Musgrave Backs Armstrong

According to a press release from the campaign of Republican Wil Armstrong, who is running for congress in CD-6:

Today US Rep. Marilyn Musgrave endorsed Wil Armstrong for congress.  Rep. Musgrave cited Armstrong’s business experience as a critical factor.

“Wil is the only candidate in the race with extensive business experience” Musgrave said, “having spent years hiring employees, building businesses and managing them through fluctuating economies.

“Finally, Wil Armstrong is a devout family man who leads by example.  He is a steadfast and principled conservative.  Colorado families would be fortunate to have Wil Armstrong fighting for them in Congress.”

In addition to her formal endorsement, Rep. Musgrave also released a short video clip of her support for Armstrong.  The video is available at:

In the video, you can almost hear Musgrave saying, “Was that okay, Bill?”

Just kidding, but how well does a Musgrave endorsement play in CD-6? No doubt all of the candidates would have been happy to have her support, but in the end, how much does it really do for Armstrong?

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  1. Devo says:

    Wow, Bill has done a bang-up job racking up the endorsements for his boy. Too bad endorsements don’t win races, especially endorsements that are anything but genuine.

  2. RedGreen says:

    If you hit the “More” button after Musgrave’s video finishes playing, you get a Wil Armstrong Endorsement Easter Egg — a Scott McInnis endorsement, taped this afternoon, according to the date stamp on the video. This is sure to help with the crucial Western Slope portion of the 6th District.

  3. Billy goat says:

    Without Bill, Wil would be just another mortgage lender. The latest company his dad started for him, Blueberry Systems… is just a front to try and draw people away from the fact that Wil has been a mortgage lender his whole life. Wil Armstrong is hiding the fact that his business career is in the mortgage industry and that he was chairman of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association in 2005 and in 2006. This organization successfully fought off any regulation of the mortgage industry during a time when Colorado was among the 10 states in mortgage fraud.  Thanks, in part, to Armstrong’s efforts, Colorado emerged in 2006 as the number one state in foreclosures.  A little regulation would have gone a long ways in helping Colorado’s families. Wil bankrupted one of his dad’s companies and almost bankrupted the state of Colorado. Thats the kind of experience we need in congress?    

  4. CR GOP says:

    Musgrave must really owe daddy Armstrong a lot to put her neck on the line for a guy who is trailing in the polls by nearly 30 points. All of these “endorsements” (read: payback to Bill Armstrong) are not going to get Will over the hump, or even near the hump for that matter. The only hope Armstrong has to make this race close will be to run a nasty smear campaigns against Coffman starting in July. The Armstrong’s have shown in the past it’s not out of their character to use 527’s to try to win an election. I don’t expect anything different this time around.

    • true colorado conservative says:

      Democrats “Red to Blue” program targeting her campaign and the fact that she is trailing in the polls. Perhaps she thinks Bill will come and rescue her with a 527 attacking Betsy or get a bunch of his buddies to maxout to her campaign. Regardless, Musgrave does not appear sincere in her endorsement.  

      • BlueCat says:

        the only target of “red to blue” running for the House.   Perlmutter and John Salazar are sitting pretty and CDs 5 and 6 sure aren’t going to get any serious Dem money, leaving everything the Dems have got to spare just for her. Could this be the end?  

    • DavidThi808 says:

      that the Republicans spend enormous amounts on the CD-6 (and CD-5) primaries having none left over for MM in the general.

  5. CD6 Dem says:

    Does anybody REALLY believe Little Armstrong would get any of these endorsements (Owens,Musgrave, McInnis) if it weren’t for the fact that ALL of them have received support from his old man. Give me a break.  

    • kylee says:

      Armstrong is the worst candidate of the 4 Republicans running for CD-6. His message stinks and he does not know the issues.   Without his dad’s name and dad’s money, he would be in last place.  

  6. DBrown says:

    remind me of the blair witch project. Poor production quality and a weak attempt to portray something that is scripted as reality.

  7. Kiki Trumpet says:

    Wow.  Phase Li… Coffman Country is up and at ’em.  Trying to pin the housing crisis on Wil is like pinning our extended stay in Iraq on Mike.  Must be a lot of renters on here.

    Wil down by 30 points?  Where’d you hear that?… Oh, that’s right, Mike Coffman.  He would never release poll numbers that were produced for political purposes.

    Don’t ask me, you can spend days Googling Mike’s ethical lapses, his leadership lapses, and his competency lapses.

    As for the endorsements, they are what they are.  But I would bet that the one’s Wil is racking up are worth more than 5 ancient GOP chairs Mike brags about.

    • Randy R says:

      Being chairman of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association and testifying against regulation of the mortgage business in front of the state legislature has nothing to do with this foreclosure mess we are in. Trying telling that to someone who lost their home. When Wil has an accomplishment he made on his own give me a call and I might care.

  8. Kennerly says:

    trying to help Mike shrink away from his SoS position which he was soooooo fantastic at. The Statesman Chronicles the myriad of blunders that Secretary Mike Cofffman (also running for Congress)committed during his occupation of the office.

    Hell, if he wins this seat I bet that in 2 years when his term is up we will see him run for both Senate and Governor, at the same time. He seems to be quite good at climbing the ranks of the political ladder.

    Now only if he was even a little competent…

  9. CR GOP says:

    Shari, Walt, and the rest of the victory 08 SWAT crew have to know these endorsements are as phony as Armstrong’s chances in this race.  

  10. oklahoma09 says:

    How can the citizens of cd-6 trust a guy according to the Colorado Statesman article who is indecisive in doing the job he is currently holding as Secretary of State, this guy Coffman is hoping the citizens of cd-6 gives him a free pass. Coffman is putting his political ambitions first instead of doing the job he was elected to  fullfill in 2006. It appears when the going gets tough this marine finds a way out by running for another political office so that he is not held accountable for his actions by throwing others under the bus. Name an accomplishment in Coffman’s political career he can claim credit for. Oh! he does not stay in office long enought because he is plotting a run for another office before it gets tough. The citizens of cd-6 can see through his scheme of not putting the their interest first but watching out for Coffman at all cost. GO Armstrong!!!  

    • DavidThi808 says:

      You say Coffman is doing a lousy job as SoS.

      You say Coffman should remain as SoS.

      Does this mean you want an incompetent as SoS?

    • bmanattherib says:

      Here is Colorado people care about the school district Mike helped save. They care about his honor to this country as an infantry leader in the Marine Corps. They care about a qualified experienced candidate. Mike Coffman has a record. Look at his cut scores. Look at his right to life rating.  This marine has never looked for a way out and volunteered to serve in Iraq despite the dangerous and hostile environment. He helped with two national elections.  Meanwhile, Wil was at home in Colorado. He sunk one of his dad’s businesses. Went into the mortgage business and made a bunch of money off people who longer have homes. All of his business success can be attributed to his father. Mike Coffman is self made. These are at least 3 accomplishments I named of Mike’s career and there are many more. I say name one of Wil’s accomplishments that can’t be attributed to his father?

      • Kennerly says:

        I appreciate Coffman’s service abroad, but technically the Legislature doesn’t control the military; the President does. One reason the Iraq War went so terribly for a time is the trouble Congress gave the President and the generals, which didn’t let them fight an effective war. The Framers gave the Pres this power so he can make effective quick decisions with out a majority vote.

        Coffman’s experience means little in Congress and apparently means little to him. If he can run elections in a foreign nation, then why is Colorado so hard? There’s no open warfare, no death threats to voters, no occupying force, so why is it so hard to find machines that work and make sure our elections happen without a hitch? I don’t think he’s doing a good job in the SoS seat so there’s no way he should get close to a policy making position. But he’s better than the next guy for the SoS seat, Ken Gordon…

        • RedGreen says:

          is the trouble Congress gave the President and the generals, which didn’t let them fight an effective war.”

          You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

          As a paid staff member of the Armstrong campaign, don’t you realize how badly these wild misstatements reflect on your candidate?

          • Kennerly says:

            but I’m leaning towards Harvey, unfortunately he doesn’t have enough money to run effectively.

            And I do have a hell of a good idea about the war. The pushes by Democrats and squish Republicans in Congress for timetables and foolish funding of social programs that are inefficient and badly managed are great detriments to the war effort. Why do our soldiers not have the best body armor? Why weren’t our Hummers armored more heavily? Why do troops continue to go on endless tours of duty? Congress won’t fund our troops because they are short minded, caring only to do enough to get reelected and continue legislating our nation to death. Timetables for leaving Iraq anywhere within the next 10 years or even longer are ridiculous; we still have forces in Japan, Korea, and Germany. Obviously they are serving in far different functions but the point remains that Congress type of war/occupation but rather the next election cycle.

            Of course it is foolish to say that this was the only issue, there was an obvious lack of planning in this war by the President and his staff but that is why I said “one reason”.

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