Did You Get Your Plane Ride?

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Matt bergles, his staff and friends are now working full time to get his message out. We’re burning through the flyers and brochures, and yard signs are at a premium. It’s going to take some cash to get the job done – printing, posters, signs. There are 65,000 people in our District, and we need to reach them all.

And to make this exciting (and informative), Matt is offering to take anyone contributing $300 or more during the month of June on a flight (if they so choose) in a Cessna 172 over the city and plains to witness first-hand the Colorado sprawl phenomenon. Here’s the movie.  – Posted from http://mattbergles.blogspot.com

I have to say I have seen some stupid things offered for a donation but this one has to take the cake.  

1. This cannot be legal unless he reports the cost of fuel, wear and tear on the plane, taxi and ground fees.

2. How can you increase your carbon footprint… Wait take a plane flight.

Does anyone know if there are limits on gifts you can receive from someone trying to buy your donation?  Why not just hand out cash or Ipods?

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  1. That is funny, I want a plane ride.   What a Joke, is this the type of person you want in the state house?

    Also, it must be like 300 bucks in fuel these days.  

  2. Westminster says:

    the third tier candidate in this race.  This can’t be legal, and is clearly not eco friendly.

  3. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    He is the only one in the 8 who really understands TABOR, AB and Gallagher.

    I’ve been vacilating between him and Cindy (she’s good on healthcare and shows a lot of hustle)


    Even though there is no Finance implication (I’ll take you through it if you like), it seems like a stupid idea to me.

    • Dear Mr Fraiser

      As we discussed Today on the phone, the plane ride(s) would need to be reported by Mr. Bergles campaign as an expenditure.  They would use fair market value to determine the amount of the fuel, etc.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call or email.


      Keri Ashley

      Campaign and Political Finance

      Colorado Secretary of State’s Office

      • Danny the Red (hair) says:

        It doesn’t make it illegal.

        Did he accept caps?

        Is he close to the caps?

        Having to report something doesn’t make it an issue.  Its akin to Polis’s trip to Iraq–the issue was the implication of the millionaire’s amendment (now not an issue).

        I didn’t dispute that it needed to be reported (although a credible case that it wouldn’t could be made–myself I am more conservative than that), I was merely stating that it was legal which wstminster said was illegal.

        • If he does not report it, then it is.  He is not accounting for money he is or maybe is putting into his race.  Taking Donors on flights over the city has to cost him money personally which he needs to account for as an in kind or pay himself back via the campaigns.

          It makes me wonder, how many people who gave 300 plus got plane flights we do not know about.  

          • Danny the Red (hair) says:

            There is no problem with spending money on fundraising.

            Usually it food and wine, if you don’t report that that’s illegal too.

            You can not use a hypothetical future failure to report as a present failure to report.  It imputes a future action to a present determination.  Sloppy thinking.

            He’s a pilot and I think he owns a plane.  His costs? If you want to know how many took the flight, call him up.  I’ve met him a couple of times and I think he’s pretty open.

            • DUguy2008 says:

              Well it is a faliure to report if he took people up in the air and did not report it.  Even the SOS would think so, You have a limit that you can inkind for any event at least at the federal level. You can only inkind $1,000 per cycle for event costs. IE things that are used in putting on an event… Wine, food, ect ect.  Taking someone on a plane ride is not… just think if Mccain or Obama took his top donors on a plane ride.  It would be huge news.

              I just want to hear from Matt and sent him an email asking him about it.  I think it more funny but if he as not reported it willing or not it is shady.  

              • Danny the Red (hair) says:

                the filing deadline is July 15th.  Unless you have a time machine you do not know whether he failed to report trips in his filing report for June.

                As to the $1k limit. That is for the HOST (not the candidate not the candidate committee).  Even if they exceed the $1k limit it just counts against their normal campaign contribution limits.

                More relevant are the “travel” in kind limits.  Which are also up to $1k.  (this is why I said there was a case of this not being reportable–which I being conservative would not have pursued)


  4. untouchable8 says:

    Matt just talks about Tabor the most. He understands no more than anyone else who’s paid attention.  

    • Does that mean you got an airplane ride?

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      Beth McCann didn’t understand even the basics about TABOR until I talked to her about it.  I think she has good ideas on Justice, but that is not the major issue for the state right now.

      Cindy is pretty good on TABOR, but if you are not talking about TABOR you are just flapping your gums.  I like Cindy, I’m right there with her on healthcare, but until we fix the underlying financial structure, Healthcare reform of the magnitude she is proposes is just a pipe dream.

      You have to be talking about TABOR et al because we need to educate voters about what it does and how its destroying the budget.

  5. denver politico says:

    Let’s get back to the carbon footprint idea…

    Does anyone know what kind of plane it is?  I assume it’s not a jetliner but I wonder if TerraPass has a carbon footprint calculator for smaller planes.  I’d expect more awareness of energy efficiency in this race.  

  6. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    So no one was eligible for the plane ride.

    Still not the smartest fundraising idea.

    I wish there was more information on state race in kind contributions.

  7. ptarmigan says:


    Hey, if you really want Lowery to win, get OFF the frickin’ internet and WORK.  She is SO far behind in raising money – and let’s face it – if one resorts to Pols to get one’s message out, it’s kinda like singing in the shower.  

    BTW, you can actually check the Secretary of State’s website, and find listed contributions – cash and in-kind.  As of July 7th, Matt Bergles had given no plane rides.  Matt has a whimsical, as well as deeply pragmatic side to him, and I would guess that’s where this comes from.  Anyway, your speculation is moot because it hasn’t happened, though I’m sure if you HAD $300, you wouldn’t give it to your heroine -Cindy Lowery had $1700 in the bank last week, goin’ down FAST.

    If you’re really looking for dirt, go to her first quarter/ 2nd quarter reports, where you will be naively surprised to find that her single biggest contributor is one Hasan family.  Five members maxed, giving her individually the $400 which amounts to a whopping $2000.  (Whopping by Lowery standards.)  

    And WHO is the Hasan family, you ask?  Senior was a doctor who became a big-time HMO owner, made MILLIONS cutting costs to those expensive little nuicances called patients.  The Hasans are Republicans and have a sweet multi-million-dollar chalet in Avon.  Oh, my.  And Cindy is your champion for single-payer health insurance??!!!  I will stick w/ my man, Matt.

    This little bird’s flyin’ high, because Matt Bergles has it down pat over those two attorneys!

  8. sillyrabbit says:

    Like many races in Denver, the primaries are more important than November. This is ridiculous for this competition. No matter who wins, perhaps the candidates of HD 8 should make a mark by passing on their funds to some needy races and candidates outside county rather than carbon bootstomping…

    As to the obvious supporter of the candidate with flight for donation receipts, I offer that the policy differences revealed between them are minimal and  it has been telling that in the early campaign one candidate focused  on Pinon Canon (way outside the district), another brought attention safety, and other committed to healthcare.

    It should also be noted that the candidates split the vote three ways at the convention by statistically insignificant margins.

    Up until last filing there was only one person with more than $2K in the bank, which had been sitting since January.

    My point is watch the youtube videos on each of them (search “house district 8 denver colorado”), and vote in the primary.

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