Terry Maketa’s situation as discussed on KVOR’s Jeff Crank Show

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The response to El Paso Sheriff Terry Maketa's troubles shows off talk-radio's ability to surprise and entertain.

Here are some thoughts on Maketa's situation aired on KVOR's (CO Springs) Jeff Crank show on May 31, shortly after the photo of the shirtless Sheriff surfaced along with allegations of sexual misconduct.

In the first clip, Crank, a former Republican congressional candidate, says, "We can't be hypocrites" about the impropriety alleged of Maketa, who was considered a star on the Republican bench. Crank reminds callers what they thought about Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and he calls for consistency.

Below, caller Karen (staunch Republican) used to support Maketa as a future CO governor. But she's offended by previous caller Steve, and by Maketa's betrayal of trust, and doesn't believe that Maketa can lead effectively. Karen believes that the Sheriff's office was bullying Deputy Porter in its investigation of Sheriff Maketa's action.

Below, the term limits fight from El Paso County's past spills over into the Maketa scandal. Maketa is in his third term. Crank has been a personal friend of Terry Maketa for years, but one time Maketa was angry with Crank and made it personal. For Maketa, it's about making money, he says.

Below, caller Ron can't believe the stupidity, confusion, and ignorance of voters around changing the term limits in El Paso County. On Maketa, Ron jokes, "at least he's a heterosexual," and he believes that Maketa should get a pass on this scandal because of his stand on 2nd Amendment rights, and besides, the mores and norm have shifted since the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. He says the rules have changed and Democrats are beating the Republicans in the new game.

Below, Undersheriff Terry Goodall, who's pushing the Maketa recall effort, talks about Maketa's transformation over the past several years, and estimates support for the sheriff at 1% from within the Sheriff's office.

Below, Undersheriffs talk about holding Sheriff Terry Maketa accountable for his misbehavior in the Sheriff's office. Terry and Larry both reject their former friendship with Terry Maketa.

Ted Haggard, the pastor forced forced out of New Life Church in CO after a drug-and-sex-scandal, told a TV news show that he doesn't think Terry Maketa should resign, because he'd be surrendering his here-to-fore spotless legacy. In this final clip, Jeff Crank disagrees. He worries about the political liabilities and financial implications for taxpayers.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    "At least, he's a heterosexual". That really tells why El Paso voters elect the dolts that they do.

    As far as the photo, I imagine Maketa grabbing a bottle of Axe body wash for a pretend mic, and doing a bit of shower karaoke:

    "I'm…toooo sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt…tooo SEXaaaaayyyy."


  2. FrankUnderwood says:

    I'm really impressed with Ted Haggard calling for giving Terry Maketa a break.  Maybe Ted will give former Arapahoe Sheriff Sullivan a shout-out too……


    I was going to say, "How do these guys manage to look at themselves in the mirror in the morning," but we already know how Maketa does it……

  3. Urban Snowshoer says:

    So middle-aged men can take selfies, who knew?

  4. TruB says:

    Is anyone familure with this organization that is collecting money? The claim is The Legacy Foundation is a non-partisan organization recognized under section 501(c)(3)Stand with Sheriff Maketa :: The Legacy Foundation – Piryx https://secure.piryx.com/donate/256SyH1W/The-Legacy…/sheriffmaket

    Did we know the BoCC wrote to Maketa on May 14 2014 http://localtvkdvr.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/bocc-letter-to-sheriff-maketa.pdf

    • mamajama55 says:

      The Legacy Foundation is interesting. They appear to be a Republican "hit group" which sent out some misleading mailers close to the 2010 election in Ohio.

      More relevant to the Maketa problem, they instituted the "Border Sherrif" organization, which appealed to the Supreme Court to let state Sherrifs (from non-border states) authority to enforce Federal law on the border. 

      Border Sherrifs is a tiny group, but good at raising money. After Arizona's "papers please" bill 1070 was found unconstitutional, the border sherrifs appealed it. They really do seem to be paranoid racists.


      • TruB says:

        The Legacy Foundation looks to claim to be may things. The Stand with Maketa saying is from the NRA paid for morse recall and gun hoopla a year ago. That sure was partisan. Looks just enough like collecting money under false pretenses for a sheriff to say they were not involved. Their email was hacked. The GOP instructions for filing for a first time recall just appears with a lawyer and a check. 

    • doremi says:

      IRS rules forbid a 501c(3) from electioneering in any manner whatsoever.

      I expect they can do legal work, but absolutely can not not support

      candidates for office. 

      They can also only spend 20% of their funds on lobbying, and only

      5% on grassroots lobbying.

      If the Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)3 and it has been campaigning

      for candidates, then they are in violation of the law and should lose

      their tax status, at a bare minimum.


      • mamajama55 says:

        The Legacy Foundation (Iowa based) did election advocacy on two ballot initiatives in Ohio. The work the Foundation is doing in Colorado Springs to support Terry Maketa against the recall petitions  may be allowable. At least, the 501C3s pro and anti-the recall elections in 2013 seemed to think it was allowable.

        My notes say that 501C3s have to keep their donor lists public, donations are tax deductible, but that they can't campaign for candidates, as you said, doremi.  The Border Sherrifs also didn't campaign for Sherrif Joe Arpaio or the other sherrifs, they just supported the idea that Arizona's borders were so endangered that states had to take on Federal responsibilities in defending against "foreign powers".  This was in the language the Legacy Foundation and the Border Sherrifs had in their unsuccessful  appeal to the Supreme Court.

        It seems to me that a recall election is a real election (ask the Clerks!) with real candidates; but apparently, the law says that this is an "issue" advocacy.

        I'm a lot more concerned about the blatant racists supporting Maketa's bid to keep his job. That would be both the Border Sherrifs front group, and the Cliven Bundy supporters, the Constitutional Peace Officers and Sherrif's Association, that were part of the armed militias confronting law enforcement in Nevada.



        • ct says:

          c3s have to file 990s that disclose general sources of funding, and expenses, etc. and to make those documents public.  But they do not have to disclose the names of individual donors.

          c3s can spend a portion on their budget on lobbying, which includes working on ballot measures (and having a position) as in this case the electorate is acting in a legisaltive function; but c3s absolutely cannot spend money on electioneering around candidates.  There are some work-arounds, as c4s can spend up to half their money on candidate electioneering, and c3s can contribute to c4s (as their lobbying election) bt they would be wise to make sure the c3 and other funds are not mingled.  That is my understanding.

      • TruB says:

        So you couldn't find a valid non profit filing for the Legacy Foundation either.

        Kinda like you just cut and pasted the defintion of a non profit to distract from fraud. Not sure what your comment is trying to justify. That if they were real… boy they'd be in big trouble. 


  5. TruB says:

    The Constitution Club : Holding Elected Officials Accountable

    Friends of Sheriff Terry Maketa

    Teaching Personal Responsibility


    • mamajama55 says:

      CSPOA   one of Maketa's "friends", is the same group that supported Cliven Bundy in Nevada. It's reasonable to assume that they share his white supremacist views. They are militia enforcers.

      All of the links to that "Friends of Sheriff Terry Maketa" are CSPOA-related.

      • TruB says:

        Well neither MamaJama55 or doremi are from Colorado. They have no clue "Holding Elected Officials Accountable" is what Sheriff Terry Maketa claims he did in 2013 while sleeping with and promoting staff members.


        • Duke Cox says:

          Well neither MamaJama55 or doremi are from Colorado.

          And you know this ..how? I don't remember either of them making such a proclamation.

          • TruB says:

            Thanks -I am which is why I know they are distracting people by talking about what a foundation can or can't do as a smoke screen. Someone is collecting money for a cause that does not exist. Instead they are paragraphs making asumptions about 501c operations.


        • mamajama55 says:

          I'm from Colorado. Although that isn't relevant to the Maketa scandal.

          Anyway, I actually think this is big news, and I'm still investigating, and  trying to get some of the regular outlets interested in reporting on it. I tend not to publish claims about paranoid crazy well-armed people, until I am very sure of my facts.

          It's evident from the links you posted that, last year, Maketa was being supported by the Constitutional Sheriffs (CSPOA) and that Keith Broaders, who ran the social website you linked to at least thought that Maketa was one of the "Constitutional Sheriffs". The CSPOA is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The history of the CSPOA is tied to the "posse comitatus" movement, which gave local sheriffs in the south supreme authority over their own counties, beyond federal control. This is what is meant being a "constitutional sheriff". In the south, this power was used to lynch blacks, and generally enforce white supremacy and segregation. In 2014, CSPOA helped Cliven Bundy to confront federal marshals in Nevada. Bundy had hoped for an armed showdown – fortunately, the Feds were smarter, and waited them out.

          So Maketa was endorsed by a hate group in 2013, as you said, while he was sexually harassing his staff. Is he still being endorsed by them? Are the current efforts against the recall endorsed by CSPOA?

          The other organization you mentioned, the Legacy Foundation, is a bona fide nonprofit group, but in my opinion, they should be investigated by the IRS. Through Guidestar, I accessed their 2012 990 form. Legacy Foundation had 6 million in revenue, but only one salaried employee, the CEO, Mr. Rants (I kid you not- that's his name).

          They made about $800,000 in grants to various groups, and one group they gave to, the American Family Association, is also considered to be a hate group, because of its stances and aggressive legal work against gay people.

          So Maketa was endorsed in 2013 by a hate group, and by a foundation which donates to hate groups. Are they still supporting Maketa in 2014? You could help determine that. That would take this from the category of yawner "old news" to headline news. So…is he?

  6. TruB says:

    Absolutely amazed that comments can't grasp a FAKE funder rasier! BY a company claiming to be partial and not affiliated with a political paty. Are you all with the GOP or the NRA?


    • Gray in Mountains says:

      Are you wtih the GNUTZ?

    • mamajama55 says:

      Comment flame wars are booorrring….. so I don't do them. If you have some beef with something I wrote, please point it out. I'm not with the GOP or the NRA – I keep trying to tell those organizations that they should have a special target shooting competition for aging hippie chicks with funny names, but so far, the only thing they want me to do is to hold the target steady at their regular competitions. Go figure.

      But I do want to thank you for the 2013 links on the Legacy Foundation and the "Stand with Sheriff Maketa" group – I will follow up, am working on a diary now.

    • mamajama55 says:

      "Non-partisan" for IRS 501C3 purposes, means: not advocating for a candidate, nor for a political party. As far as I can tell, Legacy Foundation is within the letter of the law on that. However, I think that they're crooked as hell – they're still raising funds for the Border Sheriffs, who disbanded two years ago, and for the 54 sheriff's lawsuit against the gun legislation in Colorado, which just was thrown out of the Colorado Supreme Court. I did look at Legacy's finances, and they keep a whole lot more than they give out, and what they give out goes to extremist groups.

      The good news is that the FBI is investigating Terry Maketa's finances. If there is dirt to be found, the FBI will find it. And the FBI takes a dim view of organizations like the CSPOA, which advocate cop-killing, in practice , and indirectly through propaganda.

      I did write a comprehensive diary:"Constitutional" Sheriff Maketa….yesterday, , including the links and info you posted, so thank you  and be happy with that. If you want more follow-up, contact your local FBI  and IRS offices and send them a tip.

  7. TruB says:

    How can the legacy Foundation claim to be non partisan when it is collecting funds for Constitutional Sheriffs. When the americaismyname website and these sheriffs are backed by the NRA and the GOP. They are not non-partisan. On going fund drive for Stand by maketa for what purpose?  



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