Ritter exonerated

from the Denver Post

An administrative law judge dismissed campaign-finance complaints against Gov. Bill Ritter for misusing inaugural money and took the rare step of ordering the Republican who filed them to pay the governor’s legal fees

The Republicans tried to make something out of this but Ritter responded to this problem perfectly. Poor Republicans, what to do against a governor who is honest, effective & popular.

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  1. Kiki Trumpet says:

    The article didn’t give many details about the decision.  But it appears that the only reason the CIVIL case was dismissed is because the statute of limitations had been reached.  The Post did point out that Ritter’s campaign broke multiple laws.  After all, isn’t using corporate cash to pay for campaign expenses illegal?

    Should Enron have gotten off the hook if they had just admitted it after the fact?

    Meanwhile, the criminal investigation continues.

    • Republican 36 says:

      It was obvious when this was filed the 180 day statute of limitations had run and therefore Lambert’s complaint was frivilous.  He and if he had counsel knew this.  The complaint was filed merely for politcial reasons not because they believed the Governor personally did anything wrong but in an attempt to embarrass him, even though Governor Ritter was open and honest to the last detail about this entire matter.  

      The criminal invrestigation is aimed at his former campaign manager who is the one who perpetrated these acts without the Governor’s knowledge and certainly not with his permission.  

    • Middle of the Road says:

      Bad day to be you, Kiki, at least according to the Judge:

      ..which called his [Bent]complaint “substantially groundless.”

  2. divad says:

    Come up with real catchy nick-names for him?  Or, just drag out tired, ignorant old things like the Ag trespass?

    Not a lot of arrows left in their quiver, it would seem.

  3. Kiki Trumpet says:

    that you can use corporate dollars for campaign purposes as long as you report them after the statute runs out.  Six figures even.  I’m sure there’s some irony there about Ritter being a DA.

  4. Libertad says:

    He seems like a really decent human being, very moral and fair. I know because he gave state workers the Right-to-Work.

    Anyway, what about criminal charges for those on his staff and the main guy who had to return the stolen cash?

    What potential charges can be applied and by who?

  5. sjintheknow says:

    I bet that the Judge is a Big Democrat that just loves Get Rid Of Ritter.

    Not surprised most judges are Left because Democrats stop any Conservative Judges from getting on the bench.

    Kiki it does not matter that Ritter broke the law you only have to own the Judges!

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