GOP Candidates for Governor: What’s Left in the Bank?

UPDATE: And…here comes our first 527 Committee, "Republicans Who Want to Win," which is supporting Beauprez.


Ballots are beginning to criss-cross in the mail in advance of the June 24th Primary, so it's time for candidates to empty their campaign warchests into various forms of voter outreach. The most recent fundraising reports were made available on Monday, covering the last two weeks of May, and they offer an interesting look at what the four Republican gubernatorial candidates might be able to do to (or not do) as the Primary comes to an end.

Here's how each of the Republican candidates for Governor compare in terms of resources as of June 2, 2014 (Note: All expenditures listed are for the two-week period of 5/15-5/28)

Tom Tancredo
Tom Tancredo.

Expenditures: $73,700
Cash On Hand: $63,412
Bottom Line: If Tancredo can bring in enough money to air his motorcycle-riding TV ad, this race should be in the bag.


Bob Beauprez
BeauprezExpenditures: $69,900
Loans: $100,000
Cash On Hand: $115,995
Bottom Line: This is the moment of truth for Beauprez. If he can self-fund his campaign — and he thinks it will matter — now is the time to write that check (and $100k isn't enough).

Scott Gessler
Scott Gessler. Expenditures: $12,608
Cash On Hand: $69,142
Bottom Line: If Gessler has any hope at winning the June 24th Primary, it's going to come from outside PACs or 527 Committees. Gessler doesn't have the resources to win based on what he's got in his campaign account.

Mike Kopp
Former State Sen. Mike Kopp (R). Expenditures: $26,737
Cash On Hand: $30,034
Bottom Line: Do you know what kind of candidate goes on a week-long bicycle tour in June through some of the least-populated parts of the state? The kind that doesn't have any money and knows he won't can't win.



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  1. notaskinnycook says:

    Republicans Who Want to Win, and they're backing Gessler? Then again, it seems he is the best the Clown Car has to offer. Beauprez and Tancredo are proven losers and then there's "Mike Who?". If I didnt find the whole party so contemptible, I'd feel sorry for them. 

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