Broncos Beat the Hell Out of the Raiders Open Thread

Otherwise known as “Tuesday Open Thread.”

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    from the Boulder Daily Camera (the anti-58 team also took out a full-page ad in the paper saying the same thing).

    If their main argument is that this was not “a subsidy” back then, they’re in a world of hurt. People don’t give a rip about what was set up why – all they care about is should this tax be levied for this purpose.

    If the anti-58 folks talk about the historical intent of legislation while the pro-58 folks talk about obscene oil & gas profits and the lack of funding for higher-ed – guess who wins?

    So it’s good news to start off the day.

  2. redstateblues says:

    What a great game. The Raiders are really terrible this year, but the Broncos still looked good. The offensive line is much improved.

    I laughed my wadhams off every time they showed one of those loony Raider fans watching their team get destroyed.

  3. dwyer says:

    “Back to Wasilla AK”  A beautiful title for an autobiography which I ardently hope Palin will have plently of time, free from official duties, to begin in mid-November..

    A possible correction:  I had written than Wasilla had a town manager in addition to a mayor.  The information was second hand and I have not been able to confirm it.  Goggling Wasilla, I found the city lists the duties of the major and they appear to be administrative.  There is no mention of a town manager.  It does not say if the position is full or part-time.

  4. DavidThi808 says:


    Is there anything set up by the state or anyone else to get numbers election night across the state? And if not, do you think we on Pols could do it?

    The central part would be easy (I could do that) but what would be key is having someone at each county clerk with a laptop to email in results every time there are new numbers. Some clerks are set up to get the numbers out immediately – but others aren’t – and those require a body there.

    Anyways, is there already someone doing this? If not, do you think we have Pols members in each county that would volunteer?

  5. ChrisCooper says:

    …against the Raiders.  Still, congrats to the hometown boys for shellacking those effete West Coast pansies.  

    Blantant speculation this early…but anyone want to peer into their crystal ball and make a Superbowl prediction?

    I thought Dallas vs Indy until I saw the latter’s poor performance this week. And with Brady out for the season and Vince Young on crutches…could Pittsburgh or Buffalo make a run for it??.

    I’ll go with an old school rivalry in my prediction:

    Dallas vs. Pittsburgh

    (Picture perfect offense versus a smashmouth defense….that’s a game I’d like to see…)

    • Dabee47 says:

      I have to inform you that those of us that are 49ers fans are far more effete and much bigger pansies than Raider fans.  

      We don’t dress up like jackasses and when our team sucks we admit it, stop paying attention and go to the beach.  😛

  6. Gilpin Guy says:

    Special teams looked weak but the Offense was clicking.

  7. Something Is Brewing says:

    The Washington Post reports that Sarah Palin billed the State for nights she stayed at home.  I wonder if her adviser on such matters is former Colorado State Representative Joe Stengel who used similar creativity on his expense accounts.  

  8. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    Commentator on the ABC news interview with 4 of Palin’s friends.

    More curious, frankly, is the revelation that Sarah Palin hates cats. This is not abnormal on its face, since it’s perfectly reasonable to loathe anything that requires the permanent installation of a box full of feces in one’s household. However, Palin may have a political reason for opposing cats. According to a letter sent to the Palm Beach Post, it seems that the residents of Talkeetna, Alaska – who the Wikipedia tells me is the inspiration for the fictional burg of Cicely, as depicted in the teevee show Northern Exposure – chose a cat named Stubbs as their official mayor. Stubbs has executive experience, hunts prey with his bare paws, and does not bilk the taxpayers of Alaska out of money for fake per diem expenses, like Palin does.

    Stubbs the cat hangs out at Nagley’s General Store in Talkeetna, with a bunch of other cats, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted, by actual veterinarians.

    The actual news though

    Good Morning America convened a klatsch with four of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s “closest friends” for 15 years in the hopes that one of them might spill the beans on the press-shy vice-presidential contender and reveal that she is secretly having an affair with a book-banning polar bear or something. What they reveal, however, is that not all of them are likely to vote for their friend.

    As it turns out, Palin’s pals are a perfectly lovely quartet of women who hang out and exercise and eat chocolate, but the video is burning up the blogosphere because some of them are avowedly pro-choice — in opposition to Palin — and three of the four won’t even say they’re supporting her ticket

  9. Yokel says:

    Also, I mailed in my registration and absentee ballot request for Colorado today.  It was a close call between there and here in New Mexico, but in the end Colorado pulled through.  You libs are officially on notice.

    Finally, when did O’dell’s stop calling 90 Shilling “Colorado Ale?”  For shame.  It’s still good, though.

  10. Yesterday saw the indictment of yet another Abramoff crony – Rep. Doolittle aide Kevin Ring.  And while the big news of the day was Ring’s linkage between Abramoff and Doolittle (over 100 mentions of “Representative 5” aka Doolittle in the indictment), it wasn’t the only new tidbit.

    In the “things that make you go hmm…” department, the indictment includes a lot of references to e-mail evidence – evidence that was sitting on Sen. John McCain’s desk as head of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.  McCain never implicated any members of Congress in his investigation, and he kept a lot of the e-mail evidence secret.  Now, it appears, there was fire where everyone saw smoke.  TPM Muckraker makes brief mention of this little tidbit while exposing yet another possible Abramoff “asset” – retiring Rep. Heather Wilson (NM-01).

  11. Yokel says:

    I got polled tonight.  Look for a poll to skew even more to the right in the near future.  

    Though it could be an internal – not sure if the big-names identify the company or just use some covert “research analysis” type name.  I do note they asked me what made my opinion change about Obama in the past week, but didn’t ask the same question about McCain (the answer would have been Palin).  

    Yep, polls are flawed.  Though I’m kind of sad the Palin pick made me swear off my previous assessment that I’d tell anyone who polled me I was voting for Barr.  That would have been more fun.

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