Lies Left Unchallenged

The Fourth Estate is once again failing us. Just as they were complicit in the lead-up to the War in Iraq,they are complicit in allowing John McCain, Sarah Palin and their campaign machine repeat lie after lie, distortion after distortion, about their records and positions.

Palin accepted hundreds of millions of dollars of earmarks as governor of Alaska, forget about the $27 million as mayor of “teeny town.” She kept the $230 million or so of earmark funding for the infamous Bridge even though she did not use it FOR the Bridge. Maybe she could have returned the funds to U.S. taxpayers?

Palin is opposed to a woman’s right to choice and would join with John McCain in seeing that abortion rights are abolished.

Palin is an empty talking vessel that McCain is using for campaign purposes because he has no record or positions of his own on which to stand. But Palin is running for the second highest office in the nation. Frightening.

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  1. Skyler says:

    You and people like you had been so critical of the media when they kicked out Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel from their debates.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      But they never grew their support. At some point the field needs to narrow down to those with a credible chance. It’s hard on those who didn’t make it (and their supporters), but the process is about winnowing the field.

      • Skyler says:

        But both were excluded before any votes had been cast, while people like Joe Biden and Chris Dodd remained in the debates.

        Is that fair? No. Will I dwell on it? No. You don’t need to condescend to talk to me, David, I’m not some loon corrupted by Gravel, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, or Dennis Kucinich. I agree with the media’s decision to exclude certain candidates, just not their timing in doing so.

        I’m not some romantic with a belief that third party candidates can win elections; I do however, support their right to run.

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