Pin the VP Tail on the Donkey

The announcement of Barack Obama’s Vice-President is expected to come today. Who’s it gonna be? And who the hell is Chet Edwards?

Who Will Be Obama's VP?

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  1. Arvadonian says:

    conservative democratic Rep. from Texas.  Destined to be a democratic version of Dan Quayle if he is picked.  

  2. ohwilleke says:

    is a Democratic Congressman from North Texas whose primary issues is the budget and in particular military appropriations.

    He’s a powerful workhorse Congressman of considerable seniority, but not a show horse.  He has an MBA.

  3. bob ewegen says:

    and decided to take back fire.

    Or was that John Galt?

    Parsing, help me out, I get so confused.

  4. notachanceatall says:

    Nom de plume

  5. DavidThi808 says:

    It’s the main news story for 24 hours and everyone in the country has gotten on their texting list.

  6. Vincent Lynn says:

    I agree with David that Obama is handling this well.  I seriously doubt that Edwards is going to be the pick, but having his name float around is giving the news cycle a reason to talk about Obama and his veep for one extra day in addition to the announcement tomorrow.  Biden will be the choice…unless he fools everyone by going with HRC.

  7. WesternSlopeThought says:

    could be Nastia Luiken and Shawn Johnson.  As applied to politics, Obama has the intelligence and elegance of Nastia Luiken and Biden has the “no back down” power and common American persona of Shawn Johnson.  I believe it would surely be a gold medal team.

    • divad says:

      …and dog knows I love her, her being an Iowa girl and all.  I just think Shawn is a little too sweet and innocent.

      Now, Alicia Sacramone would be a whole different story.

      Not a superstar, but a loyal, dedicated team player.  Not so flashy as to take attention from the star of the team, but a definate forceful personality of her own.

      And, if need be, she can knock your lights out…

      /has watched too much TV of late  

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