The Big Tent Collapses: Log Cabin Republicans Booted From Western Conservative Summit

John Andrews.

John Andrews.

A press release from Alex Hornaday of the Colorado Log Cabin Republicans today announces that the group has been disinvited from this year’s Western Conservative Summit at Colorado Christian University:

After being invited and charged a $250 fee, the Colorado Log Cabin Republicans group was disinvited from Western Conservative Summit. Today, John Andrews, the head of Colorado Christian University and Western Conservative Summit, sent the following in response to Colorado Log Cabin Republicans:

“You and your members are very welcome to get tickets and attend, but we can’t officially have the organization as a partner, exhibitor, or advertiser. [Log Cabin Republicans’] worldview and policy agenda are fundamentally at odds with what Colorado Christian University stands for, so it’s just not a fit. [Pols emphasis] I’m sorry it has to be that way.”

“Log Cabin Republicans are known for the hilarious ads painting Jared Polis as a king and the radio ads that aired that featured the ‘Ufestyles of the Rich and Out of Touch’ in an effort to educate Coloradans about Polis’ extremism and hypocrisy. Many of the members of our Colorado chapter are well known conservatives, and one of our board members even ran for the state senate as a Republican,” said Alex Hornaday, spokesperson and vice president.

“At our last meeting we decided we wanted to participate for the first time, have a table, you know nothing huge, but we told we could not participate in any context except as a ticket-buying attendee. Our policy agenda is one that advances a free society, and a freer economy. I think they are missing out.”

“Look, they are a private organization with every right to decide to include whom they wish.” Hornaday clarified, ‘We aren’t going to sue them over this. Nevertheless, a marketplace thrives on information, and this is information that might inform some others’ patronage.”

The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels follows up this morning with John Andrews:

He reiterated that this morning, telling The Denver Post he was “disappointed” that no one from the Log Cabin Republicans called him to discuss the situation and instead sent out a news release.

“The Log Cabin Republicans exists to redefine the family. Log Cabin Republicans think gay marriage should be the law of the land and Colorado Christian University doesn’t believe it should be,” he said. “They advocate contrary to our agenda and our core beliefs.” [Pols emphasis]

Stay tuned: with the Western Conservative Summit set to host numerous high-profile Republicans including a number of top-tier candidates for president, disinviting the Log Cabin Republicans could become a significantly bigger news story than whoever made this ill-advised decision is expecting. The negative press this move seems likely to generate strikes us as much more damaging to the conference, and the GOP brand in general, than simply allowing the Log Cabin Republicans to be there.

But when you’re blinded by prejudice, you tend to not think about how it looks to others. We’ll update this story as it develops.

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    I think Andrews and Bill Armstrong fucked up this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are getting phone calls from the presidential candidates asking WTF and maybe cancelling their appearances. Hate doesn’t sell anymore, boys.

  2. The realist says:

    Wow. Could someone get the attention of the Log Cabin Republicans and help them understand they’ve chosen the wrong political party?!

    • BlueCat says:

       Buried as deeply as they must be in self loathing and denial, I doubt they can be reached.

      • BlueCat says:

        PS. This reminds me of when my best friend was invited to spend the weekend at the home of an upper crust girl she met at summer camp. Her family lived in one of the exclusive north shore Chicago enclaves that didn’t allow home sales to Jews back in the 60s. When the family was setting out for a day at the pool at the Country Club, the mom took her daughter aside and explained that, while they didn’t have anything against her friend’s heritage, please ask your friend not to mention she’s Jewish. Shhhhsh! Mustn’t upset our bigot friends and business associates! 

    • debbielynnepaint says:

      I have wondered a thousand times why the Log Cabin Republicans still identify themselves with the Republican Party.  You wouldn’t have to kick me in the face more than once to settle on a an divorce with them.

      • Moderatus says:

        Conservatism is more than one wedge issue.

        • Duke Cox says:

          I don’t think most gay people consider their sexuality to be a “wedge” issue….perhaps I’m wrong….

          • FrankUnderwood says:

            You’re not wrong. For Moddy and the wing nuts, the self-respect and dignity of a gay Republican is a wedge issue to be placed in a blind trust in return for tax cuts and unlimited ammo magazines.

            • MichaelBowman says:

              If the nutters had their way we go back to the good ol’ days of prison and chemical castration.  Finally had the chance to watch Imitation Games last night…the ilk of ‘pro-life’ Moddy & Co. would rather 14 million more Europeans had perished in WWII than to acknowledge the contribution to society that gay men and women have given us.  There is a special place in Chaps torture chamber for all of you. 

        • BlueCat says:

          Treating an entire segment of humanity as if they’re disgusting garbage isn’t a “wedge issue”. If you respect yourself you don’t tolerate the abuse, disgust and insulting accusations about the downfall of decent society that the GOTP base heaps on gays while the entire party not only tolerates these hateful gay bashers but panders to them by making you persona non grata at important political events event. You don’t support them because you think they’ll make the trains run on time and trust they won’t throw you under the bus for their base.

          No gay person with a modicum of self esteem or plain common sense could possibly want to call themselves a 21st century Republican. I don’t want to hear abou the party’s history. Lincoln etc. It is no longer the party it used to be. The East Coast liberal Republicans are all gone. The Midwestern moderate Republicans are gone. The red state racist conservative Dems have all left the Dem party to become Republicans.

          The progressive, reforming Republican party that championed abolition against conservative foot dragging Dems, elected a reforming, monopoly busting, national park building conservationist in TR and a self proclaimed Liberal in Ike, who ran on a Republican platform of strong support for unions and all American workers, is gone, gone gone. And the Log Cabin Republicans should be too.

          • DaninDen says:

            Perhaps condescending to lump entire LG community as monolithic. Just as it was in the sixties to call upon black leaders to sort out radical break downs of law.

            Not all are brilliant mathematicians capable  of breaking the German Enigma Code in WWII. Loggers desire to sit at the big persons table is understandable, even though it might be with a knob head as Andrews, lacking self awareness & desire to dialog with opposing forces. 

             Instead, look to  the underlying frame of so called conservatism ( lately my penchant to understand) Simply, the Conservative seeks someone to follow (an authority figure ) Conservatives can be  and are mostly lacking an ideology, rather a reactionary group dependent upon Liberal ideas to oppose.

        • Pikes Piqued says:

          If it’s just a silly little wedge issue, and they’re good conservatives, why can’t you folks let them in?

        • Which is, of course, why they were booted from the Conservative Summit – because, you know, Conservatism is more than one wedge issue.

  3. Duke Cox says:

    It was just a matter of time….

    John Hagees’ (and the tax free Christian corporations he represents) influence on the party is starting to draw some serious blood now…this decision is, as our esteemed VP would say… a big fucking deal….

  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    So John’s “disappointed” that teh gayz didn’t call him to discuss his bigotry and his worship of intolerance???

    I’ll bet Backbone Johnny is more disappointed with this being in the press than their not calling?!?

    Keep up the self-marginalization John, it’s your ilk that’s headed into the closet!

    • MADCO says:

      I remain unconvinced most GOTP voters or candidates care.

      I mean – even the Log Cabin R’s remain R’s.  

      So a GOTP candidate or neighbor is now supposed to give a hoot?  I don’t see it.

      The only way this becomes a thing is if big name R’s abandon this event, and all those like it, for this kind of exclusion.   I just don’t see it mattering at all. Not even a little.

  5. Gilpin Guy says:

    Doesn’t matter.

    If you vote for a bigot or a climate science denier who is a thousand times more interested in your daughters vagina than they are in helping the poor or protecting the planet then you are one of them.  No exceptions.  You vote for them then you are one of them.  Votes have consequences.

    • BlueCat says:

      What I’ve always said about the enthusiastic majority of ordinary German voters who listened to all his hate speech and voted for Hitler anyway because, aside from that, they liked his policies. And I don’t think this breaks the Nazi comparison rule or implies that rightie Rs are as bad as Hitler. This is about votes, as you say, having consequences and the voters who cast them bearing responsibility for those consequences, good or bad to whatever degree.

  6. taterheaptom says:

    I cannot believe that Senator Sanctimonious is so blithely displaying his apostasy.  Look I love freedom as much as the next guy, as long as the abominable don’t parade it in my face– with their shaven jowls and cotton-poly blend, no doubt dining on bacon at the breakfast buffet and likely flamboyantly feasting on a sinful serving of shrimp is not altogether unknown among these kind.  

  7. yameniye says:

    One of these days they might get the hint about what the freaking Republicans think of them.

    • Progressicat says:

      Dear The Gays,

      While many of us are content to acknowledge your humanity in private interactions or to enjoy “gaying it up” with you on a weekend evening out at the club, we will continue to elect people who have something bad to say about the government or how black people are making us all out to be slave masters when, let’s be honest, we’ve given them a lot already (jobs at McDonalds, Eminem, come on!) without regard to how much these politicians hate you.  We know they do, because God knows they go on about it, but we’re tired of the poors taking all our money (We had to settle for for an S550 this year– you do know there’s a 600, right?).  We realize that means you won’t be able to marry the person you’ve loved for 20 years, but, hey, you’d just trade them in for 2 25s when you hit 50, right?

      Thanks, and don’t get your log stuck in anyone’s cabin (that one never gets old),

      The Republicans

  8. FrankUnderwood says:

    This story gets better and better. Conservative David Harsanyi said the Summit’s dis-invitation “makes no sense.” Jon Caldara said this feeds the perception that the GOP is “not friendly to alternative lifestyles.” (“Alternative lifestyles”….how 1970’s, Jon! But if Caldara represents the best in 1970’s thinking, John Andrews reflects the best in 1870’s thinking.)

    It’s looking like the great cultural war which Pat Buchanan declared at the 1992 GOP convention in Houston is now an internal civil war in the GOP. Nice!

  9. BlueCat says:

    So when do these folks start their push to outlaw divorce? You know… because the only kind of family they can support is the kind with both a mom and a dad and the primary cause of kids growing up in one parent households is so many moms and dads splitting up? After all, common as dirt divorce as a threat to their idea of traditional marriage and family dwarfs whatever degree of threat they seem to think gay marriage presents. BTW, has anybody here gotten a divorce and left the kids with the other spouse to move out of state lately because gays are allowed to marry, too?

  10. Canines says:

    You can’t have your wedding cake or eat it too.

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