Angry John McCain Strikes Again

John “I need anger management” McCain met with the Des Moines Register Editorial Board today and once again he proved his inability to control his anger. His brow beating and demeanor during this interview was more brutal than his condescension and contempt for his opponent during last weeks debate.

Not only did McCain lie several times in this clip while being called out for lying, but instead of handling this situation like the McCain of old with a joke or a little honest straight talk, he lashes out at a member of the editorial board and finally retreats back to play the POW card. One word comes to mind. Unfit.  

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  1. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    He is a lying sack. Everytime he opens his mouth he is lying.

    I do not like him at all.  I do not not want to have a beer with him. I do not want him for my President.

  2. redstateblues says:

    But he’s quite dismissive of them, especially the reporter who asked about Palin being criticized by conservatives.

    Apparently anyone who says one bad thing about Palin isn’t a true conservative.

  3. Middle of the Road says:

    It was strange. He came off as caustic and pissy. He attempted to be humorous but it didn’t come across as funny–it came across as sarcastic and nasty, particularly when questions turned to Palin.

    And for the life of me, I don’t remember him like this before. I remember him likable and affable.

    I figured if I could hear it on the radio, I can only imagine what he is like on tv to people that can actually see him.  

  4. Middle of the Road says:

    “Georgetown cocktail party person”

    That must be the new talking point from the Bullshit Express today because he repeated it on NPR this a.m.

    God, he is actually creeping me out with his level of dismissive rage. I don’t want that guy anywhere near the red button, the White House or anything remotely having to do with decision making.

  5. Dabee47 says:

    between McCain and Obama, which has won the Register’s endorsement before?  

    However angry or dismissive McCain comes off to us, it apparently didn’t bother the Editorial Board back in December…we’ll see if it does this time…

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