Who Is Polling Laura Woods’ District?

Sen. Laura Waters-Woods.

Sen. Laura Waters-Woods.

We received word today of a live poll conducted this past weekend in Colorado Senate District 19, the highly competitive Jefferson County district currently represented by Sen. Laura Waters Woods. Back in February, we noted rumors that Republicans are looking for a primary opponent for Woods–or a replacement in the unlikely event she would agree to step aside–out of concern that she won’t be able to hold this pivotal seat against a strong Democratic challenger in 2016. We haven’t yet received audio of this weekend’s poll, but here’s a description we were forwarded:

It was a live survey and lasted between five and ten minutes. The first question was favorable/unfavorable regarding Sen. Woods. Answering unfavorable, the pollster then asked if the receipient could be persuaded to support a different Republican candidate [Pols emphasis] and ask what issues might be persuasive. No other candidates were mentioned by name.

The Woods questions were followed by issue questions about guns, abortion, TABOR, tax credits for the poor, and health care. Finally, the survey asked about support for Jeffco school board members Ken Witt, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams.

Democrats we’ve spoken to say their side is not responsible for this poll, and the questions as recounted to us–whether respondents would support a different Republican candidate–do not point to a Democratic source. We haven’t heard any names mentioned as potential Republican primary challengers for Sen. Woods, but we wouldn’t expect to hear about them until there’s enough data to persuade one to undertake the challenge.

And to obtain that, you need polling. Stay tuned, we don’t think GOP intentions in SD-19 will be a mystery for very long. As soon as we learn who exactly is shadowing this most contentious of 2016 state legislative races, we’ll update.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Woods is worthless in a presidential year, she’s going to get her ass beat. I hate to admit it but if Republicans are looking to dump her they’re making a wise decision.

    But who will be their candidate? That’s the million dollar question – literally.

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Maybe Larry Queen will move to District 19 (which gets him out of District 20, my district).

  3. Progressicat says:

    I heard it was Republicans for Oh My God Who the Hell Greenlighted This Nutbag’s Candidacy Holy Christ There’s No Way We’ll Hold the Seat Now Say Goodbye To the Senate for Another Decade How Can We Blame This All On Ryan Call who commissioned the poll.

  4. FrankUnderwood says:

    Who are the Dems running?  Zeninger?

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Woods certainly has enough batcrap-crazy stuff on her facebook page to give moderate voters pause. If anyone pays attention, that is. 

    We’re talking Muslim no-go zones, Obama conspiracies, vaccine conspiracies, gun grab conspiracies, etc…the usual echo chamber stuff. 

  6. JeffcoDemo says:

    I keep bringing this up but nobody wants to address it.  How close is this race without a Libertarian siphoning off 3,500-4,500 conservative votes like the last two elections?  That 1,000 difference was the difference between Evie winning and Rachel losing.  Imagine no Libertarian and this race doesn’t come even close. 

    • Progressicat says:

      Not from Jeffco, so…but is that true?

      2014 was that way, but I have a harder time saying the standard is a recall election where motivation can be lopsided:

      Republican Laura J. Waters Woods 47.6% 29,907 Democratic Rachel Zenzinger 46.6% 29,244 Libertarian Gregg Miller 5.8% 3,664

      Yes, in 2012 it worked that way:

      Democratic Hudak 47% 35,664 Republican Lang Sias 46.3% 35,080 Libertarian Lloyd A. Sweeny 6.7% 5,104

      But in 2008, wasn’t it a straight up win?

      Evie Hudak (D) 31,740Libby Szabo (R) 30,495

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