Awful news – Plot to Kill Obama

from CBS Denver

CBS4 has now learned at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver. All are being held on either drug or weapons charges.

CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass reported one of the suspects told authorities they were “going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a … rifle … sighted at 750 yards.”

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  1. Sir Robin says:

    stops terrorism. Wars cause it.

  2. redstateblues says:

    Great work by the police, it sounds like they were deadly serious.

  3. Colorado Pols says:

    Where they would have fired a shot from. There’s really no building near the stadium that would be high enough to allow you to get a good look down at field level.

  4. sxp151 says:

    is that the “assassins” seem to have the intelligence and planning ability of the guys who wanted to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch.

  5. Sage Sam says:

    believing that 4 tweakers even have the ability to sight in a rifle at 750 yards, let alone actually complete the task.  There are not many individuals that are even close to proficient at that distance.  Idiots

    Please remove them all from the gene pool for an extended period of time.

    Hope you all have a nice convention and be good, I’ll be in the Zirkels if anyone needs me.

    • ThillyWabbit says:

      Someone with the intent and no ability can still cause plenty of damage in a stadium full of people. Of course it was highly unlikely that they could get the weapons through the dragnet. Of course they might have sensed that when they got there and chosen to shoot into the crowd outside instead. All in all, a very good thing that they were caught, and I hope that’s the last of it.

  6. repsjohnso says:

    The decision to use Invesco was purely for political theatre and safety concerns from those who have to protect everyone were ignored, and they were never consulted, just told at the last minute.

  7. DrewKerin says:

    to actually carry this out.

    Authorities will be holding a press conference about the four men this afternoon.

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