Markey Featured Prominently in NY Times

Democrat Betsy Markey, who is challenging incumbent Rep. Marilyn Musgrave in CD-4, is featured prominently in an article in today’s New York Times:

The fierce tactical positioning of candidates here and elsewhere – some call it pandering and waffling – is producing a convergence of sorts around the idea that more is better, that an expansion of energy production from all sources and places will somehow fix things, lower prices and restore stability to the economy.

“It’s a very fine line to walk,” said Betsy Markey, a Democrat who is challenging Representative Marilyn Musgrave, a Republican, here in the Fourth District.

Ms. Markey opposes drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, for example; Ms. Musgrave heads there this week to decide for herself. Both candidates support expansion of renewable energy like wind, but Ms. Markey says that Ms. Musgrave’s long record on the issue – voting against renewable energy standards in Congress as recently as last August and against tax credits for the wind industry this year – tells a different story.

Markey also is running her first TV ad of the campaign (after the jump):


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  1. Middle of the Road says:

    thus far. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but color me unimpressed with her first tv ad, though.

    CD-4 is also in the top 20 races to watch, I think in the Washington Post? Somebody had a link to it earlier today.

  2. Something Is Brewing says:

    What was the point of the ad?  That she owns several pairs of slacks?  This ad is as bad as the Fitz-Gerald and Shafroth ads.

    If, Obama wins her District Markey goes to Congress. If Obamaa loses that district as he is likely to do another term for Marilyn and Cory will have to wait to another day.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      I think running a bio ad is a good move right now but this ad is not memorable.

      • Go Blue says:

        It’s good to see Markey is highlighting her achievements such as building a fortune 500 company! Who’s she running against again? Oh yeah, some Bush smooching conservative who has nothing to offer but more of the same religious right in your bedroom policies.  

        • bob ewegen says:

          Her web site says:

          Betsy and her husband started an Internet business, Syscom Services, from their home in the late 1980s.  By 1996 with Betsy as CEO and CFO, the business had grown to be number 99 on Inc’s list of the 500 fasted-growing private companies in America.

          The typo fasted is on her web site, presumably it means Fastest.  But being one of the 500 fastest growing PRIVATE companies in America is very different than being on the Fortune 500.    

    • sxp151 says:

      is that I pretty much never saw a positive ad about her. I literally didn’t know what her face looked like until the day before the election. I don’t know if she was running bio ads, but I never saw any.

      I like this one. Obviously she’s going to have to do something against Musgrave; whenever I’ve talked to people in Longmont, I either heard mild support for Musgrave or intense dislike of her. A lot of people there WANT to vote against Musgrave, and the main thing that went wrong last time around was the intense negative campaigning against Paccione.

      So a good bio ad early on helps immunize her from negatives to some extent. I think it’s as good a strategy as any.

  3. rocco says:

    True enough, she’s a solid candidate and she’s running a flawless campaign. But the idea of CD4 not remaining republican simply doesn’t seem realistic.

    But…..if she wins, that definately means the amendment 48 con didn’t work and Obama carried CD4. BIG IF!

    No matter what, hats off to Betsy. She just may be a sign of better things to come.

  4. Commenter says:

    Notably, from the article:

    “(Ms. Musgrave’s office did not respond to repeated e-mail and phone requests for comment about the energy debate in her district.)”

    She’s been in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge this week hoping to “find facts” about drilling, but no comments on energy in CD-4?  

  5. DrewKerin says:

    Oh, that should play well in the conservative 4th CD!  That headline alone sounds like a ready made TV ad for Marilyn Musgrave.  

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