Walker Stapleton is Like Santa Claus, Minus the Presents and the Beard

Perhaps this is how Walker Stapleton gets into his office.

Perhaps this is how Walker Stapleton gets into his office.

Democrat Betsy Markey is trying to unseat incumbent Republican Walker Stapleton in the race for State Treasurer, a task that is particularly difficult in a year where three marquee races (Governor, U.S. Senate, and CD-6) are gobbling up air time on every television in the state. When it is difficult to capture the public's attention in the midst of so many television ads, it becomes especially important to make sure that your ads hit home; Markey's first TV ad does that and more, with a pretty problematic charge against Stapleton.

In short, Stapleton comes off looking very much a part-time Treasurer when an open records request reveals something that looks bad no matter how you spin it. So how does Stapleton's campaign respond to charges that he is rarely in his office the building? As the Denver Post's Lynn Bartels reports, not very well:

“At best, it’s inexcusable. At worst, it’s a scandal,” the spot says. “According to official key card records, Stapleton only bothers showing up at his office around 10 days a month.”

Stapleton’s campaign spokesman, Michael Fortney, said when the treasurer forgets his key card, which is often, he goes through the public entrance where attendance records are not kept. [Pols emphasis]

“This is silly. Betsy knows there is more than one way to get into the Capitol. The fact is she has zero understanding of the treasurer’s office and public finance so she has to rely on this garbage,” Fortney said.

One of the most straightforward methods for examining a state employee's work habits is to take a look at how often their key card is used to access the building and, thus, gain entrance into their office. Stapleton's spokesperson would have you believe that Stapleton often forgets his key card and enters the building through a public entrance…which would be perfectly understandable if not for the fact that all building entrances have a key card scanner and a keypad. Perhaps Stapleton also sprinkles magic dust over himself and enters his office through the chimney.

Here's the ad:

The full script for the ad, titled "Missing," is available after the jump.

Missing Script:
VOICE OVER: At bestits inexcusable. 
At worstits a scandal. State Treasurer Walker Stapleton. 
Official key-card records from his Denver office confirm
Stapleton only bothers showing up at his office around ten days a month
Often, skipping the office for weeks at a time. 
Or only showing up after three P.M. 
While we pay Walker Stapleton his full-time salary. 
For a serious state treasurerwho built one of Americas Five-Hundred Fastest-Growing Companies. 
Businesswoman Betsy Markey.

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  1. FrankUnderwood says:


  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    So, just another fat fuck dressed in red that only comes to Colorado once a year.  Must be a Nebraskan?!?

  3. DenverMom says:

    Everyone forgets their key card sometimes–but 12 times a month?  And how does he not have it at 8 am, but regains it at 3 pm.  This is a weak explanation.  Name one thing Stapleton has done as Treasurer besides bash PERA and public employees.  He is a disgrace and should be voted out of office.


    • mamajama55 says:

      He hasn't done anything besides bash PERA and public employees. Perhaps this is why his work hours are so minimal.

      Markey, on the other hand, pledges transparency, including where all the marijuana tax money goes, building real public accountability into the Treasurer's office. It would be a fine change of pace.

  4. Miss Jane says:

    Another couple of questions is how long does he stay when he shows up and is he actually working on state business while he is there?

    • Davie says:

      I'll bet he has a humongous phone bill — especially to his family, friends and his real estate investment company back in California.

      Maybe a whistleblower in the office will come forward to back up the extensive circumstantial evidence that he's a no-show at the office most of the time.

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