Aurora Sentinel Rips Into Gardner in Endorsing Udall

Cory Gardner REJECTED!

Wherein Bill Russell = Newspaper Editorial Boards

As we say every Election Year, we don't attempt to list every newspaper endorsement of every major political race in Colorado. Rather, we keep an eye out for particularly notable endorsements and/or obvious trends. After an initial weekend of newspaper endorsements, one trend has glaringly stood out: By and large, editorial boards of Colorado newspapers apparently believe that Republican Congressman Cory Gardner is, well, a Con Man.

Earlier today we pointed out a key line from the Durango Herald's endorsement of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall:

Gardner’s dogged support for personhood says one of two things about him. Either his position on women’s rights is far out of the Colorado mainstream or the congressman will say anything for a vote.

If you thought that was rough, check out the Aurora Sentinel's no-nonsense editorial endorsement of Udall:

Colorado voters have tough choices to make on this year’s ballot, but the decision for U.S. Senate is clear and easy: Mark Udall.

Even if Republican challenger Cory Gardner were a credible candidate to represent one of the country’s most diverse and dynamic states in the U.S. Senate, Udall has proven himself in the House and Senate that he has all Colorado interests at heart.

Make no mistake, Congressman Gardner is not a credible candidate for the Senate seat. [Pols emphasis] His campaign has been decimated by deceits and distractions. It’s political bait-and-switch at its worse, and Colorado voters can easily see through it…

…We haven’t agreed with Udall on every vote and every position, but we know he can be trusted to make decisions based on thoughtful analysis of impacts on everyone in Colorado. Udall has the integrity to stand behind his votes and his politics, a quality Gardner clearly lacks. [Pols emphasis] We recommend trusting Udall with another term in the Senate.


As we wrote earlier, it's not uncommon for newspapers to write a nice paragraph or two about the non-endorsed candidate, but clearly there is a trend emerging here.


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  1. Republican 36 says:

    Credibility, Credibility, Credibility

    I've been out-of-town for a week and came home this evening and began reading the blogs and papers from the past seven days. It is clear Mr. Gardner has been exposed for who he really is – someone who will change his position on a dime if he thinks it will get him some votes. He doesn't really believe in anything except getting elected. He'll never admit it of course, but his undoing rests on his shoulders. He tried to fool the voters of Colorado about where he stands on many many issues when he has taken the exact opposite position for years before his campaign for the senate this year. The Durango Herald and the Aurora Sentinel have said it best. Mr. Gardner simply can't be trusted.

  2. davebarnes says:

    I see Dave Perry's hand in writing that endorsement. Powerful. No word mincing.

  3. DaftPunk says:

    Read the Ghost's story of reactions to today's Supreme Court non-decision to get the essence of Con-Man Cory.  The Dems are of course all in favor.  Beauprez talks about respecting the law, and also not infringing on the religious rights of those who disagree; fair enough.

    "My views on marriage have long been clear. I believe we must treat each other with dignity and respect. This issue is in the hands of the courts and we must honor their legal decisions. While others might seek to divide Coloradans, I will not do that. Coloradans are tired of politicians who spend all their time on partisan hot-button issues that divide our state. We need leaders who are focused on bringing people together on the economic issues that we all agree on. Our nation is in real economic trouble and that's what my campaign is all about."

    _U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma

    The little weasel can't resist the opportunity to get a partisan dig in and make it a campaign piece, an urge resisted by all the others.

  4. Davie says:

    Wait, wait, wait!  I thought sending a corrupt, opportunistic, say whatever it takes to fool the masses, caterer to a constituency of only the highest bidder (currently 2 brothers from Kansas have the high bid) was exactly the type of person we're supposed to send to Congress.  

    I'm confused and disillusioned.  Moddy, ACHole, I want to believe Cory is our guy, right?  How are the dupes in the media able to see through the facade of the skillfully crafted PR campaign you guys have been heroically waging?

  5. BlueCat says:

    First Durango, now Aurora,  both scathing. I don't see how the Post can endorse Gardner now so I assume they'll try to make up for endorsing Dems in both top tier races by sticking with Coffman, probably saying in so many words that Coffman has been a decent congressman and hasn't done anything to justify replacing him.  Cares about vets, blah blah, blah. And, of course, they'll also endorse Rs in the low profile state wides that the average voters know pretty much nothing about. Sound about right? 

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