Here we have yet another “fair and balanced” panel with three Republicans, a former Democratic consultant and Alan Colmes, where comedian Sean Hannity is behind his bully pulpit persecuting John Edwards for his extramarital affairs. The humor with Hannity really begins around 2:40 in the video when Colmes brings up the fact that McCain cheated on his crippled wife! Hannity’s response… IOKIYAR!

Oh the hypocrisy of Hannity. What’s even more humorous is that since Colmes jabbed McCain on his affair the McMedia has stopped talking about Edwards. I guess what’s good for the goose isn’t good for McCain.  

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  1. redstateblues says:

    Oh man, I love those GOP pundits’ faces when Colmes brings up McCain’s infedility. I especially love when the male GOP pundit tries to make Edwards’ affair worse by bringing up the fact that Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer, obviously not knowing or forgetting that McCain’s first wife was horribly injured in a car wreck. And the fact that Sean Hannity excuses McCain’s infedility by saying he was beaten for five years is laughable. Does that excuse every mistake McCain has ever made?

  2. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    Yeah, but McCain cheated after leaving a prisoner of war camp 30 years ago.  30 years ago cheating on your crippled wife was acceptable in society.

    Why do I have to explain this to you! It is a common understnding of the common man. And we all know McCain is THE common man.

  3. Cartesian Doubt says:

    Or, as Henry Rollins calls them “poor man’s Comedy Central.”

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