Don Suppes Joins Ready, Dr. Chaps, in the “WTF Gang”

Don Suppes

TUESDAY UPDATE: It now appears as though both of Suppes' Twitter accounts (@DonSuppes and @DonSuppes2014) have been deactivated. Perhaps the links below were just the tip of the ol' Twitter iceberg for Suppes.


UPDATE: Don Suppes appears to understand the problem with his social media posts, though it seems he is still trying to figure out how to deal with this problem. Earlier, we wrote that the Twitter accounts @DonSuppes2014 had been disabled, leaving only @DonSuppes as a Twitter account for the candidate. Well…now things have reversed, for some reason. The @DonSuppes account is inactive, but the @DonSuppes2014 accounts has been re-activated. In retrospect, perhaps Suppes should have just refrained from sharing stories about white supremacists and wild conspiracy theories altogether.



Tom Ready, Don Suppes, Gordon Klingenschmitt, and Nate Marshall

Republican Don Suppes is running against Democrat Kerry Donovan in SD-5, a huge, meandering Senate district in central Colorado that is one of the most hotly-contested races in 2014.

Suppes is apparently the Mayor of a Western Colorado town called Orchard City, and he likes to say that he is the "most conservative mayor in Colorado." We don't know if that statement contains any truth to it or not, but we won't try to refute it since we've only been aware of the existence of Orchard City for a few hours now. However, we can confidently say that Suppes is not one of the smartest mayors in Colorado, and you'll probably agree after reading this. 

Suppes is the latest Republican candidate to join the group that we'll (not-so-affectionately) call "The WTF Gang" that includes Pueblo County Commissioner candidate Tom Ready; HD-15 Republican nominee Gordon "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt; former HD-23 candidate Nate Marshall; and a host of other characters whose public statements are often met with a similar response from average Coloradans: "WTF are they talking about?"

Following on the heels of the recent idiocy perpetrated by Tom Ready comes a video (after the jump) in which it is revealed that Don Suppes has some, well, interesting, views on race and is really concerned about one of our favorite ridiculous conspiracy theories — the United Nations is coming to steal your guns treaty.  

Don Suppes Twitter

The Twitter account above was deleted sometime in the past few days.

Suppes only recently deleted the Twitter account @DonSuppes2014, presumably to try to scrub the Internet tubes of some horrifying links that the Orchard City Mayor thought were worth considering.

Just last May, for example, Suppes Tweeted the comments, "Interesting read," in linking to, a white-supremacist website that predicts "The South Shall Rise." 

You know what is really interesting about this, Don? That you would think nothing of sharing information about white supremacists as both a sitting mayor and a candidate for State Senate.

In conservative Tea Party parlance, which Ready and others have used before, "Interesting information" or "worth of discussion" has become the conversational equivalent of saying "No offense" before saying something mean and/or inappropriate to another person. Check out the video after the jump for more of Suppes' "ideas."



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  1. ct says:

    I brought your attention to Orchard City in my fine piece of work on this race. UN Liberals, Unicorn Bans, and Better Broadband—The Battle for Senate District 5 –  

    I did miss the nod to the War of Denver Agression.  I mean Northern…


  2. DawnPatrol says:

    The "WTF Gang"! lol

    Classic dog-whistle politics, pure and simple. By carefully choosing their "topics of discussion" and "random hypotheticals," these extreme wingers signal the racists, bigots, ammosexuals and other assorted fringe lunatics and haters that — wink, wink — "We're on your side. You can count in us to carry out your darkest wishes, marginalizing our enemies and the un-Uhmerkin mud people at every opportunity."

    Note to the WTF Gang: Everybody is hip to your dog whistling now — therefore it no longer goes undetected by the much broader electorate, or most of the non-winger media…

  3. FrankUnderwood says: ……….. lol.  Maybe Supples and Nate Marshall can bring Ready and Chaps to a cross burning.  And yet they wonder why the GOP gets 5%, at best, of the African-American vote at the national level.   

  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    What, what "?" ??  Put the whole fucking Colorado clown car up there. The birthers, the truthers, Peter ("bed-bug-up-my-ass") Boyles, Confederate General Beauprez, AC the Wonder Dog, the  sessionists, Moderatus the colon sniffing sycophant, Scotty what-me-worry Gessler, . . . 

    . . . there all a bunch of what-the-fuckers?!!!!

    • The realist says:

      For the official record, we should now say there are too many passengers for the GOP "clown car" – we gotta open up the clown bus, or the clown cruise ship, or give 'em a one way ticket to outer space on the clown shuttle (are there any leftover shuttles sitting around?).

  5. dustpuppy says:

    The antics of Doctor Chaps has hit Democratic Underground, but needs more expansion… I, uh, can't post at DU for several reason, and I know Robb is still around (and not posting there much, and that's OK).. 




  6. Sunmusing says:

    If my memory is a little faulty please cut me some slack…I almost remember a Sheriff for Delta County, named Suppes…I can't recall if he is the one, but if he is, he is a nut case…a Tenther…or whatever…he is nuts along the same line as Dr. Chaps and the rest of the gop/bagger/winger/fucknuts…

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