Friday Jams Fest

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  1. Zappatero says:

    Under the God

    Skin dance back-a-the condo
    Skin heads getting to school
    Beating on blacks with a baseball bat
    Racism back in rule
    White trash picking up Nazi flags
    While you was gone, there was war
    This is the west, get used to it
    They put a Swastika over the door
    Under the God, under the God
    One step over the red line
    Under the God, under the God
    Ten steps into the crazy, crazy
    Washington heads in the toilet bowl
    Don’t see supremacist hate
    Right wing dicks in their boiler suits
    Picking out who to annihilate
    Toxic jungle of Uzi trails
    Tribesmen just wouldn’t live here
    Fascist flare is fashion cool
    Well, you’re dead, you just ain’t buried yet….

  2. Canines says:

    Miss the trees?

    Won’t Miss the trees

    Miss the bees?

    Won’t Miss the bees

    The Leapin’

    Like a River Dancer’s nuts

    The Stuttering Like a Tapir noshers Phut

    Miss the wind? So?…

    No banners snapping

    Miss the ashes?

    We grabbed Wednesday

    Miss the sun?

    Welding skin to armour!?!

    Red, then orange, the yellow

    Then white Red, then orange, the yellow

    Then white

    Bull by Scott Walker

  3. mamajama55 says:

    Souls are coming back….

  4. WoKlo says:

    Three Dog Night this band changed my life. The first time I heard Liar I burst out in tears.

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