Democrats Thank Dick Wadhams For SoS Office

You may recall that CD-6 candidate Mike Coffman’s victory in last month’s decisive primary election came over the furious objections of GOP chairman Dick Wadhams, who mobilized just about the entire Republican establishment in Colorado in a dramatically unsuccessful attempt to stop Coffman and keep his present office of Secretary of State in GOP hands.

A few days after the election, longtime GOP operative and former Coffman accomplice associate Dan Kopelman tried again to persuade Coffman to help “save” the SoS, this time ahead of the August 28th deadline for the GOP to appoint a candidate to run in November for the office. Kopelman praised Wadhams in particular, calling him the “Crown Jewel” of the Colorado Republican Party, and asked recipients to go to Wadhams with their support for Coffman’s immediate resignation (as opposed to Coffman himself).

We’ve noted consistently throughout this conflict that Wadhams has been high-handed and arrogant in his dealings with Coffman, and after marshalling every big GOP name in the state against Coffman in the form of endorsements of his unqualified opponent, Wadhams stands today as the unequivocal loser.

Further proof of which can be found in the fact that today is September 2nd, four days past the deadline–Coffman is still the Secretary of State, and a Democrat will be appointed to replace him. Coffman has always maintained that SoS is a nonpartisan office–though Kopelman may understandably disagree–and he’s expressed a personal commitment to staying on until he’s sworn in to Congress in January. But beyond that, we’ve heard from many sources that Coffman had no intention of even appearing to capitulate to “The Dick,” meaning that Wadhams’ asshole demeanor tripped up his larger objectives once again.

So here’s our question: does the Coffman/Wadhams feud represent something more in terms of Wadhams’ long-term influence? Particularly in the event that Wadhams’ star client Bob Schaffer gets pummeled in November, will a new picture of Wadhams–ineffectual has-been–begin to emerge?

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    will a new picture of Wadhams–ineffectual has-been–begin to emerge

    This new picture of Wadhams being more hindarance than help has already fully emerged. No “begin to” when it’s already a done deal.

  2. BlueCat says:

    who just had some bad luck in Virginia with he Maccacah(can’t remember how that’s spelled) remark.  After failing to save SOS for the party  if he also fails to elect Schaffer, he will be a has-been.  

  3. bob ewegen says:

    but not even he can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      Wadhams cleared the deck for Schaffer. Everyone in the Republican party has done exactly what Wadhams wanted except for Coffman running for CD-6. It was all set up by him – so you can’t say it was out of his control.

    • BlueCat says:

      We’ll see but I think, as a strategist, he may be an old general fighting the last war.    

      • kylee says:

        The efforts on Schaffer’s behalf and the decline in poll #’s for democrats are starting to make many people nervous.  Gas prices matter to the American public and Democrats lack of leadership on this issue is leading to their demise.  Whadhams is now being attacked because he has made two races very competitive that Democrats thought they had in the bag. Colorado will go for McCain and there is a good chance Boulder Liberal Mark Udall will lose.

  4. CR GOP says:

    You have to remember that after the primary Wadhams came out in support of Coffman and asked that he stay through the elections, even after Kopelman tried to make a push for Coffman to step down.  Honestly, I think Bill Armstrong had much more to do with the endorsements Will received than Wadhams, in fact I think giving Dick any credit is way off base.  

  5. Ralphie says:

    The real story is about an unethical little weasel who used to work for the SoS office until the was thrown under a bus by his boss.

    He’s creating straw men under which the Republicans can retain the office so that he can get back his undeserved payday.

  6. redstateblues says:

    the ramifications of the SoS office, if Bob Schaffer loses come November, the state GOP has to seriously consider getting rid of this guy. That is, of course, if they want to try to make Colorado red again.

    If it were up to me, I would say keep him in. He’s doing wonders for the Dems.

    • samsnead says:

      When your office is responsible for outcomes involving both parties this only makes sense. Coffman has done a good job at this and I think not endorsing or advocating for any candidate will be emulated by people who hold this position in the future. When Coffman first decided to run Wadhams came out and said he should stay. Then someone sent out a mailing with a reprint of this letter 4 weeks before the election trying to make this seem more current than it really was. The fact is Wadhams issued a statement when Coffman first announced. This is what you would expect the party chair to do. After that he stayed out of the race. Then after the race was over Wadhams supported Coffman’s decision to stay in office till January. I just don’t see where the furious objections and dramatic attempt claims have any basis.  

      • redstateblues says:

        he’s taking his eye off the ball when it comes to every race but the one he’s managing. If he loses the Senate race, then he’ll have hedged all his bets on a loser. That’s not good strategy, it’s bad gambling.

  7. Old Rep says:

    Wadhams talked himself into a well paid position.  He is slowing moderating the party. As evidenced by the few primary choices and the lack of religious rhetoric.  It is awful hard to contradict Bill Armstrong.  More power to Coffman

  8. Big Red says:

    Is this just more ColoradoPols drivel, or do you have some evidence?

    ” . . . and after marshalling every big GOP name in the state against Coffman in the form of endorsements of his unqualified opponent,”

  9. Joe Dirte says:

    Has nothing to do with a rift between Coffman and Wadhams. Coffman has always been a party loyalist. Wadhams has done great things for the state and ran many succesful campaigns. Republicans will unite in November, Democrats are the ones who should be worried about coming together.

    • RedGreen says:

      There you go sowing discord where none exists. Democrats are united on one important goal: wiping that smirk off the face of Dick Wadhams.

      Go ask your GOP loyalists, smaller county commissioner candidates, second-tier legislative hopefuls whether Wadhams’ strategy to go all in on Schaffer benefits the party or tears it asunder. Go ahead, ask them.

    • Go Blue says:

      I’m worried. In fact after tonight’s keynote address by Joe Lieberman I’m shaking in my boots. How can we compete with this message?

    • DavidThi808 says:

      You’re on drugs if you think the Republicans have a slam-dunk in November. If you win the Senate and/or the presidency here in Colorado it will be by 1 vote and will be considered a major upset.

      But keep approaching it as a done deal – that way you truly don’t have a prayer.

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