Quit inflating number of uninsured; it’s about 6 million, not 45

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Having followed this issue for decades, I can tell you most reports on the uninsured are distorted by the biases of researchers who believe we should have centrally-planned, government-funded, single-payer health care.

They want to ruin our health care markets to help the 6 to 10 million people who are uninsured and could be helped with smaller and more effective changes in government programs.

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  1. Colorado Pols says:

    Since everybody could just go to the emergency room if they needed to. But then, that’s not really the point.

    • Another skeptic says:

      There are 6-10 million uninsured people who are legal citizens and are physically and mentally incapable of earning enough to buy high-deductible catastrophic insurance, which should be accessible and affordable for all.

      These folks, presumably don’t qualify for Medicaid but probably should.

      If the left would get off the socialized medicine trip, they could figure this out and come up with some kind of half assed solution, which is the best we can expect.

  2. redstateblues says:

    There is no consensus among health economists about how many free riders there are, or on their economic impact. But of the 47 million uninsured people in the United States, 7.3 million come from families with incomes of $75,000 or more, and an additional 6.9 million earn between $50,000 and $75,000, according to 2006 census estimates.

    That was from the NY Times link you posted. I guess that they are probably off by 41 million people, right?

    But go ahead, just explain how they’re a liberal paper, and not to be trusted.

    • ThillyWabbit says:

      The study estimates that 48 million Americans lack health insurance. Of those, two-thirds are in families in which at least one person works full time, the study says.

      From the LA Times article. The Medical News Today article isn’t any more helpful.

      Did you learn THE math from Karl Rove?

  3. Precinct854 says:

    Don’t say what you’re saying.  The first one says the ~45 million number is inflated by 20%.  That would make the number of uninsured 36 million.  Not 6.  The second says 48 million uninsured without qualification.  The third says that high income families without health insurance have typically been shut out due to preexisting conditions, are self-employed, or have employers that do not offer affordable insurance.  Not that the 14.2 million with income over 50k are all free riders.  

    In short your assertion of 6 million uninsured is not supported by your links.  Also I think elsewhere you asserted there were 20 million uninsured illegals being counted.  The numbers I’ve been able to find point to between 9 and 11 million uninsured illegals, who are still a problem for the whole health care system in the US no matter what their status is.

    • redstateblues says:

      Uninsured illegals using emergency rooms is no different than uninsured citizens.

    • Another skeptic says:

      36 million so called uninsured according to one Census Bureau study.

      -14.2 million who make over $50 or $75k and can afford insurance but don’t buy it.

      -12 to 15 million uninsured illegals who should not be covered by U.S. taxpayers. Estimates of the number of illegals range up to 20 or 25 million. Almost all are uninsured, as are their dependents.

      Totals: 9.8 to 6.8 million uninsured.

      Point is that 45 million is an inflated number because states report on the number of uninsured, and states have financial incentives to inflate their numbers. And they do.

      • Aristotle says:

        So who are these who “can afford the insurance but don’t buy it?” Why don’t they buy it? Do they all have the same reason? Are they really “not buying insurance,” or are they underinsured?

        And what good reason is there for excluding illegal aliens regardless of their number? A moral society won’t let any sick or injured person go untreated for a callous reason like an inability to pay. Your social darwinist thinking is showing.

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