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June 19, 2015 3:41 pm

Rep. Klingenschmitt: Homosexuals "Want To Rule You"

  • by: Colorado Pols

Colorado’s most famous (or infamous) sitting member of the state legislature, GOP Rep. Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt, uploaded a new episode of his Pray in Jesus’ Name Youtube “ministry” program today. Since taking office in January and for some time before, Klingenschmitt’s broadcasts have done a great deal to putrefy the Republican brand in Colorado, as well as make him a national symbol of the general intolerance and cluelessness of the contemporary religious right. Klingenschmitt was even punished by fellow Republicans after he claimed the horrific attack on a pregnant woman in Longmont last March was “God’s curse upon America,” though he was quietly reinstated to the committee assignment he lost just a couple of weeks later.

In today’s episode (clip posted above), Rep. Klingenschmitt launched into an unusually forceful tirade about the rights of gays and lesbians to participate in society, and what that means for “the Christian audience.” Transcribed:

KLINGENSCHMITT: And there has been this branding, this idea that oh, you know homosexual marriage and that movement is all about love. No. There’s a spirit of lust inside some people who are confused about their sexuality and they just lust, and they crave flesh, and it’s not selfless sacrifice or loving your neighbor, you can do that. A man can visit another man in the hospital and show them genuine compassion without lusting for them sexually. So it’s not the same as love.

It’s also not about equality. Oh, they say, oh, we just want equal rights. You already have the equal right to marry someone of the opposite sex. Everyone in this country already had for decades, for generations, the right to marry somebody of the opposite sex if they want to. And just because you don’t sexually prefer, doesn’t mean that you have now a legal right to marry someone of the same sex. That’s not a right, because rights come from God.

Finally, it is, if it’s not about love, it’s not about equality, what is it about? It’s about power. And, and when they push their agenda for the right to reeducate your children in their image, for the right to, uh, recruit or adopt, because they can’t have their own children they want the right to remake society in their own image, and force you to either shut up or shut down. And that’s why they’re trying to pass these ordnances against bakers and photographers and florists, to force you the Christian audience, or force Christian universities to endorse their sin or lose your tax exempt status as we talked about in the previous story. This is about power. They want to rule you. And we need to stand up against that and we need to disobey.

So, there’s plenty to ping the outrage meter with here–but if we had to pick, we’d say that somewhere between declaring that gays don’t experience “the same thing as love” and how they want to “recruit or adopt” the children of straight America, “Dr. Chaps” is burying the needle. Again.

We’ll ask again: how is it not news every time an incumbent Republican lawmaker says these things? He shouldn’t draw a pass in the media on account of frequency. We shouldn’t assume he’s offending his fellow Republicans too. He should be called out loudly, by friend and foe, every time.

Shouldn’t he?


14 thoughts on “Rep. Klingenschmitt: Homosexuals “Want To Rule You”

      1. I'm a big fan of your side exercising those First Amendment rights because everytime one of the wack jobs on the right says something, all the rest of your team has to go into damage control mode (i.e.,Todd Akin, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and Sarah Palin,and closer to home Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn, Tom Tancredo, Dr. Chaps, and Ellen Roberts).

        Someone posted on another thread yesterday Mark Twain's famous remark, "Better to keep your mouth shut and let folks think you are stupid than to open your mouth and dispell all doubt." 

        God bless the First Amendment!

        1. That was me who made the Twain quote. It does pain me to know that when there is a politician making an inane comment, it's almost always a Repub., not a Dem.

          1. Well, to his credit, today the '12 GOP presidential nominee said something that was definitely not inane. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and Romney deserves it with his call for getting rid of the confederate flag.  

            1. Now other Republican pols are changing their tune in bunches while Fox, the rightie radio talkers, blogs and apologists don't seem to have caught on. Poor modster.  Which talking point to parrot? Which insults to lay at the feet of Dem pols with increasing numbers of R pols joining them to call for the same thing?  He might even be forced to formulate an opinion of his own.

  1. If I had a dime for every time I saw some random guy violating one of my buddies at the hospital, I'd be a wealthy man.  I'm all like, "Hey man, can't you just visit a guy and ask how he's doin'?" and they're all like, "No, dude, I got teh ghey!"

    Please, my queer brothers, dial it down in the hospitals, at least.

  2. "Mad as the sea and wind, when both contend" — Hamlet. "In a storm, the wind and water are at odds with each other. Here the tempestuous image is used to convey Hamlet's conflicted and disturbed mindset."

    DIAL 1-866-MadWIND or 1-866-623-9463.


    Hey, wait a minute–that's the same number as Chaps' ObeyGOD! Check it out for yourself on your own phone.

    Go figure…

  3. Gordon Klingenschmitt is a narcissist and craves your attention. It's how he makes a living. And this year he got to use the legislature in his appeal to the crack pots he appeals to to send him more money. I have heard several rumors that he makes either $900,000 or $2,000,000 from Pray In Jesus Name.

    He probably deserves attention from the Attorney General, but she is too busy with her Machivellien machinations and her own possibly illegal behavior.

    It's all disgusting.

  4. He bragged on Craig Silverman's KNUS show that he makes $800,000 a year from PJIN. But he also says that he doesn't make a dime. You're right about the narcissism and the need for attention. It's why I don't write about him any more.

    And won't, unless I can find a way to bring some kind of legal heat down on him.

  5. "They crave flesh." Yeah, that's these guys, all right. Old boring gay couple with American flag

    Or these ladies motivated by their "spirit of lust":

    Wantonly lustful 90-year-olds

    Hey Klingenschmitt: You and your ridiculous, repressed-gay early 1990's metrosexual black mock turtleneck-black blazer combo can go straight to hell. Fashion hell and otherwise.

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