Orange Era Ends: Boehner To Resign

UPDATE #4: Rep. Mike Coffman sounds much more conciliatory today with John Boehner than when he complained earlier this year about House leadership foot-dragging on funding for the Aurora VA hospital:

“Speaker John Boehner was under constant attack from conservatives who thought he did not do enough and from liberals who thought he did too much,” Coffman said.

Which one was Coffman, you ask? He’d rather not say.


UPDATE #3: Hard-right GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs says “don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you” to John Boehner:

“Although we did not always agree on tactics and methods, I appreciate that Speaker Boehner did his best to serve the American people,” Lamborn said. “I wish him well in the future and look forward to assessing the candidates who will step forward as the next nominees for speaker.”


UPDATE #2: We are working to confirm a report that now-outgoing Speaker John Boehner will appear at a fundraiser with Rep. Mike Coffman next Tuesday:

House Speaker John Boehner will campaign in Denver Tuesday for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora.

This was reported prior to Boehner’s announcement today that he will resign, so we have no way of knowing if this event will still happen. But Coffman’s difficulty juggling clear obligations to his district, from immigration reform to trying to get the wildly overbudget VA medical center in Aurora completed, with the often opposed interests of Boehner and GOP House leadership, has arguably been his greatest liability as he tries to hold on to one of the nation’s most competitive House seats.

And a visit from Boehner next Tuesday could throw that conflict into very harsh relief indeed.


UPDATE: Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado effusive in his praise for John Boehner:

“John Boehner is a devoted family man, an exceptionally talented public servant, and one of the proudest Americans I know. One of twelve children, he went from sweeping the floors at his father’s Cincinnati bar to walking the halls of the Capitol as the highest ranking official in Congress.”

“He has lived the American dream, and been an inspiration to many, including myself,” Gardner wrote. “From my time in the House to the current day, I am proud to consider John Boehner a friend and ally. I will miss his steady leadership — our country is better off for his service.”

We’re watching to see who else in our delegation agrees.


House Speaker John Boehner (R).

House Speaker John Boehner (R).

Stunning news out of Washington, D.C. this morning, The Hill reporting:

Speaker John Boehner told GOP lawmakers on Friday he will resign at the end of October.

The embattled Ohio Republican will resign from both his Speakership and his House seat, he told GOP lawmakers at a closed-door conference meeting…

“He is proud of what this majority has accomplished, and his Speakership, but for the good of the Republican Conference and the institution, he will resign the Speakership and his seat in Congress, effective October 30.”

Boehner’s decision comes as Congress struggles to find a way to fund the government.

Most sources report that Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California is the likely successor. With the dust still settling from this huge Friday announcement, we have yet to see reaction from our local Republican members, or any firm reports about what this means for the unresolved battle over funding the federal government past the looming October 1st shutdown deadline. Did John Boehner just defuse a metaphorical time bomb, or get himself out of the way of an impending train wreck? We’ll know soon.

Watch this space for updates on both of those angles as they come in.


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  1. taterheaptom says:

    The Pope showed him the fires of Hell.

  2. Republican 36 says:

    You're right, the dust hasn't settled and who knows if Rep. McCarthy can hold things together or are we going to have a situation  where the only way he can conduct business is if supports the extreme right wing positions held by the Freedom Caucus which that group will surely insist upon. All Speaker Boehner's resignation means is someone else will be leading his wing of the Republican House caucus in the inevitable showdown that is coming. The Freedom Caucus smells blood and their fanatical uncompromising positions means either Mr. McCarthy embraces their views or the House will remain deadlocked by the Republican caucus.

    It won't happen but from the point of view of who various members agree with on policy and philosophy its time for the some of the Republicans to ally themselves with the House Democrats.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      And right after the Pope encouraged them to play well in the sandbox.  The radicals might hose things up for now but 2016 could turn out to be a good year for Pope proponents.

    • marklane1351 says:

      John Boehner was an epic failure as Speaker of the House. Laeadership is supposed to lead the party. Leadership is supposed to keep the wackos in check. The wackos in his party ran wild.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        I doubt anyone else will do better. They encouraged, supported and pandered to the wackos for too long. There's no way the grown ups can control them now. Oh the grown ups still manage to get the presidential candidates they want (the wackos certainly didn't want McCain or Romney) but they can't control the House anymore and they'll never get to the magic number in the Senate with the wackos running loose.

        Their chances of taking the WH are slim despite the limited Dem field and it's weakening frontrunner because if they can't do better with the Latino vote than Romney did, they can't win a presidential and the surging wackos are forcing everyone in the GOP field to say things that piss off Latinos.  

        A Cuban won't change the math for them because Cubans are the ony Latinos they've already got, their power is limited to Florida and even a lot of younger Cubans support opening up relations with Cuba.  A truly moderate R could have given any Dem presidential candidate a very hard time right about now if the GOP hadn't ceded the asylum to the inmates years ago.


  3. gertie97 says:

    The crazies should be careful what they wish for.


    • FrankUnderwood says:

      This is going to be their moment. The confluence of a government shut down (over one or more of the following:  Planned Parenthood, the Iran deal, and/or Obamacare) and a speaker election all inside of one month. It's political Armageddon.  Behold a pale horse and upon him rode Ken Buck.

  4. FrankUnderwood says:


    As a former House whip, I, Frank Underwood, want to nominate a man of unmatched courage and leadership for speaker. The pride of the Centennial State…..Doug Lamborn!

  5. SocialisticatProgressicat says:

    Wasn't sure if it should be here or in Friday Jams, but…


  6. Bokonon says:

    "The pump don't work, 'cause the vandals took the handles."

    -Bob Dylan


    Ted Cruz is gloating now, like a combination of Snidely Whiplash and Wile E. Coyote.

  7. Diogenesdemar says:

    Boehner's legacy will be as the most ridiculous and ineffective House Speaker (yet? … oh, dog, help us!).  He presided over nothing, except the running of the asylum by the lunatics!

  8. FrankUnderwood says:

    Neither of our pet trolls have come in here to comment on this. They're probably still trying to see which way the wind is blowing (i.e., either Kevin McCarthy or a batshit crazy nut case to be designated later) and they'll then jump on the winning side.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Interestingly Frank.  The entire Pols staff is off elk hunting by Meeker this week and out of electronic reach.  Coincidence?  You decide.

    • ModeratusModeratus says:

      Not at all. Boehner had a long tenure as speaker, but it's time for new leadership. This was not a new decision, and there are plenty of good conservatives in line to replace him.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        By leadership you mean even more complete obstruction (hard to imagine but possble) and refusing to make deals even though the votes aren't there to get past the Senate or Obama's desk. You know. Like with the endless waste of time votes to overturn ACA. Without rock ribbed conservative but not totally nuts Boehner absolutely nothing will get anywhere under the new more conservative (read bat shit crazy) leadership. It will either be a batshit crazy leader leading Congress nowhere or another slightly less crazy leader who will have even less success (extremely low bar) leading Congress anywhere than Boehner did because of the strengthened batshit crazies. 

        • FrankUnderwood says:

          The Hill is reporting on its website that Representative Jeb Hensarling – not to be confused with the presidential candidate known as Jeb! – is considering a challenge to McCarthy.

          In the running for McCarthy's current job are 3 white male presumptively heterosexual right wingers from red states:  Steve Scalise from LA, Pete Sessions from TX, Tom Price from GA, and a woman (Cathy McMorris Rogers from WA). I'm guessing Scalise gets it.

          There are a number of lesser tea baggers who are angling to move into Scalise's job once he makes the run for majority leader.

  9. ModeratusModeratus says:

    I haven't seen anything about a Coffman/Boehner fundraiser either. I doubt that's happening.

  10. kwtreemamajama55 says:

    Maybe, just maybe, this is reason for optimism. Maybe this is a signal that, whatever must get done, must get done by the end of October when Boehner will resign. And maybe Boehner figures WTF, might as well govern….what are they going to do, fire me? You can't fire me – I QUIT!

    Given a choice, I prefer to be an  optimist


    • Gilpin Guy says:

      I thought the same mama.  Maybe the Pope stirred something in his dark soul and he decided he had to make a pact with the Devil incarnate Democrats to avoid a shutdown and a complete political disaster in 2016 so he pulled the plug and is now immune from shrill threats of punishment is he didn't toe the Ken Buck line.  It frees the man up to cut a deal which just might make Democrats look good in the process but is bedrock good for the country.  The big IF is can he pull it off.

  11. CaninesCanines says:

    NY Timed Editorial Board:

    If nothing else, this intramural brawl makes it ever clearer that congressional Republicans are incapable of governing themselves, much less the nation.

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