What I thought was going to be a race issue is turning out to be a generational issue, I think….

I am sure you all know how I feel about the race baiting going on in this Presidential race.  But I have one question:

Will the Republicans destroy their “Brand” for decades because of how far out of touch they have become?

I have been stuck in bed with a bad bout of allergies, so I watched all of the news shows today. CNN, MSNBC and my favorite channel FOX News.  What I witnessed had angered me all day.

Pat Buchanan describe Barack as “exotic” on the Dan Abrams show, Fox chiming in by attacking Michelle by calling her “Obama’s baby mama” and more commentary on the “terrorist fist jab” shared by Barack and Michelle.

All of these things are generational, not racial:

1. Vanessa Williams was described as “exotic” when she was crowned Miss America (OK, there were other words as well), but I have not heard a Black person called exotic since the 80’s.

2. Calling the possible first Black First Lady of the United States, “Obama Baby Mama” would be disgraceful if it were not so stupid.

3. And lastly, the Terrorist Fist Jab – what?!  I have been giving “Dap” to my friends (Black, White, Gay and Alien) for about 15 years.  As a matter of fact the word “Dap” has been around longer than Al Qaeda!

One woman on Fox claimed that Michelle comes off too strong.  That’s interesting.  And Cindy McCain is about as weak as possible – timid, drug addicted, frail and not one opinion on anything. So, once again old republican men want us to believe that a strong woman who is partnership with her spouse is a negative?  This is not racial; we saw the same thing with Hillary when Bill ran for office.  

In 1992, as it is today, it is about a generational change.  Old Republican men seem to like their women frail and sitting behind them glaring lovingly at their every word – Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush, Cindy McCain.  As a woman, I find that brand of women “Old School” and “Out Dated” and nothing I would aspire to be.

I then watched BBC America (I am half British after all) and I was sad to see that the rest of the world is picking up on the stupidity of the Republican Party.  Sad, because at the end of the day some Brit in a pub is asking his friends, “What the hell is wrong with the yanks?” Not, “What the hell is wrong the Republican yanks”, but “What is wrong with the whole lot of them?”

The 24 hour news cycle will create overkill racism that will make the Republican Party the laughing stock of the world!

My dear Conservative, old men, you have tried at every turn to stop progress and you have failed every time.  

Women can now vote and get an education – and even use what they have learned professionally.  Blacks are now free and can own property.  Women can show their ankles in public and move out of their parent’s house before they get married.  Our great government has made it possible for smart poor kids to get a great education and become smart rich grown ups. A woman can be the most the powerful figure in politics and Black man will become the most powerful man on earth.  

And on the day that Barack Hussein Obama puts one hand on the bible and looks lovingly at his dark-skinned strong Black wife and utters the oath of office, the world will cheer for us and continue laughing at those we leave behind.  

Note to Republicans: The world is changing and you can’t stop it.  Not only can’t you stop it, you are looking like buffoons in the process.

But then again that is just the opinion of strong willed, outspoken, educated, Naval Officer, entrepreneur, bi-racial women that could kick your ass in a bar fight. In other words, the opinion of a Republican nightmare.

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    because they see it all slipping away and they don’t understand this new world.

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