McCain, Middle Schools, and Authenticity

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John Mc Same Cain wants you to believe he’s a Maverick.  That’s why he pretends he’s against lobbyists (making a veiled reference to convicted GOP felon Jack Abramoff, for instance in his speech last night), even though they run his campaign, even working as foreign agents, or for huge mortgage companies and multi-national banks, while McCain packages their wish list as ‘policy.’ That’s also why he railed against Obama’s vote on the GOP-led Energy Policy and Conservation Act (as the crowd chanted ‘Drill, Baby, Drill).  But the GOP does authentic about as well as they do compassion.

More sad facts after the fold…

Daily Kos is abuzz with the use of the Walter Reed Middle School as a prop last night, projected on the ‘green screen’ behind John Sidney during his speech in an apparent googlooper. Some GOP intern (maybe the one who does Schaffer’s ads?) apparently thought it was the other Walter Reed, you know, the one where wounded troops were sent to recover in squalid conditions as pallets of money went missing in Iraq.

Now the Kos has a diary posted about the photos on the screen of happy black folks apparently to add a bit of color to the pasty-skinned crowd.  Turns out they are all stock photos.  

I really can’t think of anything more to add, although perhaps a better moniker is John Sidney McFake.  

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  1. ModerateGal says:

    and similar to images in advertisements, etc. That’s embarrasing for the campaign because we know McCain has supporters of all races and ethnicites, ‘though in limited numbers, so why didn’t the campaign go to the effort to use real supporters in the images? Surely they could have been gathering pictures along the campaign trail.

  2. Sir Robin says:

    When asked, who…and to cite specific examples of who in the Obama organization has attacked palin’s family, they can’t come up with one instance.

    There is THIS:

    In 1998, McSame had this to say about then adolescent Chelsea Clinton..

    Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

    – Sen. John McCain, speaking to a Republican dinner, June 1998.

  3. ardy39 says:

    No diaries for a month … no posts the last week of August … Where’ve you been? Protesting at the DNC & RNC?

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