The Palin follies continue – AIP edition

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Dave had a point with his “PalinPols” comment, but since it’s all we seem to want to talk about…

You might recall that the Palins were once members of the Alaskan Independence Party, fringies who want to secede from the USA. Well, they might have switched parties (Mr. Palin apparently only went so far to register unaffiliated, I read somewhere – can anyone verify?) but this video of Gov. Palin giving a welcome message to their convention – their 2008 convention – makes you wonder where her allegiance is:

As far as tangible action goes, this is far worse than anything Michelle Obama said. As Dan Savage says, “Do you think that John McCain would have a problem with Barack Obama sending cuddly messages of support-‘Keep up the good work! And God bless you!’-to fringe political parties seeking to break up the United States of America?”


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  1. RedGreen says:

    is a good one. Someone ought to ask Palin if she’s ever been proud of her country, or if it takes a back seat to Alaska. Remember when she hopped the plane to fly home so her youngest son could be “Alaska born”? She wants her children to be natural-born citizens if Alaska (God willing!) ever gets to secede.  

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      This Alaska first secessionist movement probably has some language about “Alaska born”

      It explains why she would jump on a plane after her water broke to risk the life of her child on an 11 hour flight to AK just so her kid could be “Alaska born.”

    • Stringer says:

      Sarah Palin was NEVER a member of that party.

      Mayor Riviera of Colorado Springs sent a welcome message to the Colorado Democrat party when they met in COS a few months ago.  Does that make him a Democrat??

      • Aristotle says:

        If he’s sending messages to nonexistant parties (no such thing as the “democrat party”) then he might be the only member….

        If you meant the Democratic Party, then here’s why it’s not analogous:

        I bet that Rivera didn’t say “Keep up the good work” or express any similar sentiment;

        His message probably was not delivered either in person or in a video meant to be viewed by the whole gathering;

        And it was probably the kind of thing he does for any visiting convention. Remember, Palin is the GOVERNOR of Alaska – she wasn’t welcoming these people from another state.

        And finally, I do believe that Palin was a member in the past, and that her husband only recently re-registered as unaffiliated after being a member of AIP for a long time.

        It bears repeating – do you think McCain would let Obama or Biden off the hook for sending messages like this to splinter parties?

        You’re a bush league spinner. Back to the drawing board.

        • Stringer says:

          Democrat party was the correct name back in Minn. when I was a member.

          DFL  Democrat Farm Labor.

          All my Democrat friends were proud to be called Democrats.  They called the party the Democrat party.  Is this some kind of Boulder politicaly correct memo I didn’t get.

          Sorry friend, I will call my former party the name I know it by. You call it what you like.

          • Danny the Red (hair) says:

            Its called the DFL for short hand–nobody calls it the Democrat Party–you are a liar.

            The GOP was going to put it in the party platform that they always refered to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Party because the Democratic Party doesn’t represent democratic values.  It was rejected as a plank because the GOP drafting committee  felt it was too disrespectful.

            Don’t play coy: using the word Democrat as an adjective is intended to be an insult.  

            • Stringer says:

              All his friends were DFL through and through, and often referred to the Democrat candidate or the Democrat from Wisconsin, or the Democrat party platform.  People from Northfield talk a little different from the MSP Democrats.

              This is the first I heard about a GOP platform plank on the Democrat’s party name.

              Did you make that up?

              • Danny the Red (hair) says:

                I was born in Moorehead, lived in Northern Minnesota as a kid and only lived in MSP for a bit, my brother still lives south of MSP near New Prague (although that is starting to be gobbled up by the MSP suburbs now)

                Here’s the link on Republican’s using “Democrat” as an insult.


          • Aristotle says:

            Way to ignore the substance of my comment and focus on something that’s beside the point.

            Facts are facts – Palin’s ties to this fringe group are real and tangible, and are worth discussing.

      • Aristotle says:

        For those without the time, this is a video of the AIP where the man leading the meeting outs Palin as a onetime member and claims that she joined the GOP as a “go along to get along.”

        Since Spinner didn’t get the memo, I’ll take this as further proof that McCain didn’t vet Palin.

      • BlueCat says:

        shows a more profound lack of a patriotism than anything Michelle Obama ever said.  Member or not, she definitely is shown expressing support.  Fair game.

  2. redstateblues says:

    this isn’t really related to the thread, and I am getting pretty sick of talking about it, but I couldn’t resist throwing this little tidbit in the mix.

    Palin is using her personal attorney
    to defend her from trooper-gate allegations. Technically not unethical, but could get rough if the investigation turns up dirt.

  3. Haners says:

    Palin has produced documents showing that she’s always been a Republican.

    • Ralphie says:

      Why does the candidate’s spouse hate America?

    • Stringer says:

      they have their storyline, and the testimony of some AIP local yokel from the library of congress , I mean you tube, so they’re good to go, truth be damned.

      • It’s the ALASKAN Independence Party – the “local yokel” happens to be a party leader in Alaska.  It’s a weird kind of reasoning – some might call it logical…

        • The McCain campaign is LYING when they say she never attended the 1994 AIP convention.

          Two party officials are now confirming she was there; in addition to the person in the video above, the 1995-2002 chair of the party confirms her attendance, and he made it quite clear when he endorsed her selection as VP that he knew her quite well.

          So: 1994 convention, 2000 convention, 2008 videotaped remarks to the convention, people saying she was essentially a Manchurian Candidate in the GOP working for the AIP…

          • Stringer says:

            (which I have as I have friends that are there)and I say I agree with them on some common things we agree on, then I run for County Commissioner or Mayor as a Republican, that I am some how a Manchurian Candidate in the GOP working for the Libertarians?

            Not Even…

            • I’m saying that the AIP has stated a goal of getting its party sympathizers into major parties in order to work their way into the halls of power.

              On the lesser question, if you repeatedly attended Libertarian conventions and agreed with their ideals, I would say that yes, you should be considered a closeted Libertarian.  Look at the way Ron Paul is viewed.

      • redstateblues says:

        that he was wrong? If he was, what would give him the impression that she was in the party? Was she supportive of it? Did she lend it credibility when she got to the Governor’s office? These are all valid questions.

      • Aristotle says:

        The fact is, the chair of AIP is publicly saying she was a member.

        Haners, you know the rules… Give us a link.

  4. OneEyedOwl says:

    … end their speeches and messages with a blessing from God? If I want a blessing, I’ll go see my pastor, not my elected officials.

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