Radio host gets an earful from Beauprez about RMGO’s Dudley Brown

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Both Ways Bob

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Super PAC has launched a radio ad calling GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez "Both Ways Bob" for voting both ways on gun legislation.

On her morning show this morning, KHOW's Mandy Connell was apparently the first media figure to question Beauprez about the ad's allegation that he supported Amendment 22, which required background checks at gun shows, Beauprez said:

Beauprez: 12:20: "Mandy, this attack from [RMGO President] Dudley [Brown] is far too familiar. And let me emphasize Dudley… Dudley is in it for Dudley. What’s going on right now is Dudley is sending out an ad attacking me. This is Saul-Alinsky-like. You gotta have an enemy in a political fight. Dudley likes to name me as the enemy. He’ll throw in a little bit of money. And I’ll emphasize a little bit, because this is not a very big ad buy. He’ll throw a little bit of money at me, and then he’ll wave it as a red flag to his members and say, ‘Hey look! I went and got the bad guy, and send me your dough." Dudley will get a big net profit out of this, as he always does off of the kinds of projects he does. It’s all about Dudley and lining his pocket."

Beauprez went on to acknowledge his support of Amendment 22, "in the post-Columbine era," but said his endorsements and subsequent actions show he is pro-gun through and through.

Connell also asked Beauprez about about RMGO's allegation that Beauprez “voted for mandatory trigger locks and a ban on traditional ammunition in Congress.”

Beauprez: "That is a brand new call to me. I can’t deny that because I don’t know what piece of legislation something might have been wrapped into that was rotten legislation to begin with."

Connell's questions were direct and substantive, covering not only guns but pot, immigration, and other topics.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Both Ways Bob is a fool, but Kopp isn't the answer. Vote Gessler for a candidate who can beat Weak Stick Hick.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Just when I was thinking that BWB was nothing but a total asshat, he goes and says something that makes a bit of sense ????

    If a dullard like BWB can figure out Dudley, what does that say about the average, or collective, RMGOper IQ ??

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Didn't Dudley get the memo from his friend, fellow-gun nutter and Beauprez Lt. Gov or cabinet member wannabe to lay off BWB for the sake of, you know, his future political future?  You don't think he really just wants to go back to the farm, do you?


  4. FrankUnderwood says:

    "I can’t deny that because I don’t know what piece of legislation something might have been wrapped into that was rotten legislation to begin with." 

    This is clasic Both Ways babble.  He's responding to the charge that he voted for trigger locks.  He can't admit or deny it because he apparently didn't read (or more importantly, have staff read and inform him of the contents of) whatever rotten piece of legislation he voted in favor of.


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