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Get More SmarterRemember when people thought Rick Perry might become President? Those were the days. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols! If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example).



► The future political aspirations of Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler took a massive hit on Friday…and on Monday Brauchler took to the right-wing radio circuit and made things much, much worse by lashing out at everyone that came to mind. This included a rant on the parents of convicted killer James Holmes questioning why they failed to personally call Brauchler to plead for their son’s life. Classy.

► Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears to be nearing the end of the line where his Presidential aspirations are concerned. Perry is reportedly no longer paying his campaign staff, and as “The Fix” reports, the writing is on the wall (and the ceiling, and the floor):

Yes, Perry will likely plod on in the campaign because, well, he can  — thanks to his super PAC.  But, staying in the race and being a viable candidate aren’t the same thing. Perry’s financial troubles are indicative of the systemic problem at the heart of the campaign: He simply isn’t a good enough candidate to overcome what people believe to be true about him. (That is, of course, that he is not a very good candidate.)


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► Florida Congressman Jeff Miller, the Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, tells the Denver Post that funding to complete the Aurora VA Hospital project may not make it through Congress:

If Congress voted on a completion plan that took money from other veterans’ programs, “I think it would go down solidly,” he said.

He called on President Barack Obama to get involved by reaching into a $3 trillion federal budget to find $600 million for the hospital.


Congress can’t do their job, so they revert to Plan B (which is also Plan C and Plan D): Blame President Obama.

► Critics of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are gleefully piling on the federal agency after a massive minewater spill in the Animas River near Silverton. Both Colorado and New Mexico have declared state disaster areas as the EPA continues to investigate the spill.

► Is Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers considering a bid for Governor? We don’t think so, all verbal gaffes aside.

► Supporters of a proposal to allow limited marijuana use in Denver bars and other public areas have submitted petition signatures in an effort to get the measure on the Denver ballot in November. The Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office has 25 days to validate the signatures. 

Jason Salzman examines Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman’s ever-changing path forward on illegal immigration. 

► Colorado Springs Rep. Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt seems to think he has the same sort of appeal as famous rich person Donald Trump. Except for the billions of dollars and the nationwide name recognition, they’re almost twins!



► The next Republican Presidential debate will be hosted by CNN on Sept. 16, and everybody not named Jim Gilmore is invited.

► The City of Aurora is moving along with plans to annex some 3,000 acres on the eastern edge of the city. Pretty soon, Aurora will stretch all the way to Kansas. 



► Senator Rand Paul may have to make a decision soon on his faltering Presidential campaign. The Kentucky Republican has been lobbying state GOP officials to change a rule that would otherwise prevent Paul from seeking the Presidency and re-election to the Senate at the same time; the deadline to change the rules is August 22. 


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  1. Zappatero says:

    Both sides DON'T do this:

    The situation started when Republicans took over the House in 2011, but it has picked up rapidly since they took control of the Senate earlier this year. The conclusion is unavoidable: Republican control of Congress means constant crisis.

    In the seven months that Republicans have controlled the Senate, we’ve suffered from the expiration of critical national security tools, come within hours of partially shutting down the Department of Homeland Security and witnessed a complete shutdown of the Export-Import Bank, a previously uncontroversial agency that supports hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Routine business like confirming nominees is ignored.

    While Republicans have kept virtually none of their promises about how they would run Congress, one promise they have kept is their vow to use essential appropriations bills to manufacture even more crises. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican Senate leader, laid out this strategy last year, saying that President Obama “needs to be challenged, and the best way to do that is through the funding process.”

    Negotiating with terrorists is wrong. It only encourages them, and Democratic Senators should just say "no".

    • MichaelBowman says:

      What could possibly go wrong?!?


    • Davie says:

      JEB! even has the audacity to blame Obama for the troop withdrawal from Iraq.  There are apparently a lot of blank pages in the GOP history books between Jan 20 2001 and Jan 20 2009, so they just fill in the blanks with "Blame Obama!":

      2008 U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement[edit]

      In 2008 the American and Iraqi governments signed the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement, after being sought by the Bush Administration and the Iraqi government. It included a specific date, 30 June 2009, by which American forces should withdraw from Iraqi cities, and a complete withdrawal date from Iraqi territory by 31 December 2011.[13] On 14 December 2008 then-President George W. Bush signed the security agreement with Iraq. In his fourth and final trip to Iraq, President Bush appeared in a televised news conference with Iraq's prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to celebrate the agreement and applauded security gains in Iraq saying that just two years ago "such an agreement seemed impossible".[27]

    • FrankUnderwood says:

      I could hear W now: "we're turning another corner in Iraq."

  2. Davie says:

    If Republicans want Obama to find $600 million somewhere in the $3 trillion federal budget, rather than their preferred source of taking from starving or sick women and children (they probably don't vote, and they certainly don't donate to GOP campaigns! so no one would miss them if something unfortunate happened to them), might I suggest a simple alternative:

    Cancel a couple orders for a F35 jet instead:

    Analyst: F-35C to Cost $337 Million Apiece in FY15


    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Saw a note in the past couple days that the new super-carrier, the Gerald R. Ford, has a $1.5 billion cost overrun. Take it out of that, especially since our carriers now seem to be sitting ducks for Chinese missiles. 

      • Davie says:

        Hah! that's just a measely 22% cost overrun — a paragon of military budgeting efficiency!  Besides, that $13 billion ship will have $25 billion in F35C's (75 planes) to defend it against that cheap Mach 5 Chinese missile!

  3. mamajama55 says:

    What's wrong with these pictures?

    State of emergency, gunfire on the streets in Ferguson, Missouri, after another 18 year old black kid is shot by police. Left on the ground bleeding, again.




    F*cking Oathkeepers …. white, right wing constitutionalists are patrolling the streets of Ferguson,to protect property.
    These yahoos are walking around armed to the teeth, and police are doing NOTHING to stop them. They did tell them that they couldn't take up sniper positions on the roofs, but are still allowing them to roam the streets, heavily armed. White privilege, anyone??/


    I have job interviews the next two days, and I can't even focus on what I have to do.

    Can’t even….

  4. Zappatero says:

    Is KOA losing money on Rush? Is Clear Channel such a presence is CO that they can take the hit? Do concentrated con markets like CO Springs buffer their losses elsewhere?

    The guy killed the golden goose that he himself created and may be responsible for ruining talk radio in general:

    California's KOWL has dropped Rush Limbaugh's radio show from its lineup. Describing the station as "one of the original Rush Limbaugh affiliates," the announcement release emphasized that the decision was based exclusively on "economic reasons," citing Limbaugh's "toxic brand."

    The release elaborated on the economic reasons: "And now the free market has spoken. Rush has repelled local, regional, and national advertisers from KOWL costing the stations [sic] thousands of dollars in advertisers." It went on to state that "advertisers would rather just avoid the whole station then [sic] take the risk of being associated with Rush's increasingly toxic brand."

    KOWL's explanation for dropping Limbaugh's show is very similar to reasons offered by Boston's WRKO and Indianapolis' WIBC, which both recently dropped Limbaugh from their lineups.

    The commercial viability of Limbaugh's show has suffered since 2012 following Limbaugh's prolonged attack on then-law student Sandra Fluke. That attack and resulting firestorm led advertisers to recognize that Limbaugh's volatility and brand were bad for business. Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported on the industry-wide damage Limbaugh is causing. Limbaugh's toxicity is so severe that it has cost radio stations millions of dollars in lost ad revenue and contributed to dramatic reductions in advertising rates for talk radio as a whole.

    There's your free market speakin', ppl. 

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