack ads by the McCain campaign. For many voters who considered themselves likely to vote for Sen. Obama in the primaries, it was enough to steer them to Hillary Clinton, and kept her in the race until the very end.

It wouldn’t be close if the election was held today, but McCain and Palin have 30 days to get their act together.

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  1. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    That was my cute Sarah Palin accent – wink wink.

    Anyway, I said it was going to be landslide from the beginning. The dynamics are about to get worse for McCain – no one supports a perceived loser and right now the tide is saying he lost.

    This morning the Paul Begala talked about the fact that Palin did not defend McCain as well as she could have in the debate – it appeared that she was setting herself up for 2012.

    That is joke as well, but they know they have lost and lost big. Now all they can do is lie and throw as much mud as humanly possible, but that will backfire.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      I think all trends favor Obama.  

      But the McCainiacs are desperate to win.  The 527s and every other disreputable GOP smear group is going to throw everything they have at this starting now.  

      Colorado will be in the center of the mud storm.  His polls are not that far ahead here, but again I think the trends favor him.  His campaign has major ground in Colorado, offices all over the West Slope.  

      Still, the objective is to win Colorado. Its quite possible that Obama will have already won by the time polls close in the eastern and central time zones.  But Colorado has important down-ticket races and issues.

      We need to be doing everything we can to be getting out the vote, and working to ensure that people do not get distracted by all the fury being unleashed in Colorado.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      I think by election day we’ll be watching to see if Obama takes Texas. And that means a blow-out.

      • Rick VanWie says:

        Here’s the link:


        Let’s face it folks, it may come down to us, and with Obama and McCain running even, that’s not promising.  It also confirms what I’ve been hearing from people outside of Denver metro; house after house of McCain yard signs, whole neighborhoods without a single Obama sign.

        We all know that yard signs don’t vote, but we all know that the sign owners do.

        It’s not too late to volunteer to do whatever you can to prevent the election of John McCain. I went canvassing yesterday in my precinct, and some of the voters that were on the list from when I canvassed the same area three weeks prior still haven’t been reached.  Also, even though I live on Capitol Hill, I have run into McCain yard signs, and spoken to voters who are going to vote Republican.  

        Here is the link to the volunteer page onthe Colorado Democrats website: http://coloradodems.org/conten

        Here is the link to Colorado for Obama: http://my.barackobama.com/page

        Please do whatever you can to turn out the vote for Barack Obama, the change we need!

        Peace, Love and Understanding,

        Rick VanWie

        Pct. 604 Committee Person

        Democratic Party of Denver

        • sxp151 says:

          The Obama campaign has no signs available. I’d have put one in my window months ago if they did.

          • Dan Willis says:

            If you wanna pay $5 you can get one from the party. I hate the fact that we have to charge for them, but the campaign did not provide us with this year like they normally do so we had to buy them also.

            The state Dems had quite a few left when I was over there yesterday. The Denver County Party is receiving a shipment this week and will have them at our Central Commitee Tuesday night and then in the office after that.

            • sxp151 says:

              In Boulder they’re charging $8 for a sign, and I still can’t get one.

              • virg12365 says:

                Doesn’t that tell you Obama supporters what a lousy president he would  

                • Laughing Boy says:

                  It tells you that he’s not necessarily totally unappealing to Republicans.

                  LOVE the revenue stream.

                  • redstateblues says:

                    Why he has almost 3 times as many offices in Colorado than McCain. Spending money on the ground game instead of campaign paraphernalia will be why he wins if he ends up winning.

                    • Laughing Boy says:

                      But he’s going to need SOMEONE from the government to come in and regulate the unbridled, evil, imperialistic capitalism he’s displaying in charging for his yard signs.

                      There may actually be hope for Sen. Obama yet!

                    • sxp151 says:

                      For some reason I was on McCain’s web site looking for paraphernalia, and I realized his official merchandise store is a for-profit company. Which does not give any of the revenue to the McCain campaign.

                      Now I understand it’s hard to start up your own web site and even harder to put a store on it, but couldn’t he, maybe, hire someone to program it for him?

                      The Obama store:

                         * The first $2300 of each contribution from an individual will be allocated to Obama for America and will be considered designated for the primary election. The next $2300 of each contribution from an individual will be allocated to Obama for America and will be designated for the general election. The next $28,500 of each contribution from an individual will be allocated to the Democratic National Committee. Any contributor may designate his or her contribution for a particular participant. (Participants are Obama for America and the DNC). The allocation formula above may change if any contributor makes a contribution that, when allocated, would exceed the amount that the contribution may lawfully give to either participant. This limit includes contributions made through the Obama Store. If you have already made the maximum contribution and would like Obama merchandise, please contact Obama for America at (866) 675-2008.

                      The McCain store:

                      This store is owned and operated by ELBusa Creations, an independent for-profit company. Proceeds from

                      sales of merchandise do not benefit McCain-Palin 2008 and should not be considered a campaign contribution.

                      Now that’s just dumb.

                    • Laughing Boy says:

                      THere are some R-like features of the Obama campaign that I dig.  Merchandizing is one of them.

          • Rick VanWie says:

            You’re right. Demand for the Obama signs has been high, and it’s been hard for them to keep up.

            However, there’s a whole heckuva lot of Colorado out there. Don’t let polls make you feel like Obama’s already won. He hasn’t. The poll at 9 News confirms what I’m hearing from folks outside Denver, and all those who can help are needed to make sure that we deliver this state for Obama.

            Politics is like football; a lot can happen in the last quarter.

            Peace, Love & Understanding,

            Rick VanWie

  2. Ralphie says:

    And the smears have started.

    I figure the McCain “Vote for me, I’m not him” campaign in the coming weeks will bring the margin back to easily manageable with conventional vote-stealing methods.

    • Go Blue says:

      McCain and Palin are seen as angry liars by the voters in recent polling. That doesn’t persuade any for you, but against you. The more they lie the more they push people away. McCain has ruined his reputation. He’s a do and say anything politician who can’t be trusted, and Palin… well she’s just crazy.

      • passerby says:

        when, due to the negative ads and such, people see Obama as a (take your pick): terrorist, tax and spend, whacko environmentalist, anti-american, etc.

        You don’t have to bring yourself up if you can drag your opponent beneath you.

        Udall’s race will be the same, his numbers are coming down slightly and I think they will continue to do so, but Schaffer’s numbers won’t rise. In the end it will be a battle for the final few thousand votes to put them over the top.

  3. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    It takes time to spin up a negative frame and it usually works to suppress turnout, not to turn voters.

    With early voting, its too late.

    The McCain campaign has said they were going to throw a bucket of shit on Obama and the refs aren’t going to let it go unchallenged.

    Without a credible media echo, 4 weeks is not enough.

    Obama should just whip out some Keating five ads reminding people that McCain’s intereference with banking regulators to help his criminal friends cost the taxpayer’s money before.  

  4. parsingreality says:

    That danged ole Bradley effect hanging over everthing, for one.

    And what will this cycle’s October Surprise be?  The R’s are desparate.

    Back to the OP, we now know Al Gore DID win the popular vote, so that only leaves Dewey.  

  5. parsingreality says:

    Very efficient, checking of registered D’s in the household, how do we expect to vote, have we asked for a mail ballot.  Didn’t ask for money.

    On to the next house.

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      I have never seen anything like it.

      • Go Blue says:

        and they’re efficient too.

        • DavidThi808 says:

          My wife has a call asking her to volunteer.

          Another sign of how large the number of voters will be – my wife, like most of your spouses, has very little interest in politics. She’s now wanting to talk about it, watching the news, etc. We’re going to see a massive turnout.

        • Nancy L Baldwin says:

          when you don’t have a job and you live on the public dole.

          • Ralphie says:

            to invite questions about whether you have a job or are on the public dole.

            • Nancy L Baldwin says:

              You never did an honest days work in your life – have you?

              • CO Democrat says:

                Not a good thing to do.  A lot of people work and volunteer in their off hours.  I do it and I work 40 hours a week.  As for the people who spend all their time volunteering because they don’t have a job, gee are you aware of the economic problems that have been occurring and the fact that many people lost their jobs lately?  Or other people have been having problems finding semi-stable work for years.  And you actually have the nerve to call other people ignorant.  Get off your fucking high horse.  

                • Nancy L Baldwin says:

                  A shiftless no account that thinks he is a player.  The guy is a loser.  A nut job that even people on the left make fun of.

                  He has his own blog too and he gets one or two readers a week actually reading it.  He has no time to really do any work.  He is just a hack that thinks he is making a difference.  

                  But he is the but of many a joke in the Democratic party.

                  At least to those who know him.

                  • CO Democrat says:

                    Someone who comes on a blog and calls people names because they disagree with you?  Someone who then starts acting like a child when she’s shown to be wrong? Someone who speaks of religion and then talks about getting into a fight with someone? Someone who comes off as so odiously bad that even people on your side don’t want to claim you?  Someone who, at least as far as this blog goes, has shown herself to be a shiftless hack with no knowledge and no cogent remarks to make, but just comes on here to piss on everybody else?  Because based on what I have seen of your posts, that’s what someone could judge you to be.  Oh and also apparently (With the Hitler references), someone who is extremely unfamiliar with Godwin’s Law.  

                    • Nancy L Baldwin says:

                      Godwin’s Law itself can be abused, as a distraction or diversion, that fallaciously miscasts an opponent’s argument as hyperbole, especially if the comparisons made by the argument are actually appropriate. A 2005 Reason magazine article argued that Godwin’s Law is often misused to ridicule even valid comparisons

                    • CO Democrat says:

                      But also per wikipedia:

                      Godwin’s Law applies especially to inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one’s opponent) with Hitler or Nazis or their actions. It does not apply to discussions directly addressing genocide, propaganda, or other mainstays of the Nazi regime.

                      This is why the law exists.  While it can be misused, you have not shown that it is being misused.  You have not shown your assertions to be anything other than hyperbolic, inappropriate or inordinate.  So, Godwin’s Law is not being misused in this case.  

  6. Nancy L Baldwin says:

    Holy crap.  McCain supporters beware.  Next we will see the Obama death camps for his detractors.


    • Go Blue says:

      Why do you hate Americans Nancy?

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      That’s why they confuse “spreading happiness and freedom” with Hitler.

      It also explains why musicians like Springsteen and Melancamp keep telling the GOP not to use their songs.  The songs the GOP takes as patriotic actually tell of the destruction of the middle class by the forces unleashed by the GOP.

      Even “God Bless the USA” Starts out

      If tomorrow all the things were gone,

      I’d worked for all my life.

      And I had to start again,

      with just my children and my wife.

      I’d thank my lucky stars,

      to be livin here today.

      ‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom,

      and they can’t take that away.

      Either conservatives aren’t listening to the lyrics or Conservatives don’t stop to ask why he lost everything or what “Freedom” actually means.

      When we keep people in camps without trial, spy on our own citizens with out Judicial review, deny trials to the accused and monitor what citiznes read without warrant, What does “freedom” mean?


      • Nancy L Baldwin says:

        promised peace and prosperity etc…

        History should be your guide.  These people are worshipping Obama.  Blind worship.

        Alpha and Omega is also another term for God.  This is scary.  Very scary.  

        Hide your children people.

        • Go Blue says:

          You lunatic. America would be better off without loons like yourself.

        • Danny the Red (hair) says:

          Hitler was decidely anti semetic even from the early days.  His “peace and prosperity” was built on taking back what was lost to the french due to the (insert blame word bere) of the jews.

          You have no idea what you are taling about and the more you write, the more apparant it becomes you are a racist.

          I know few that worship Obama, I know many that admire him: Self made many from humble origins are generally admirable in my book.  Plus his children seem squared up and that is generally admirable to me.  He treats his wife with respect and that is admirable to me.

          Your reason for disrepect, I suspect is that you fear Black folks.

          If it is simply a matter of policy I respect that, but you never talk about issues or policy, you talk about him being the anti christ or a hidden terrorist or hitler or simply him being black.

          You are shit on the boot of America.

          • Nancy L Baldwin says:

            You can’t win on the arguements.  Play the race card.  That’s it.

            • Danny the Red (hair) says:

              If you don’t think race matters, you are unfamiliar with american history or the american present.

              • Nancy L Baldwin says:

                God D@M America.  Obama’s did!  My candidate didn’t refuse to wear a flag pin – Obama did.  

                My candidate doesn’t refuse to pledge to the flag.  Obama did.

                My candidates friends don’t commit terrorist acts – Obama’s friends do.

                My candidate isn’t raising up a Obama youth army – Obama is.

                My candidate wasn’t born in Kenya.  It looks like Obama was.

                • Go Blue says:

                  Obama was born in an actual state, unlike McCain. And when you say it “looks like Obama was” born in Kenya, your either completely dishonest or making indirect racists remark about his “looks” (his skin color).

                  You’re vial and disgusting individual.

                  • Nancy L Baldwin says:

                    I have a problem with his Anti-American agenda.

                    • Go Blue says:

                      inspiring Americans to rebuild their country after 8 destructive years… oh how very American that is.

                      To outsource OUR jobs and debt to China is very un-American. Think about smarty-pants.

                  • Nancy L Baldwin says:

                    The evidence suggests.  Just wait.  It is coming out soon.  Obama may have actually been born in Kenya.  Yep.  That is why his birth certificate is a forgery.

                    A judge recently demanded he prove his birthplace by showing his birth certificate.  That is because he lied about being born in the USA.

                    He probably lied about not being Muslim as well.

                • Go Blue says:

                  Are more lies from a pathetic liar that you are. Nancy, not only are you a moron, you’re one pathetic loser.

                • ThillyWabbit says:

                  For the record, I don’t believe a piece of painted metal made by volunteers in China is a measure of a person’s patriotism.

            • kstrait says:

              the race card is played quite often by Danny and Blue.  

              Blue just played the race card on me also, because I don’t see things the same way he/she does.

              It appears that these 2 are possible racist and just won’t admit it.

              Point the finger so nobody looks at you?

              What a disgrace!

              • Nancy L Baldwin says:

                Shut people up who would normally point out Obama’s kozy relationship with Ayers – a known terrorist.  As soon as you bring it up you are a racist.

                I posted his full name once Barack Hussein Obama – and that immediately made me a racist.  When you spell out his whole name – then you are a racist.

                I guess that makes his dad and mom a racist too.  They named him – not me.

                Oh, and if you don’t vote for him then you are a racist too.

                This is how they are keeping people in line – make them feel guilty.  Well, I for one am sick of constantly being called a racist by sexist pigs like Obama and his ilk.

                • kstrait says:

                  What Barack’s allies seem to be demanding is

                  immunity, a special exemption from political attack, because he is African-American. And those who go after him are to be brought up on charges of racism, as has Bill Clinton, Ed Rendell and also Geraldine Ferraro.

                  This type of fascism [wikipedia defined],

                  A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion. – Robert O. Paxton, The Anatomy of Fascism

                  , and simple minded “my way or else” shows that these people do not want change.  They only want what they feel is rightfully theirs, and if we do not want for them they will bring the gates of hell to close upon those that oppose them.

        • Half Glass Full says:

          I can see why you support McCain. At least we know that with him, there’s neither hope nor promise of either.

          • kstrait says:

            Isn’t this what Hitler based his campaign on?

            The political turning point for Hitler came when the Great Depression hit Germany in 1930. The Weimar Republic had never been firmly rooted and was openly opposed by right-wing conservatives (including monarchists), communists and the Nazis. As the parties loyal to the democratic, parliamentary republic found themselves unable to agree on counter-measures, their Grand Coalition broke up and was replaced by a minority cabinet.  The new Chancellor, Heinrich BrГјning of the Roman Catholic Centre Party, lacking a majority in parliament, had to implement his measures through the president’s emergency decrees. Tolerated by the majority of parties, this rule by decree would become the norm over a series of unworkable parliaments and paved the way for authoritarian forms of government.

            Hitler insisted that his party was determined to come to power legally, that the phrase “National Revolution” was only to be interpreted “politically”, and that his Party was a friend, not an enemy of the Reichswehr.[39] Hitler’s testimony of 25 September 1930 won him many admirers within the ranks of the officer corps.

      • parsingreality says:

        I remember a column by Will, someone took him to a Springsteen concert.  He was very moved by “Fourth of July,” thinking it was about knee jerk patriotism.

        Didn’t understand the lyrics, apparently.  

        • Go Blue says:

          Bruce Springsteen’s U.S.A.

          Springsteen, a product of industrial New Jersey, is called the “blue-collar troubadour.” But if this is the class struggle, its anthem — its “Internationale” — is the song that provides the title for his 18-month,  worldwide tour: “Born in the U.S.A.”

          I have not got a clue about Springsteen’s politics, if any, but  flags get  waved at his concerts while he sings songs about hard times. He is no whiner, and the recitation of closed factories and other problems always  seems  punctuated by a grand, cheerful affirmation: “Born in the U.S.A.!”

          His songs, and the engaging homilies with which he introduces them, tell listeners to “downsize” their expectations — his phrase, borrowed from the  auto industry, naturally.

          It is music for saying good-bye to Peter Pan: Life is real, life  is earnest,  life is a lot of work, but . . .

          It’s funny how wrong George Will can be on such simple things even.

  7. Go Blue says:

    how the Con Trolls like Nancy, kstrait, et al are blanketing Pols with distractions?

    Instead of talking about the economy, which McCain was directly responsible for (Keating 5 all over again!), they lie, lie and lie some more. This is the type of dishonorable campaign we will see from McSame over the next month. He has nothing else but smears and fears to sell to the American people. He’s truly a pathetic old man.

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      Reminds me not to respond

    • Half Glass Full says:

      They just come across looking even more flop-sweaty and scared as November 4 approaches.

      Another poster had it right: for this type of negative campaign to work, it had to have been installed and perfected a long time ago: like the way poor John Kerry was typecast as a “flip-flopper” and an unworthy Purple Heart recipient early in the campaign.

      Obama is doing an effective job because unlike Kerry, he’s not JUST taking the high road but is also pointing out constantly exactly what is going on: that the Republicans are so out of touch and out of ideas that they’re hoping to distract everyone – and it won’t work.

      So let’s just ignore Nancy for the most part, unless some of us every now and then is amused enough by her antics to shoot a zinger back at her now and then. Her recent claim that Obama is going to open up death camps to inter McCain supporters was so bizarre as not to escape at least some notice. But it’s only slightly removed from Palin charging that Obama is “palling around” with Bill Ayers. Both the charges are obviously false, and pathetically irrelevant to the issues that really matter to Americans.

      • Laughing Boy says:

        Her recent claim that Obama is going to open up death camps to inter McCain supporters was so bizarre as not to escape at least some notice. But it’s only slightly removed from Palin charging that Obama is “palling around” with Bill Ayers.

        Worlds apart.  The former is total insane garbage, and the second is a matter of opinion as to how close they were/are.  Obama’s first political fundraiser was held in Ayers’ private home, and over the years they’ve been involved in projects in Chicago together.

  8. Nancy L Baldwin says:

    McCain Palin?

  9. Nancy L Baldwin says:

    when there was economic crisis.  People will cling to anything new when they are scared economically.

    Hiel Obama.

  10. DavidThi808 says:

    My youngest daughter and some friends were down on the Pearl St. Mall Friday night – and got asked 4 times if they wanted to register to vote. I think we may have 99% of the eligible voters in Boulder registered.

    I asked our waitress tonight if she was registered – she is and can’t wait to vote – this is the first time she’s been old enough to vote and said she has checked with every one of her friends to make sure they are all registered.

    The young usually sit out elections – I don’t think they will this time. I don’t think their friends will let them.

    • sxp151 says:

      I’ve registered a bunch of out-of-state or relocated people after talking to them a bit at their home or in their classes. Once you get someone’s attention for a minute, you realize that many of them think they’re registered and aren’t.

      I think we have hit just about everyone ten or twenty times, though.

  11. ClubTwitty says:

    I haven’t heard of the Obama detention centers, but ‘Nancy’ you clearly need to be institutionalized.

  12. redstateblues says:

    that people continually get into these back and forths with Nancy? I thought we were going to respond to her once, dispute the lie with a link, and that was that.

  13. Dabee47 says:

    I click on a thread about Obama being up in a poll and I get a feces launching match between Nancy (along with her evil twin skippy) and a few reasonably intelligent polsters.  That sucks…

    Really guys, I understand you responding to her when she attacks you personally, but when she’s just posting talking points and asinine crap just ignore it.  PLEASE!  Otherwise, trying to read through these threads is just a waste of time…

  14. RadioFreeDenver says:

    The Obama campaign has a new site up that documents McCain’s involvement in the Keating 5 scandal.

    The current economic crisis demands that we understand John McCain’s attitudes about economic oversight and corporate influence in federal regulation. Nothing illustrates the danger of his approach more clearly than his central role in the savings and loan scandal of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

    • Dabee47 says:

      I just posted that in the open thread.  You barely beat me  🙂

        • Laughing Boy says:

          …if Obama wants traction on Keating, he shouldn’t have John Glenn stumping for him.  His involvement with Keating was nearly identical to McCain’s and I believe carried the same rebuke from COngress, but no charges.

          • Ralphie says:

            But Glenn isn’t running for President.  McCain is.  Big difference.

            • Laughing Boy says:

              what are you saying?  Being involved in the Keating scandal allows one to be involved to the level of Senator, just not President?

              Who gets to draw that distinction?

              • Ralphie says:

                Being involved in the Keating scandal is a data point when people decide whether or not to vote for McCan.

                People are not deciding whether or not to vote for John Glenn.

                And as for who draws the distinction, it’s up to their constituents in a Senate race, up to the entire nation in a Presidential race.

                Both were popular with their constituents, but now it’s a different audience.

                • Laughing Boy says:

                  Obama could have had stumping for him as he’s releasing anti-McCain Keating ads, don’t you think it takes away from his credibility to have another member of the Keating 5 introducing him?

                  • Ralphie says:

                    I’m not saying it’s not a valid point, just that it’s not a valid comparison.

                    • Laughing Boy says:

                      That’s as close to an ideological argument win as I’ve come with you.



                    • Ralphie says:

                      It was simply about whether people are as affected by the record of guy who introduces the candidate as they are by the record of candidate himself.

                      I would be very surprised if Glenn is stumping for Obama outside of Ohio.  They like him in Ohio.  They elected him 4 times, 3 times after the Keating reprimand I believe.

                      But I’m not an ideologue anyway.  I’m a pragmatist.

                    • Laughing Boy says:

                      I don’t see a lot of pragmatism in the Obama campaign (I also realize they you are not the Obama campaign), but I do think you know your stuff.

                    • Ralphie says:

                      it’s an incredibly well-run campaign.

                    • Laughing Boy says:

                      Maybe the first modern campaign to truly capitalize on the internet to such an extent.  

                      As a good Republican, I’d say that the mechanics of the campaign have rendered the crappy platform irrelevant.

                      But then I’d be an asshole.


                      The campaign really is an amazing piece of work.

  15. Half Glass Full says:

    Electoral College, people. Kerry was way behind in the national polls in 04 but was only a few thousand votes in Ohio from becoming President. And we know what happened in 2000 with Florida.

    Maybe national polls meant a little more back in the days of Dewey when America was more homogeneous in terms of who actually voted (i.e., who was allowed to vote) – but nowadays we’re split into a patchwork of principalities.

    So forget the national polls – they’re worse than irrelevant. They’re a damaging distraction.

    • redstateblues says:

      But they do give a barometer on the overall national sentiment. They are less scary and bad than you make them out to be HGF.

      But my next poll-related diary, I will try to do something more related to state-to-state polls.

  16. bob ewegen says:

    I think this troll has bladder control problems.

  17. Republitive says:

    Hopefully, Gallup is wrong. America needs a strong leader, who can lead this country in good times and bad times.

    McCain/Palin `08

    True Strength for America’s Future

    • themonk77 says:

      If you emphasize the whole thing, than it is not emphasis, its just talking loudly and annoyingly.

      You are right though, we need someone who is strong and can lead in good and bad times.  You just misspelled Obama/Biden ’08.

  18. FL4McCain says:

    As a Teacher and Mother, I am sick that some Americans believe OBAMA should be our next President.

    For 20 years he attended a “church” that preaches this exact statement: “God Bless America, oh no, no, no, we say God DAMN America!”

    This man, Obama, is an Anti-American, Racist, and Terrorist-loving wannabe President.

    Wake Up America!  We need a President with Morals, Values, and Love for OUR country!!!

    • redstateblues says:

      be commenting on a Florida blog? I assume that’s what the FL stands for. In case you missed it, Obama is up in the recent polling there.

      Or maybe the McCain campaign doesn’t give out merchandise for trolling in any Florida blogs.  

    • McCain’s Morals: Keating 5, withholding Abramoff investigation e-mails from public disclosure, cheating on crippled-by-accident wife…

      McCain’s Values: de-regulation – I mean re-regulation; immigration reform – I mean border fence; election finance reform – I mean exploit the loopholes…

      McCain’s Love for our country: votes against benefits for veterans equivalent to those he received for his service, votes to put our country further in debt to foreign nations, and votes against relief for those most affected by natural disasters; votes to send our jobs overseas and provides tax loopholes for corporations moving their HQs “overseas”.

      Now, having said that…  Begone, Troll!  You shall not have the luxury of a response again.

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