Musgrave for President!

The scenario seems plausible enough–a battered Republican Party, realizing that John McCain can’t win in November, pulls a switcheroo at the GOP National Convention and ends up with a new candidate instead.

The Huffington Post outlines this potential scenario, which might seem credible until this list appears at the end of the story of possible replacement candidates:

Here’s a list of names. Some you know, some you don’t. But each of them knows their name is in play. Among them —

Condoleezza Rice (Secretary of State)

Colin Powell (fmr Sec. of State)

Marilyn Musgrave (Colorado Congresswoman)[Pols emphasis]

Mitt Romney (fmr Massachusetts Governor)

Mike Huckabee (fmr Governor of Arkansas)

Charlie Crist (Florida Governor)

Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota Governor)

Bobby Jindal (Louisiana Governor)

Mark Sanford: (Governor of South Carolina)

John Thune (Senator from South Dakota)

Dick Lugar (Senator from Indiana)

Chuck Hagel (Senator from Nebraska)

Michael Bloomberg (NYC Mayor)

Musgrave is in danger of losing her own congressional seat here in Colorado, but she would be a better Presidential candidate than McCain?

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  1. Half Glass Full says:

    … this one has to take the cake.



    And Bloomberg? You mean the guy who recently QUIT the Republican Party?

    And 36-year-old Jindal? For PRESIDENT?

    Hagel? Gee, maybe he can run as Obama’s VP pick AND the Republican Presidential pick…

    What is that Huffington columnist smoking – and where can I get some ‘cuz it’s obviously extremely potent!

    I suppose it’s theoretically possible that John “Gold Plated Divot Tool” McCain (check out his gift store) might have to bow out for health reasons, but in that case it’s gotta be either Romney or (longshot) Huckabee who gets the nod.

    Musgrave??? Heee heee heee!

  2. Middle of the Road says:

    He has suggested that he is considering voting for Obama. And he has previously stated that he will never run for president, mostly in deference to his wife’s feelings on the matter.

    I guess Huffington is bored, now that the Dem primary is over. Time for some good old fashioned unfounded speculation.

    This list actually makes more sense if it were a guess list of potential VP nominees. I see some likely candidates on here. I don’t think Musgrave would be one, for strictly practical reasons–McCain needs someone on the ticket who isn’t a Westerner…that is, if he is following the usual President/Vice President playbook.  

  3. Arvadonian says:

    They’ve finally figured out a way to hold the 4th CD!

  4. Cartesian Doubt says:

    For each, there are a lot of reasons why they would be a bad idea, and some of those are the same points used against Obama or McCain himself (too old, too young, not enough experience, etc.) The GOP may end up feeling like Goldilocks (too hot, too cold), but will they be able to find a better candidate than McCain with 5 months left until election day?

    I think the author of this column is out of his mind. You have few true party loyalists, and fewer who could stand the rigors of the campaign.

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