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June 15, 2015 6:42 am MST

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“When the pressure comes, preferences give way while convictions hold firm.”

–Edwin Louis Cole


23 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Last Friday night, Rachel Maddow totally slammed our favorite son, Eli Stokols as an example of what is wrong with the national press corps.  Stokols left Denver's Fox Channel 31 a few months ago to work for Politico.  His report on Jeb Bush's foreign trip was titled, "Jeb's Gaffe-Free European Trip".  It's a gushing report on how Bush, unlike many of his fellow GOP candidates, "traveled abroad without committing a blunder."

    Rachel Maddow begs to differ.  She pointed out how Bush met with a high ranking Polish official who had resigned just one day before because of remarks secretly taped at a super-expensive restaurant bashing the US-Poland relationship as "worthless" and other much more unsavory characterizations.  Bush's response was to basically deny what the Polish politician said. 

    Maddow, in her inimitable way, used Stokol's report as Exhibit A in what is wrong with our nation's political reporting.  Poor Eli, we hardly knew ye.   What has happened to you in just 4 short months in DC?

    1. And most aren't as good as Stokols. Pretty sad. Politico does strive for he said/she said "centrism" so that may have something to do with it.

    2. Given Repub pols' history of committing faux pas while traveling abroad, Jebby probably does deserve a round of applause for not fucking up. Who can forget Mittens' crack about the London Olympics or Dubya's creepy backrub given to Angela Merkel (who did not appreciate the massage)?

    1. I didn't see the show but a few seconds with google confirms she's not making this up. When you wake up  here are a few links to check out as pertains to this widely reported story:

      Warsaw, Poland (CNN)On his European trip, Jeb Bush has already met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but his most interesting meeting may be with the Radoslaw Sikorski, who resigned his speakership atop the Polish parliament Wednesday, one year after he compared Poland's subservience to the U.S. to providing oral sex.

      Bush said Thursday that meeting with Sikorski, who has strong ties to the west, was "appropriate", and aides said that it had been long planned. Asked by CNN of Sikurski's blastng of the U.S., Bush said he was "surprised", but believed Sikurski was still a strong ally.

      "Maybe there's a degree of frustration that over the last few years we've kind of changed course as it relates to the deployment of the missile system, for example," Bush said, referencing the missile "defense shield" that had been planned for Eastern Europe, but was scrapped by the Obama Administration. "So perhaps he was expressing frustration."

      The clandestine eavesdropping scandal has claimed resignations from multiple leaders from Poland's ruling party.

      "Waitergate" captured Sikorski, who was foreign minister at the time, dubbing Poland's relationship with the U.S. "worthless", calling British Prime Minister David Cameron "incompetent" and making other nasty remarks over high-priced meals, according to the Washington Post.

      Who exactly placed the hidden microphones remains a key question in the scandal.

      more links

    1. Or you could look at my write up on Initiative 20 and the right wing losing their teeny dinosaur brains over it.. CoPols didn't conspire on that one. But the groups promoting it had no idea what was lining up against them until I tipped them off. 

      And by the way, I20 isn't single payer healthcare. That would be "Health Care for all Colorado", which the ColoradoCareYes group grew out of.

      Initiative 20 doesn't call for single payer health care. It calls for single payer health insurance administration, at a minimum level, for everyone in Colorado. People are still free to supplement as they see fit.

      But yes, it's probably time to do an update.


    Today is the 800th anniversary of King John signing the Magna Carta (Great Charter) at Runnymede Meadow. The Charter is the foundation for individual freedoms and liberties held by citizens of the English speaking countries (UK, US, CAN, AUS, NZ). While other countries try to imitate such freedoms; and often successfully (Scandinavia, Germany, as examples); the 5 major English speaking countries generally remain the most free countries in the world. 

    1. I see you're awake. Feel free to check the links I provided if you're at all interested in anything other than making a crack about Maddow.

      1. I just replied to you about the links. I found another. As for "making a crack" about Maddow, she has some value, as does Bill O'Reilly. I watch both occasionally altho I consider Maddow more of a "back bencher" for MSNBC.

        1. Missed your response.  Sorry. Maddow is hardly a back bencher BTW. And making cracks about anybody is fine with me, as long as they're deserved.

        2. Here we go. As of Feb of this year her show was highest rated non-Fox news show. Which would  technically make her highest rated period since Fox isn't a news network anymore than my one rightie uncle's e-mails constitute news. The same completely unsubstantiated stuff shows up on both. But let's call Fox a news network for the sake of argument. Will look for more recent numbers but doubt she's slipped to anywhere near being an MSNBC back bencher,

    1. It's a coup which will end in the restoration of Ryan Call. Or maybe Dick Wadhams is coming back.  

      Maybe Moddy or Elliot will enlighten us on the machination in the Party of the Elephant.

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