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May 28, 2014 11:08 am MST

Shirtless Sheriff Maketa Digs In, Refuses Calls to Resign

  • by: Colorado Pols
Terry Maketa
The Shirtless Sheriff

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, who is facing all kinds of accusations of sexual misconduct, ethical violations, and general dumbassery, is refusing calls for his resignation and promising to remain in office through the end of his term (which expires this year). On Monday, the Denver Post joined the Colorado Springs Gazette in calling for Maketa's resignation, and yesterday, El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton requested that Maketa either resign or place himself on unpaid leave. As the Gazette reports, Maketa replied to Littleton's request with a statement declaring he will do nothing of the sort:

Littleton's call for an immediate replacement came as more allegations piled up against the term-limited sheriff – this time in the form of an employment complaint by Cliff Porter, a patrol deputy, alleging the sheriff created a hostile work environment in which women were regarded as "sexual playthings" and rewarded with promotions for sexual favors. Porter's letter also described a series of retaliatory encounters with the sheriff's commanders, naming Undersheriff Paula Presley, Investigations Division commander John San Agustin and Law Enforcement Bureau Chief Al Harmon as among those in league with Maketa.

"Sheriff Maketa has been so successful in avoiding liability for his widely known bad actions that some El Paso County officials have nicknamed Sheriff Maketa 'the Teflon Don' and 'Teflon Terry,'" Porter's attorney, Erin Jensen, alleged in a written complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The May 26 notice to the EEOC – exclusively made available to The Gazette – is a required first step before filing a Civil Rights lawsuit. It followed a May 12 EEOC complaint by three Sheriff's Office commanders, who alleged repeated sexual impropriety, discrimination and violation of the civil rights of those who work in the office.

Since Maketa is term-limited in 2014, El Paso County will soon be getting a new sheriff one way or the other. But this story is quickly becoming much bigger than just one angry, shirtless little man. The longer this saga continues, the more damage Maketa will do to the Republican Party in general in Colorado. A likely Civil Rights lawsuit will turn up the heat on this story significantly, creating a national story that even the most partisan observer can't blame on Democrats.

We doubt that Maketa cares one iota about how his actions may damage the Republican Party, but it will be interesting to see how he handles what will certainly be increasing pressure to vacate his office. Given the many accusations against him, it's hard to believe that the Shirtless Sheriff is concerned about anyone not named Terry Maketa.


21 thoughts on “Shirtless Sheriff Maketa Digs In, Refuses Calls to Resign

  1. Good luck  getting rid of him before his term is up. Looks like C Springs is, as usual, stuck with another one of the schmucks they love to elect. And so is the entire GOTP. Couldn't happen top a nicer bunch of schmucks.

      1. Never, trollboy.

        We're gonna hang this turd around the CO GOTP's neck like a political noose — all the way up through the midterms.

        He's YOUR freak. Suffer mightly.

        1. Jeepers, maybe Maketa should award himself some kind of employee-of-year honor along with a gold watch???? . . .   

          Oh hell, wait, he just recently tried that one already . . .

        1. Further, Lewinsky has never claimed that it was anything other than consensual. In fact, she recently reiterated that.

          Republicans led by Richard Mellon Scaife spend tens of millions of dollars raking muck against the Clintons, going into such low places as the Vince Foster suicide conspiracy… And in the end they wound up shooting themselves in the foot by running impeachment procedings over a consensual affair.

          1. And that impeachment proceeding cost them five House seats (the first time since the 1920's that the president's party picked up House seats in the 6th year of the prez' term) plus two Speakers (first Gingrich and then the philandering Bob Livingston…..who resigned literally in the middle of the House impeachment debate).

  2. Hey Half Glass Full….regarding republican response. Last I saw a bunch of republicans made a very public request for the guy to resign.

    1. Should have scrolled down one more comment.  With 5 out of 5 County Commissioners voting to ask for resignation it must be a very considerable "bunch" Guess modster just isn't in the C Springs Republican loop.

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