So Much for Political Expediency

As the Fort Collins Coloradoan reports:

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave is among a small group of House Republicans gathered in Washington this week to protest Congress adjourning without passing energy legislation, but records show she and 11 of the other protesters voted to do exactly that six weeks earlier.

The earlier votes came June 24, at a time when the average national gas price was $4.07 a gallon, or about 20 cents higher than current levels, according to AAA records.

Republicans called for two successive votes to adjourn that morning, but the motions were easily defeated because of almost no Democratic support and the backing of only about a third of the GOP members.

Whoops! But here’s the best part of the story:

“I went to the nearest gas station and talked to people pumping gas to see what the number one thing on their mind was, and they said it was the price of gas,” Musgrave said, according to a blog being maintained by House Minority Leader John Boehner’s staff.

Really? You went to a gas station to ask people the number one issue on their minds, and they said gas prices? Wonder what would have happened if you had gone to an emergency room?

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  1. divad says:

    …Repubs do indeed seem to enjoy their stupidity.  

  2. bartnrod says:

    Marilyn, oh Marilyn; dear Marilyn.  How have you stayed in office for this long?  Just watching and listening to you is like listening to scratching fingernails on the proverbial chalk board.  Good Lord have mercy, spare Colorado.  

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