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January 20, 2015 12:41 PM UTC

"Last Call For Ryan Call?" Opponents Lay Out Grievances

  • by: Colorado Pols


The campaign by grassroots Republicans to oust Colorado Republican Party chairman Ryan Call continues, with supporters of Call's opponent in the upcoming leadership (s)election Steve House circulating a list of "grievances" against Call that some of our readers will remember fondly:

What is the Record of the Chairman in the Last Four Years?

– 42% increase in active unaffiliated voters, (100,000 in 2014 alone!)
– 12% decrease in state positions held by GOP (51-45-51), NET 0 
– No or small support of county candidates to state offices
– Organized an interference in the state primary for his governor
– Opposed and worked against the Recall efforts 
– Turned on his own and fell to the left's race baiting ‪#‎Chickengate‬
– Donated to Democrats 
– Outsourced all GOP legal matters to his own firm
– Stacked the Executive Committee 
– Inflated salary and expenses 
– Would not support Tony Sanchez against Kerr 
– No real respect for conservative grassroots 
– Ignored most voting irregularities including Adams and Boulder
– Brought pro-common core, pro-amnesty Jeb Bush to CO 
– Supported the RNC rules changes against grassroots 
– Tried to eliminate straw polls 
– Most fundraising came from RNC, not Ryan Call
– No or low amount of small donors (major sign of failure),
– Doesn't promote the constitution or platform
– Didn't publicly oppose the corruption in Mississippi 
– Silent on O'Keefe video of CO Dems promoting voting fraud
– Supports failed candidates and officials who vote against our own platform
– Presided over a disastrous assembly in Boulder in 2014 with not enough food, no outside vendors allowed, no weapons allowed (only CC, after a fight and a search). 
-The list goes on and on.

Ryan Call is Good For Washington and Bad for Colorado

A lot to chew on in this laundry list of grievances against Call, but it's obvious that the "Tea Party" grassroots is no more happy with Call after four years than they were when former chairman Dick Wadhams was on his way out the door in 2011. Wadhams ended his tenure after a disastrous 2010 election cycle, in which Republican candidates imploded and squandered a major "wave year" opportunity. After that experience Wadhams did not run again, saying "I'm tired of the nuts who have no grasp of what the state party role is."

Despite the dissatisfaction among the conservative grassroots with Wadhams, it's widely believed that he could have won re-election to the job of state chairman had he chose to stay in the running in 2011. In 2015, we can't say the same of Ryan Call–who has had a very difficult time as well keeping a fractious and frequently off-message Republican caucus on track, and lacks Wadhams' forceful personality to command respect. Lingering anger over the shenanigans in the GOP gubernatorial primary last year, which saw Bob Beauprez elevated by national Republicans over grassroots pick Tom Tancredo also works against Ryan Call, especially with the possibility of the party helping Beauprez recoup his own campaign loans looming.

And by God, make sure there's enough food for everyone at the state assembly.


10 thoughts on ““Last Call For Ryan Call?” Opponents Lay Out Grievances

  1. – Presided over a disastrous assembly in Boulder in 2014 with not enough food, no outside vendors allowed, no weapons allowed (only CC, after a fight and a search). 

    How dare he? This sort of looks like the fabled straw….

  2. No weapons allowed at a GOP convention?  Well, where's the fun in that?

    So, the state central committee meeting resembles the feast of Festivus with the airing of grievance, and the feats of strength. 

    1. This list is obviously the work of a few of the dimmer RMGO nutters . . . 

      . . . ya' can't get any more grassrooty than Dudley and his storied brain trust. 

      1. Cuz sum buddy mite insult mah wimminfoke, er scratch mah nu Dodge Ram, er sey sumthin knice bowt that thar dark-skynned kinyin moose-slum soshulist mongrul in mah WHITE house, an thin ima gonna hafta ventilate 'im, ya undastand?

            1. Not all homeschooled kids are ignorant progeny of anti-science rednecks. 

              Kids with severe mental and physical disabilities, kids on the autism spectrum,  have contagious illnesses, lots of gay and transgender kids that can't hack the school bullying, gifted kids whose schools can't offer challenging courses,rural kids, reservation kids,  and transient military kids are among those for whom homeschooling or distance learning is the best option. 

              It's why we need excellent broadband access everywhere in America, because more and more, homeschooled kids access courses online. 

  3. Not enough food?

    Maybe ya shoulda called Popeye's, eh Ryan?

    (Please let 'em replace Call with a bat-sh_t racist teabuggerer, oh please, oh please oh please!)

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